Jardin De Dasmariñas Resort & Restaurant — A Review

Last Sunday was a pretty fun day for our family. The husband and I went home to my family in Imus, Cavite because we decided to go swimming in a resort in Dasmariñas, Cavite.

inside Jardin De Dasmarinas

The place is called Jardin De Dasmariñas Resort & Restaurant which is located in (where else?) Sabang, Dasmariñas Cavite.

resort signage along the road

We didn’t have a car with us since our (Noel & I) car has broken down 2 months ago and we were not able to have it checked by a mechanic until now. Our family car on the other hand was with my dad who has a current project in Trece Martires, Cavite.

But it’s fairly easy to go to this resort from our place in Imus. We just took a tricycle ride to Bucandala and from there we rode a jeepney going to Dasma Bayan. Jardin De Dasmariñas Resort & Restaurant is just along the main road so it’s very easy to spot and you won’t get lost.

If you’re coming from Baclaran, you can ride a bus (with Dasma Pala-Pala signage) or a jeep (with Imus PCI Coastal signage) and ask the manong driver to drop you off in Imus, PCI. Landmarks would be the Banco De Oro (BDO) bank and the Red Ribbon Bakeshop. The Profriends office and Planter’s Bank are also right across the highway street.

From Imus, PCI go find the jeepney terminal going to Dasma Bayan via Bucandala (not the jeeps that’ll pass along Aguinaldo Highway).

The facade of the resort looks nice and promising. You can also see their restaurant and the private pool area before you can reach the main entrance of the resort.

private pool area

We were there at exactly 8AM and there were already a lot of people who came ahead of us. It was Easter Sunday so it really wasn’t surprising since most people were still on vacation mode and Sundays are supposed to be family day, right?

I hurriedly lined up for the cashier located near the main entrance. Day swimming from 8am-5pm costs 150Php (as of April 2011) per person and I hastily paid for 5 pax.

The lady cashier gave me a small piece of paper indicating the number of people I have paid for. But the paper didn’t look official at all and I think anybody could replicate it without being caught. I was expecting a sort of ticket or a receipt but there was none. I was also asking her about the cottage that we will occupy but I think she didn’t hear me because she didn’t address my question.

So we proceeded to the entrance and the man who served as a guard was not in uniform and when I asked him where we should pay for the cottage, he just stared at me and wasn’t helpful at all.

To our dismay all the cottages were already occupied when we went inside the resort.

uhm..where are we suppose to sit?

Talk about strategy. My sister asked one of the staff (she was the same lady at the cashier) why she didn’t inform us beforehand that there were no more cottages and she snapped at my sister telling us that we could just get a refund if we want to. Uh oh. That’s really courteous of her *sarcasm inserted*

She could have said it nicely but she didn’t. We’re paying customers for chrissake! It was like she was threatening us or it’s her way of telling us that we’re unimportant and they have many customers who will replace our slots.

We do get her point that it was a Sunday and the place was overflowing with people who wanted to swim on a hot summer day. But still, she could have apologized first. After all, it was really their fault for biting more than what they can chew :(

It seemed to us that they weren’t used to handling large volume of guests that’s why they easily got rattled.

Anyway, I told her we’ll stay just the same since there is no point in going to another resort because we had no private car. She then offered the tables in the pavilion and told us it costs 300Php for the whole duration of our stay.

the pavilion

After that irritating incident with the lady staff, we settled our things and started to unpack. We quickly changed into our swimsuits and headed for the pool.

They have 3 swimming pools, a small, medium and large pool. The small & medium pools were already full of toddlers waddling in the water so we opted to swim in the large swimming pool only.

that’s the large pool over there. a bit hidden by the plants
the crowded medium pool
kiddie pool

So what’s our verdict?

To be fair the place is quite lovely, clean and well-maintained. It also looks rather new since the amenities are still in their best shape. There are also enough shower rooms and comfort rooms for everybody to use.

I also love the fact that the landscaping of the whole area was done with utmost thought, like it’s really meant to be a garden and not a resort. They have a lot of unusual but beautiful plants inside. I must say that the air felt cooler and the place felt bigger than it really is because of the lush greenery.

lush greenery

They’re also not strict with bringing in your own food and beverages (alcoholic beverage has a corkage fee though) even if they have an in-house restaurant. You can also grill if you want to. I just don’t know if there’s an additional charge for that.

restaurant menu
rules & regulations

Also the guests in the resort are reasonably decent unlike in most public pools where there are a lot of rowdy and unruly crowd. That’s one good thing about this resort that I have noted.

Over-all it was an enjoyable day and we were able to maximize the time that we spent there. But honestly, it would have been a more wonderful experience had we been treated more graciously.

We are not saying that the lady cashier was extremely uncouth and ill-mannered however methinks the owner needs to focus and improve on their customer service more since it is one aspect that can either make or break a business.

So you ask are we going back to this place? Yeah, maybe. But not anytime soon.


snap shot

21 thoughts on “Jardin De Dasmariñas Resort & Restaurant — A Review

  1. i had awesome experience @ Jardin. We celebrated my parents’ 60th birthday in the resort. They were very accommodating and supportive of our plan. We had our party in August 2010 and it looked new and well maintained.

    1. Good for you earsplittingreality. Ours may be an isolated case but I agree with you that the place is nice and well-maintained. It’s the customer service that we were unhappy with.

  2. how much po ung entrace? and san po ba banda tong resort na to? were planning kasi with my family, and i want to find ung very affordable and xempre ung makakapag relax kami lahat. tnx

  3. mag knu po entrance pag over nyt ? pag d po over nyt ? mag kno po cottage ? ska san po banda za dasma ?

    1. Sorry but I’m not sure about the rates. Last time I heard nag-taas na sila. They have a website. You might find the necessary info there.

  4. gud day i would like to inform to all of us if you know michael rigor bautista one of security guard from alfonso cavity he have bad record here and cases here in central azucarera in nasugbu batangas ( kasabwat sa pag nanakaw) pls. contact me on my number 092796100873 o mag sadya sa aming opisina d2 sa central … baka po kayo ay mabiktima rin kagaya namin maraming salam

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