My Fabulous Wedge Shoes From Prima Donna!

Bought this pair of gorgeous wedge shoes from Prima Donna. Aren’t they lovely?

Prima Donna what??

Well Prima Donna isn’t really a new brand. They have been around in the Philippines years ago but they don’t really invest on elaborate marketing (which is quite good I think) that is why most people (women in general) are not familiar with them.

Aside from The Ramp Crossings store (which carries different brands), Prima Donna is another shoe haven that can satisfy my fetish for shoes. For an independent local store, I believe that they have the largest selection of women’s shoes, from ballet flats, to gladiator sandals to wedges and pumps. Everything they have is an eye candy! I literally died and went to shoe heaven the first time I visited their improved store.

I think they have recently touched up their products or they probably hired a younger and more innovative in-house shoe designer because the old Prima Donna brand I used to know doesn’t carry oh-so-chic & uber stylish shoes.

What’s best about this store is they have affordable prices. A pair of Prima Donna shoes normally costs between 700Php-1500Php only. Not bad considering the designs are contemporary and almost at par with more expensive brands like Stella Luna, Charles&Keith, Aldo etc.

So here’s my review for the pair of wedge shoes I recently bought from Prima Donna.

What I like:

1. The style is just gorgeous! I especially love the floral design on the inner part of the leather. Makes it look a lot more feminine.

2. The color combination is just perfect. The black leather cover complements well with the wooden heels and they make my feet complexion look a bit lighter and their shape slimmer.

3. The price is affordable (although affordable can be relative). Bought this pair for only 899Php. Shoe-shopping for less? Who doesn’t  like it?

What I don’t like:

1. If there’s one thing that I don’t like, it is the elevation of the front soles of the shoes which makes walking a bit difficult especially on a not-so-smooth road. Beware because you might just trip. But with regular use, you’ll find your balance soon and get used to it.

Happy shoe shopping!


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