Etude House BB Cream

I’m currently loving this BB cream from the Korean make-up line, Etude House. The complete name is Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong Sheer Flawless Skin with SPF30/ PA ++. That’s quite a mouthful to say, isn’t it?

BB cream from Etude House


Remember my acne problem which I posted about here? Well, I’m so happy to update you that everything’s going well for me. The scars are still in the process of healing and fading but I must say that my face is on its way to its old, glorious self of being smooth and silky. Err, well not quite but there has been a HUGE improvement already. See for yourself.

Actually I’ve temporarily sworn off using any make-up until my acne problem’s all healed. But my sister convinced me that BB creams have regenerative properties as well and will not make my skin break out. She was actually recommending another brand, Missha, a Korean make-up brand which she was using. It was quite expensive at 1,600Php and it’s being sold in one store only (in the whole Philippines) which is in fact far from my place.

Good thing, I saw Etude House’s version (goes for 728Php in Festival Mall but it’s priced at 850Php in Watson’s in SM Makati, . Hmmm..) and was quite happy with the trial look done by their sales person on me. I never thought I’d join the BB cream craze. Never. Well, I first thought of buying this BB cream before I left for London. Why? Uhm, I was afraid I’d look too drab in fashionable London without putting any make-up on so I bought the BB cream (along with a blush-on & lip balm) anyway even if I was afraid it might cause another pimple break-out. Yay! And good thing I did because I’ve never felt happier and more beautiful (ehem) until I’ve used this product.

If you must ask, BB stands for “Blemish Balm” and I’ve read that dermatologists initially used it to help laser surgery patients protect, soothe and regenerate their highly sensitive skin while also providing good coverage for post-laser scars and redness.

And then “somebody” suddenly had a brilliant idea of its use in cosmetology and the rest is history. I love you “somebody”. Haha!

The BB creams available in the market today are supposedly suited for all skin types and are targeted to those who have sensitive and acne-prone skin. These BB creams have the advantages of both skin care and makeup as it improves the skin’s condition and evens out the skin tone while providing coverage for dark spots and other blemishes.

So what’s my verdict for Etude House’s Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong Sheer Flawless Skin with SPF30?

What I like:

* Has a nice smell

*Easy to apply on my face (right consistency–not too viscous and not too thin), blends easily & provides enough coverage like a foundation/make-up base

*Matches my facial skin tone and produces a natural, “no make-up look”

*Doesn’t feel too thick when applied on my face

* Does not oil up my skin and does not clog my pores (I’ve never had any pimple break-out since I started using it more than a month ago)

* Conceals skin pigmentation, discoloration, acne and other blemishes and gives my skin a healthy, glowing look

* Has healing properties that soften, smoothen and refine skin (again, I’ve never had any pimple break-out since I started using it more than a month ago)

* Has SPF 30 PA ++ for UV protection

*Does not oxidize on my skin even after a few hours of wearing it

* Can last up to 6 hours without any retouch

*Quite affordable at 728Php for a 60g tube (big one)

*Lovely packaging, so funky!

What I don’t like:

*I’m having a hard time using the pump. Haha!

I’m quite a huge fan now.


31 thoughts on “Etude House BB Cream

  1. Hi, Micah! I would love to try that one after i’ll consume my Maybelline BB cream. Thanks for this informative post. :D

    Stay good-looking!

      1. It works fine. thank God i’m not really acne prone. i just want to achieve a flawless look sans the usual foundation. and one good thing with Maybelline is that it’s very affordable (less than 300). :D

      2. That’s nice Audrey. My sister used to buy Maybelline’s BB cream too and it didn’t work for her. She’s using Missha now which is considered the best BB cream in Korea i believe kaya lang it’s too expensive na. Good thing Maybelline suits you well :)

  2. hi! does it cover all the post acne marks? does it blur pores or make them appear bigger? do you use powder after this? thank you!

    1. It does cover the post acne marks and it also blurs the pores. I don’t use powder anymore but some women say it lasts even longer when you put pressed powder after applying the BB cream.

    1. Hi Lara! Watsons in SM Makati carries this brand. But I haven’t seen it in other Watsons branch eh. Etude House has its own stores in SM Mall of Asia, Festival Mall, SM Megamall. Not sure where else. They might have a website as well :)

    1. Hindi eh. Kailangan mo munang gamutin yun before ka gumamit ng BB cream. When you say acne kasi, advanced case na yan ng pimple so mas mahirap na i-treat yan.

      1. Yeah okay lang naman. Di siya nakaka-irritate. But I suggest you use a Korean brand of BB cream. Mas okay kasi for sensitive skin ang mga beauty product nila.

  3. Hi ,its my first time looking for bb cream cause its says it has combined product in one. Last month acne just appearing on my cheeks the same as my forehead. Then i starting using Garnier Light Complete after sevaral weeks its rapidly increases. Fortunately its stop producing another pimple. But the problem is the scars left in my face and its deppressing. Is it ok to used etude bb cream? by the way im 17yrsold boy.

    1. Hi alvin! BB creams will not heal your pimples and acnes. You need to take dermatological meds for that. BB creams are more cosmetic and make-up than medicine. It’s main purpose is to hide the scars but not remove or heal them. I was just happy that I didn’t get any allergic reaction when I used BB cream and using it did not aggravate my acne problem back then.

  4. Mica ,so you applied bb cream even your acne or pimples is still in your face?? Does your pimples increases or stop producing another?

    1. Hi Alvin! I only started using BB cream after my acne has healed already. What I’m trying to emphasize in this post is that BB cream did not cause pimple/acne breakout to my already sensitive facial skin. If you are interested about lightening or completely removing your pimple/acne scar you can go to derma centers and get a facial peel (glycolic, spanish or diamond. it really depends on the status of your acne problem) or go to RITM which is a cheaper option. Read about my RITM experience here:

      P.S. Please drop the double question mark when composing a sentence/question. It sounds impolite and demanding ;)

  5. Hello mica sorry for asking so much question regarding to my problems.
    My acne are now just by applying calamansi everynight, but the scar’s left after the pimples healed. Do you have any suggestion over the counter products beside facial peel . Thank you for answering my questions

    1. Anything with rose hip in its ingredient can usually remove the scars although it may take some time. You can also try the brand called eRase. A friend who tried it told me it worked for her

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