ProsperiTea: A Southern Pride

17 Sep

There’s this cute little milk tea place in Cavite that has recently caught our fancy. You may have heard of it from other Caviteños as it seems that their store is rapidly gaining a huge following. The name of the tea place is ProsperiTea. Don’t you just love the novelty and the positivity that their store name evokes?

Last Saturday we had a chance to visit their Binakayan (some people refer to it as Kawit) branch. The location may be kind of confusing but they’re referring to the same store, the one along Covelandia Road, near Island Cove Resort. They also have a branch in Anabu 1, Imus along Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. It’s in Sun Plaza near Shakey’s and Figaro.

Here’s a photo of ProsperiTea’s facade, Binakayan/Kawit branch.

That’s me modeling for ProsperiTea. Haha.

I love that they have incorporated yellow and green as main hues in their logo, such bright and happy colors. Their logo alone emanates that casual but cool vibe that entices the teenage and also the yuppie (coined term for young professional) market. It also helps that bubble milk tea is in trend right now.

The place is quite small but it gives one an illusion of a much bigger space because they used muted-colored couches, white tables & chairs, cream-colored tiles on the floor and white walls and just added random pops of bright hues to make the place look more vibrant and fun.

ProsperiTea also boasts of their charming wall art that’s a perfect backdrop for camwhores like us. It’s a mortal sin not to have one’s photo taken against this background.

charming wall art

They also have this message wall stacked with colorful post-its that contain written messages from well-wishing and satisfied customers.

colorful message board. and yes they have free wi-fi!

They have this same concept on their tables too.

our table

Now let’s talk about their main product which is the bubble milk tea that has hit this country like a storm. ProsperiTea really had our hopes up because their store looks well-thought of and well-conceptualized. If you’re not a fan of milk tea, ProsperiTea has a decent selection of pasta, cakes and pastries and finger foods as well.

from R-L: I, my sister Love and her boyfriend, Kevin

I was thinking of having Taro Milk Tea (my favorite flavor) which I almost always order every time I visit a milk tea store but the lady staff encouraged me to try their new flavor called Butterscotch Milk Tea . It sounded awfully sweet to me so I was having doubts in ordering it but the lady cashier (again) suggested I keep the sweetness level at 50%-75% to best enjoy it without going overboard on sugar. The lady was pleasant and not hard selling at all, she was merely suggesting because I really had a hard time choosing which variant to order. For my Butterscotch Milk Tea’s sinkers, I chose tapioca. Other options are red beans, pudding, coco jelly, coffee jelly  etc. Sorry if I have skipped their other types of sinkers.

That’s me (the one in old rose-colored top) having a hard time choosing

My sister, Claire aka Wanderfull Girl knew what she wanted right away and went with this Rock, Salt and Cheese variant but the full name escapes me right now. Here’s her photo looking all camera-ready.

Claire aka Wanderfull Girl

Meanwhile, this is my Butterscotch Milk Tea. I love its creamy, brown color that holds the promise of pure bliss.

my Butterscotch Milk Tea. I love it!

The tapioca pearls that came with my milk tea were these tiny, chewy, little circular things that added a contrasting but beautiful texture to my otherwise smooth & boring milk tea. The taste of “tea” was distinct but not strong. The milk/cream and the butterscotch flavor did not overpower the “tea” taste as well. Two thumbs up!

I can’t wait to drink my milk tea!

Apologies for being gross but I also tasted (just a little sip alright) the other milk teas that my family ordered and all of them were at par with our expectations of what a good bubble milk tea should be: smooth, creamy, not too sweet, with just the right amount & texture of sinkers and of course with the taste of real “tea”. But I think I’ll be ordering their Wintermelon flavor next time. I liked it even better than my Butterscotch Milk Tea I wanted to swap teas with my sister. Haha.

Our loot! Not included in this photo is my dad’s Taro Milk Tea which he gulped down in just 5 minutes or so. Haha.

I would say that ProsperiTea’s bubble milk teas did not disappoint and we can see ourselves visiting them again soon. Perhaps in their Imus branch next time as it is more accessible from my parent’s house.

Different stores may have different recipes & concoctions that will lead to variances but a bubble milk tea’s main ingredients are green or black tea, milk or cream, and tapioca pearls (where it got the name “bubble”) or some other type of sinkers.

A normal milk tea place would have this guide in ordering your drink:

  1. Choose your preferred flavor
  2. Choose your preferred sweetness level
  3. Choose your preferred ice level
  4. Choose your preferred sinkers (or no sinkers at all). In some stores sinkers are not yet included in the price of the milk tea and is considered an add-on
  5. Wait for your drink
  6. Sip, drink, gulp and enjoy!

A warning though: This blended, sweet addicting drink is high in calories and carbohydrates which isn’t good if one’s on a diet. Moderation should be one’s guiding principle. I really should tell this to myself.

It was not long ago when Cavite used to be considered a faraway province and Caviteñospromdi” (a slang/colloquial term for people who hail from provinces and are considered unrefined). But the southerners are surely making it a point that they’re not being left out in the milk tea arena. Good thing that the owner of ProsperiTea decided to put up this milk tea store that’s definitely a true blue southern pride.

*My family is not a native of Cavite but we have tons of relatives there and a few years ago, my family (excluding me) had bought a property in Imus and is currently residing there.

Disclaimer: This not a paid nor a sponsored post by ProsperiTea. The above review is the author’s honest and unbiased opinion of her dining experience in ProsperiTea, Binakayan/Kawit branch.


More information about bubble milk teas:

Boba milk tea (also called Bubble milk tea) is a distinctly Eastern drink that holds an unexpected surprise: tapioca pearls. There are a number of boba milk tea manufacturers, each with their own recipe, but the drink’s key ingredients are milk, green or black tea and tapioca pearls. The tea, which originated in Taiwan and today is popular throughout China and parts of the western U.S., is often prepared with ready-made milk, mixed with tea and served either warm or cold, according to the Asian consumer research agency Five by Fifty. A variety of flavors are available, including chocolate, green tea, coffee and purple yam.

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6 Responses to “ProsperiTea: A Southern Pride”

  1. Wanderfullgirl September 18, 2012 at 8:52 PM #

    Very nice and informative review, Ate! I might create a review as well and will add info and pics on their Imus branch. I think it is better that we went here instead because the Imus branch was jampacked on a Sunday minutes before their closing at 11pm. O di ba? :)

    • Micah September 18, 2012 at 8:57 PM #

      gow! Write your own review din kasi napuntahan mo both. mas sikat yata yung Imus branch nila kasi mas accessible. Next time gusto ko din pumunta dun

  2. Eileen黃愛玲 October 15, 2012 at 3:15 PM #

    Looks like a cool place. :)

    That’s the one thing I am glad that I am living in Taiwan (I am in the birthplace of bubbble tea) – a classic Taiwanese drink.

    • Micah October 15, 2012 at 8:23 PM #

      Lucky you! You must have tasted an awful lot of bubble milk teas already ;)

  3. Jeigh Ilano November 12, 2012 at 5:03 PM #

    how much is the wintermelon tea?

    • Micah November 12, 2012 at 9:09 PM #

      Hi Jeigh! Not sure of the price because I’ve been to so many milk tea places I’ve mixed them all up when it comes to prices. sorry

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