My Complete Review: Property Company of Friends (PROFRIENDS)

Two years later after I first wrote my first review about Pro-Friends,  most people must be wondering whatever happened to our unit and how our dealings with the real estate developer, Property Company of Friends Inc. (aka PCFI, PFI, or more popularly known as Pro-friends), had turned out?

If I could sum everything up in one sentence then I’d say that “We started out right but we were quite disappointed towards the end“. If you must remember, I have also written about the progress of our Pro-Friends unit here since the time that we first visited it in April 2012.

I think it would be best if I just write down the timeline of our transactions with PFI since day 1 up until the day of our  1st official (and succeeding) unit inspection(s). You be the judge if you still want to purchase a property from them.

1. January 2011

My husband & I were scouting for a property within the Imus and/or Bacoor, Cavite area. Lancaster Estates was one of the subdivisions that we visited since it’s a very big project and is quite popular in the area. And from the “tripping” alone, we knew it was the place for us. Price-wise, location-wise it was perfect for us. We availed a Colleen end-lot unit located inside Lancaster Villages 1 (LV1) which is a part of the sprawling Lancaster Estates community. We were not exactly thrilled with the house design of the Colleen unit which was very basic btw and we also don’t like the default color which is a combination of light & dark orange but it’s the most that we could afford (their English countryside units, Alexandra & Gabrielle, which we really like weren’t available yet at the time of our reservation and both are quite more expensive). Colleen is a single-detached unit with three bedrooms, 2 toilet & bath and with provision for a balcony and a carport that’s good for 2 cars for a price of less than 2 million Php only. The unit was pre-selling though which meant that the unit/house wasn’t built yet and we had to pay for the equity/downpayment first before we can actually move into the unit.

During that time the bank-IBIG option was offered to us which meant that we will be paying for our equity/downpayment (DP) for 24 months instead of the usual 12-15 months. In effect, the amount of our monthly payment was smaller too (less than 20K a month) because the equity/DP of 360,000Php was divided into 24 months rather than just 12-15 months.  That’s also one of the main reasons why we decided to pursue with the purchase despite the negative reviews I’ve read online. Magaan sa bulsa. We were paying less than 20K a month which was affordable pa for us.It was an irresistible offer plus PFI promised us that we can already move into our unit anytime within the 15th-18th month of paying our equity.

Another good point that we considered is that Lancaster Estates is very near my parents’ house in Imus & I have a friend who bought a house in Montefaro Village who told me she had not encountered any major problems with PFI (ironically the subdivision was featured in Imbestigador just a few months ago), another friend who lives in Lancaster Residences and an aunt who also has a property in Lancaster Place (now called Kensington phase I think) and they all told me the same thing — that they had not encountered major problems with PFI. These things really convinced both The Husband and I to continue with the purchase.

After much thought, we paid for the 20K reservation a week after our “tripping”. It was also then that our agent informed us that PFI is having issues with PAG-IBIG although we can still opt for individual filing should we really want to avail of the PAG-IBIG financing. Anyhow even if PFI is still accredited with PAG-IBIG, we still would have chosen the bank financing option because we were told that local employees (who do not hold executive positions yet) can avail a maximum of only 1M worth of housing loan from PAG-IBIG and any amount more than that we have to pay for ourselves in CASH (or find a separate loan which is rather tedious).

So for example, if our unit costs 1.8M and if PAG-IBIG lends us 1M, we have to pay the loan amount difference of 800K in CASH! That’s not possible at all given our modest financial circumstances so we asked what were the other financing options available for us. We were informed about the bank-IBIG, BANK, and In-House financing options. We were able to avail of the bank-IBIG option. This is almost the same with the bank financing option except that we were paying for our equity in 24 months and not in 12 -15 months. That time their accredited banks were Metrobank and UCPB only and they let us choose which bank we prefer. We chose UCPB simply because I know someone who had her housing and auto loan with them so I’m more familiar with UCPB’s terms.

2. February 2011

We were supposed to pay for our 1st monthly DP na but we were informed that we had to issue the payments through PDCs (post-dated checks) and that if we are not able to comply within 30 days, our 20K reservation will be forfeited. They didn’t tell us this beforehand. It was really a hassle because we didn’t have an existing checking account that time and it’s very difficult to open one. Maybe because maraming tao ang nag-iissue ng bouncing checks kaya mahigpit mga bangko with letting people open checking accounts. Si personnel from PFI didn’t inform us man lang na puwede pala nila kami i-endorse kay Planters Bank (the branch beside PFI office in Imus). I had to ask my aunt (who also bought a property from PFI) and she was the one who told me na humingi ako ng endorsement letter from PFI then bring it to Planters Bank. PFI could have saved us a lot of stress kung sinabi lang nila agad.

Then we were asked to sign all the necessary docs. After signing all the required docs (contracts, bank docs, insurance applications etc), the next step is to wait for the bank’s approval of our housing/mortgage loan. Dito medyo magulo din si PFI, ang sabi sa amin the approval process is very easy and fast. Kung hindi pa ako nagtanong kay UCPB (our bank of choice) hindi ko pa malalaman that they do not approve housing loans until walang bahay na nakatayo. Eh remember ang sabi sa amin mag-start ang construction ng unit namin on the 12th month pa and matatapos within the 15th-18th month. I had sleepless nights with this thought. I worried too much na baka hindi kami ma-approve with our loan kahit na we have no delinquent records with any bank. I had no clue how the lending process in this country works.

And we didn’t want the in-house financing option because almost double yung monthly amortization that we would be paying if in-house financing kami. Imagine paying almost 30K a month for our house? Paano na ang traveling and eating-out? Lol. We really had to tighten our belts pag nagkataon. So yun. Sana lang naging honest si PFI from the very start kung kailan talaga nalalaman yung bank approval. I had a feeling na sinabi nilang madali at mabilis lang para hindi kami magback-out. And another thing ang daming docs for the bank na pina-submit sa amin from the start tapos pina-resubmit din sa amin towards the end. Confusing, stressful and doble-trabaho lang.

3. March 2011 – February 2012

Not much progress and activity within this time period. I was an obedient customer. They told us na on the 12th month of paying our equity pa mag-uumpisa ang construction so hindi ako nangungulit about the construction progress. Tumatawag lang ako sa PFI regarding our bank loan status.

4. April 2012

We decided we’d visit our unit and see if meron na talagang nangyayari. See my post here. Over-all we were happy to see na nakatayo na yung main structure ng bahay so my husband & I were very hopeful. During this visit (and all the succeeding visits), my father was accompanying us since he works in the construction business and he was checking if within specs yung  gawa ng PFI. My father said na within specs naman yung size ng mga bakal, tubo etc. though he was not really impressed plus he is not a fan of Precast pero if maayos naman daw kinabit it can be reliable and sturdy too. Madami pang ibang jargons that we couldn’t understand but we’re lucky that my father looked out for and checked those things on our behalf. Kami ng husband ko ay chemical engr and chemist and we know nothing about construction. So if you know someone who is familiar with construction and real estate, it might be good to bring them with you when you visit your unit or consult with them if you have any doubts and questions.

April 2012
April 2012
April 2012
April 2012

5. May 2012 – June 2012

These months were spent sa pangungulit about our bank loan status and our unit’s construction progress. My husband and I were thinking na makakalipat na kami soon especially since nakita namin yung unit namin nung April. My father who is a contractor estimates na wala pang one-month dapat tapos na yung unit namin because nakita niya naman kung anu yung mga kulang. But that proved to be a very ambitious estimate kasi nga pala mabagal ang contractor pag ganitong developer ng subdivision ang kliyente nila. My father’s clients kasi were more on mga individually-owned properties na nasa high-end subdivisions so super higpit ng timeline kapag ganung klase ang client mo. By this time medyo frustrated na ako at the rate things are going especially with the status of our bank loan which is no concrete status pa rin. By this time na-vivisit pa rin namin unit namin and medyo mabagal na ang progress pero acceptable pa naman.




IMG_0082 IMG_0083



6. July 2012

Around the last week of July, a PFI representative called me up informing na approved na ang bank loan namin and that my husband & I have to go to their Mandaluyong office to sign the docs. But the thing is my husband and I were both very busy with our jobs ang hirap mag-set ng mutual schedule. Then we had a planned out-of-town vacation pa so naurong yung appointment to Aug 23, 2012! Almost a month later. But this one I must admit it’s our fault.

The Husband checking the bathroom on the 1st floor
The Husband checking the bathroom on the 1st floor


7. August 2012

We went to UCPB office in Makati to sign the docs and the Letter of Guarantee (LOG). Straight from the airport pa kami nyan. Buti na lang our flight was not delayed and umabot kami. We signed the docs but we were asked to submit another set of docs na previously na-submit na namin. I’m not sure if it’s their way of verifying info or something pero hassle siya. The UCPB personnel told us to wait for further notice from PFI. We got to visit our unit again pero parang wala na rin masyadong nadagdag from our last visit.

8. September 2012

Na take-out na yung loan namin by September 25, 2012 so I was making a regular follow-up na with PFI kung kelan ang 1st official inspection namin. They told me to call them after 2-3 weeks and by then ready na yung CFI (Clearance for Inspection). Obviously, by this time, delayed na sila sa pangako nilang makakalipat kami sa unit namin within the 15-18th month of paying our equity. Ito yung point na yung ibang unit buyers ay nagagalit na sa kanila because what if you’re just renting? Di bale nadodoble yung gastos mo dahil instead na tinitirhan mo na yung unit mo sa Lancaster (na binabayaran mo) eh umuupa ka pa ng another house kasi hindi pa siya pwedeng tirhan. But us? We’ve been very understanding and patient with them kasi nakatira naman kami sa house ng in-laws ko kaya hindi kami masyadong pressured na makalipat agad. At this time medyo pinagtatanggol at jina-justify ko pa nga si PFI and at some point even, there were people who were accusing me of working for PFI or being an employee of PFI. On my part, I just wanted to stay positive amidst all the chaos and the negative feedback surrounding PFI. And anyway, wala naman talagang MAJOR problem encountered with our unit except for the DELAY (which for most people is major already and I can’t blame them for that. iba-iba tayo ng situation & circumstances).

9. October 2012

By the 3rd week I started bugging PFI about our inspection schedule. Ito na ang clincher. Sabi ng girl na nakausap ko, Melai daw ang name niya, ready na daw ang CFI so I said can they please transmit it to their Imus office kasi maliligaw kami pag pumunta kami sa Mandaluyong office plus malayo ang Mandaluyong from our place. We’re from Paranaque. Okay daw but it will take 5 working days. Sabi ko okay. Malinaw yan di ba. After a few days I called them up again asking if nareceive na ng Imus office. Hindi pa daw pero in transit na. Wala pang 5 days ‘to so I let it go. After more than a week I called again and guess what, naka-hold daw yung CFI namin because PFI engineers have to do their own inspection first to ensure that we are satisfied with our unit come our first (official) inspection. I was quite irritated pero I didn’t let it show in my voice. Sabi ko na lang na sana i-ensure nila na maayos and kumpleto na yung unit by our 1st inspection. By this time bawal na mag-visit sa site. Mahigpit na ang policy nila na No CFI, no entry but since marami ng nakatira sa LV1 we were able to arrange to still enter the village and check our unit. In fairness, konti na lang ang kulang like the main door, sliding glass backdoor, toilet bowls, electrical fixtures, sink. My father said normally kahit 2 weeks kayang tapusin lahat yun.

oct2012 house 043

oct2012 house 003

oct2012 house 006

oct2012 house 019

oct2012 house 028

oct2012 house 041

oct2012 house 042

10. November 2012

Everyday na yata ako tumatawag sa PFI until one day sinabi nila na ready na ang CFI namin. Sabi ko so na-inspect na ng PFI engineers yung unit namin and okay na. Oo daw. On the 3rd week, my husband went to their Imus office to pick up the CFI and the blueprint sana plus the contract to sell etc. pero CFI lang ang available. And December 14 na ang binigay na schedule sa kanya for unit inspection. Nag-protest siya kasi sobrang tagal na namin naghintay pero yun lang daw available schedule because fully-booked na sila for unit turn over.

11. December 14 2012

You may download this lancaster checklist during unit inspection as a guide on what to check during your unit inspection. Please note that this checklist is not mine, I just downloaded it from the Important Files section of the Lancaster Estates Homeowners Association (LEHOA) Facebook page and was authored by other members of that Facebook page.

On the day of our first official unit inspection we arrived in PFI Imus office early, even before mag 8AM. Excited eh. Our unit inspection was scheduled at 8:30AM. We were sitting inside the office waiting for the PFI staff (who will assist us) to arrive only to be told later on na dapat we should have gone straight to the site. We didn’t have a car with us so we asked if puwede magpahatid doon using their shuttle. Ang daming excuses ng driver kesyo matatagalan pa sila umalis, may dadaanan pa etc etc. Ang ending hindi puwede so in effect ma-le-late pa kami sa scheduled time of inspection namin. I had to call my parents to pick us up with a car. In fairness to the girl na CSR sa PFI office, she called the site engineer and informed them na nasa Imus office na kami and ma-le-late lang ng konti kasi mag-travel pa to the Lancaster site.

We then proceeded to their office in Leighton Hall. Medyo matagal kami naghintay dito. Waiting for the engineer who will assist us and kinukuha pa daw kasi yung key ng unit namin. In the end, the move-in officer who accompanied us, Louie, turned out not an engineer after all. Anyway, even if civil engineer ang nag-assist sa amin during the inspection I doubt he will really go into the nitty gritty of inspecting the unit for us. Buti na lang my father was with us and he knew what to check and look out for.

We then proceeded to our unit after some counselling and instructions. And lo and behold, ang una kong nakita pagbaba ko ng kotse was our unit still had no main door. Which brings me to ask why the personnel from the Leighton Office was telling us that we had to wait because they had to get the key to our unit first. From that very moment I noticed my husband started to be in a bad mood already. And upon entering our unit, he got even angrier because we saw that (apart from the newly installed sliding glass backdoor), no improvement has been made at all since the last time we visited our unit in October! Remember their excuse about our unit being re-inspected by PFI engineers to ensure that we are satisfied come our 1st inspection. Excuse my expression but that excuse was pure bullshit! Bakit pa kasi kailangang magsinungaling at paasahin ang unit owner? Sana pinag-inspect na lang nila kami agad nung October kasi pareho lang naman yung hitsura/state ng unit namin. Nasayang lang ang almost 2 months na paghihintay sa wala. So ayun we proceeded in checking the defects. Except for the uninstalled items and fixtures, minor lang naman ang mga defects that we saw like hairline wall cracks (konti lang), windows that need to be oiled, and some parts of the house that need repainting plus the outside area (within the perimeter fence) had so many debris and there was foul odor (possibly from animal poop) emanating from it.

our unit's facade
our unit’s facade
no sink installed
no sink installed
no main door installed
no main door installed
still no toilet bowls in both bathrooms!
still no toilet bowls in both bathrooms!
no electrical fixtures
no electrical fixtures
a lot debris and with foul odor (from animal excrement)
a lot debris and with foul odor (from animal excrement)
floor crack
floor crack

So there. That’s how our transaction with PFI turned out. Below is a photo of our Buyer’s Contact Report which contains the list of defects we found in our unit. Actually there were no MAJOR defects found but IMO, the unit was not presentable for inspection for chrissake! Hindi man lang inayos/nilinis muna or chineck saglit before ipakita sa amin.

Buyer's Contact Report --quite a long list we have come up here
Buyer’s Contact Report –quite a long list we have come up here

I still wanted to remain as objective and honest as I could by not posting right after the inspection on December 14. By that time kasi, we were still very angry, mad, disappointed, sad– lahat na because I feel that I have given PFI too much leniency & benefit of the doubt but they still disappointed us towards the end. By now, we’re quite at peace with the fact that we were not able to spend Christmas in our house yet. Hopefully our January 22 2nd inspection will yield better results. And after reading other buyers’ stories and experiences, siguro maku-consider pa na maswerte kami ng husband ko because minor defects lang ang na-encounter namin sa unit namin. But still, that is not an excuse for PFI to be lax about their service. I hope they consider and review the complaints from their customers.

We are not out here to ruin PFI’s reputation. Why would I do that when my husband & I will become residents of one of their communities in the future? The only aim of this blog (and other forums) is to call PFI’s attention and have them straighten their act and possibly give their customers the quality house and service they rightfully deserve.

More updates…

Jan 22, 2013– the day of our second inspection. We arrived in PFI office in Leighton Hall at around 9AM. Louie, the guy who previously assisted us during our first inspection, was the one who attended to us again. A few days before our 2nd inspection, I texted Louie if the 2nd inspection will push through since my husband’s and my time were both important and we didn’t want our vacation leaves be put into waste. He told us we could always contact him during office hours if we have any questions. Well, I did not receive any response. When I told Louie about this, he just apologized profusely and told me that Allen (whom we haven’t seen and met) was actually the one in charge of our unit and was the one assigned to update/contact us. But still it’s common courtesy to reply to customers to clarify/confirm appointments. We were really disappointed that they cannot commit to their customers and had to point fingers to each other.

Moving on, it took more than 30 minutes to proceed to our unit. I didn’t know why. We were just there in their office, waiting. When I asked Louie he told us he was still coordinating with people from the engineering office and was asking for the keys to our unit. So after waiting for sometime, he then told us we could go to our unit already. We were dismayed upon seeing that the main door still had not been installed, a clear sign that we will not be able to accept our unit still. Upon entering our unit we have seen that the kitchen sink, electrical fixtures, the toilet bowls and sinks have all been installed. Thank goodness.

bathroom sink
bathroom sink
kitchen sink
my mom checking the kitchen sink
toilet bowl
toilet bowl

Another complaint that was not addressed was the toilet door in the 1st floor not being properly aligned (albeit the bathroom door had been replaced with a new one) so we asked Louie to take note of this. The protruding metal on the staircase wall is also still in the process of being removed/hidden. 

My dad told us it can be remedied even if it really looked like an eyesore. Louie promised us he will look into our account/unit personally since we haven’t seen and met Allen (in person), the guy who was supposedly in charge with our move-in/inspection.

bathroom door still not properly aligned with the wall but was replaced with a new one
bathroom door still not properly aligned with the wall but was replaced with a new one

Anyway, we were told they’d aim to have the 3rd (and hopefully!) the last inspection on Monday, January 28. Louie told us he would give us a call on Friday, January 26 to confirm if the Monday inspection will push through. We did not hear from him. My husband still had to contact them on Saturday afternoon but nobody was picking up the phone and they also did not respond to my husband’s text message. An hour or two after, Allen finally called us back to say that the 3rd inspection will be moved to Wednesday, January 30.

We’re still waiting how the 3rd inspection will turn out on January 30.

Jan 29, 2013

Again, Louie called us saying that the 3rd inspection on Jan. 30 cannot push through because hindi pa tapos ni contractor yung ibang pinapa-repair namin (yung pagre-align ng bathroom door on the 1st floor) and the main door has not been installed as well because yung supplier daw has not delivered it yet.

To be continued…

Feb 12, 2013

After 3 postponed schedules for our 3rd inspection and a number of phone calls made with Louie and Allen, the good news finally arrived. They called us advising that the main door had been delivered and installed. Whew! And the other concerns have been addressed too. And upon seeing our unit we were satisfied enough that we decided to finally accept it. Well, there were still minor issues to be dealt with but Louie was responsible enough to list them down and commit to us that they will still be fixed and repaired even if we have already accepted our unit. We signed the Acceptance document (forgot the exact name) but we still had to go to their Mandaluyong office to get the Authority To Move In (ATMI) document. After securing the ATMI, we had to go back to the Engineering Department in Lancaster Estates to get the keys to our unit (minus the key to our sliding door which was missing and they will look for it pa daw).

Then we attended the counselling and orientation for new homeowners with the Village Administrator. Here, we were able to ask about the policies and rules of our village (LV1) and about our concerns regarding home improvement. The Village Administrator gave us a list of the requirements where everything was indicated.

We then paid for the construction bond (in their Leighton Office Hall) for home improvement. Exterior renovation costs 10k (refundable) + 500pesos processing fee (non-refundable). Interior Renovation (only) costs 5k (refundable) + 500pesos processing fee (non-refundable).

If exterior renovation ang i-aapply mo, sakop na non ang interior renovation and you need not pay a separate fee for that. However if hindi ka pa magpapa-gate you need to pay the interior renovation fee only. For your contractors who will do your home improvement, you will need to submit a form to the Village Administrator containing your contractor’s (workers) information, 1×1 ID photo, and brgy/police clearance. The Village Admin will then give them a permit to enter the premises of the village/subd. Once the home improvement is done, you can then apply for the refund of the construction bond. An engineer will then inspect the improvement/renovation done in your unit to check if nag-comply ka with their policies. May corresponding amount to be deducted from your construction bond for every violation. If wala naman you can get it in full 4-6 weeks after the inspection. It will be issued to you via BDO check/cheque which can be encashed in BDO Wilson Greenhills branch. Pwede rin naman in other BDO branch but you have to pay 100pesos.

Also in fairness to Louie, tinupad niya yung pangako niya na gagawin pa rin yung remaining complaints with our unit even after accepting it. I guess it worked na mabait and maayos kami makiusap sa kanya pero detalyado yung mga gusto naming ipagawa. And true enough, my parents who live in Imus, were visiting our unit almost everyday since Feb 12 and they’ve seen that indeed, PFI workers were doing repairs re these minor concerns (repainting, re-installing some of the glass windows, replacing the toilet bowl seat cover that had a crack etc.)

Currently, we are still having some improvement done in our unit and we hope to finally move in to our new house sometime in March.

March 9, 2013

After our home improvement was done, my husband and I finally moved into our unit and the next day, we had a sort of house blessing slash dad’s 50th birthday celebration.

However we discovered that there was a leak coming from the bathroom on the second floor going to the living room floor. We filed this as additional complaint and since araw-araw nag fa-follow up ang mother ko with them, nagpadala naman agad ang Engineering Department ng tao for the repair. It also helped na yung father ko knows what to do so siya yung nag-uutos sa PFI workers kung anu ang dapat gawin tapos sila na lang yung nag-eexecute. Medyo hassle ito kasi nagtiktik sila sa loob ng house and they had to put down yung parang beam/kisame right under the 2nd flr bathroom floor. Pero after nagawa, okay na talaga and no leak whatsoever.

May 6, 2013

Last Saturday (May 04, 2013), nag-schedule ang engineering office ng repair sa unit namin. Yung light switch kasi sa kusina namin ay walang cover. And yung key ng sliding door hindi pa rin “daw” mahanap ni Mariel (from the Engineering Dept) until now. So sabi ko wag ng hanapin at palitan na lang totally ng bago kasi 2 months na ang nakakalipas so malamang nawala na talaga yun or worse, binigay sa ibang unit owner. Yung original key kasi na binigay sa amin is for Block 04 Lot 11. Sinoli ko lang nung narealize ko na for another unit yung binigay sa amin na susi. Anyway, ang original schedule is 10AM, walang dumating. Kung hindi pa tinext ng mother ko hindi pa mag-aadvice na resched daw to 1PM. 1PM naghintay kami sa wala. May lakad pa naman kami ng husband ko so we had to leave the house. Nagtext yung mother ko kay Mariel kung darating pa siya, at dahil “professional” sila ayun hindi nagreply.

And then kaninang hapon I decided na mag-commute at sumakay ng multicab papunta sa house ng parents ko sa Alapan. Nakasabay ko yung mga taga engineering department na staff. Ang kilala ko lang dun is yung Ira/Aira whatever. Basta yung payat na matangkad. And she was with another girl and a guy na I assume are colleagues niya rin. Anyway, it was really a turn off because they were talking about a certain unit owner na nagcomplain siguro sa office nila earlier today. And from the flow of their conversation, it seemed like they were mocking the complainant and it dawned on me na wala talaga silang pakialam sa mga concerns ng mga unit owners. Next time sana lang huwag silang mag-uusap ng ganoon in a public place na alam mong may mga taong ma-ooffend. I mean hello kasakay mo yung mga homeowners ng LE tapos ganoon ang pinag uusapan niyo? Walang respeto di ba? It just goes to show na walang professional work ethics ang mga staff na ito. I didn’t want to ask kung saang eskwelahan ba sila nagtapos at hindi naituro ang basic and common courtesy sa kanila. If lisensyadong inhinyero man sila (which I hope they are), the more that I am sad and mad about their attitude. Hindi dapat yun pinagyayabang sa salita, kung hindi sa gawa. I hope PFI does something to improve their staff’s attitude and character…professional-wise at least.

Latest Updates:

July 2014

After living in Lancaster New City (LNC) for 1 year and 4 months now, below are the issues and difficulties that we have noticed and have personally experienced.

1. The HOA (Homeowners Association)  is not run by homeowners themselves but by a 3rd party property management office (PMO) hired by the developer. They call it the Village Administrator (VA). PFI is saying that this is (supposedly) a temporary set-up until all units in LNC have been sold then that’s the time that Pro-Friends will turn over the HOA to the homeowners. There are already groups who are questioning the legality of this action (PFI hiring a PMO and having full control of the VA) based on PD957 and RA9904. My personal take on this is that the HOA is also a form of politics and is always subject to abuse and corruption especially if the HOA officers that will be elected are either of the ff: (1) has no background in property management (2)biased and subjective (3)corrupt. If the issue being advocated here is about democracy only then I’ll support by all means. But the way I see things and how those group(s) fight for the HOA turnover, is in my personal opinion laden with ulterior motive. These people (not all but most) come across as “gusto lang maupo sa puwesto at hindi naman ang common good ang pinaglalaban nila”. I am yet to see a promising leader (a person with dignity, integrity and credibility) who is really deserving to be HOA leader so for now, a 3rd-party PMO (project management office) is okay with me for as long as they are transparent with the allocation of the HOA dues and funds and all LNC homeowners are actively involved in the decision-making process.

2. Since there is only one VA office catering to all  the villages and phases in LNC, then if you encounter a problem in your unit ( provided that it’s within the 1 year warranty period) natatagalan ang Village Admin (VA) to attend to your complaint because they deal with a lot of complaints on a daily basis. Another problem is most complaints need escalation to the engineering office that lack manpower, construction supplies etc. as well.

3. Lancaster New City (LNC) is not commuter friendly especially the newer phases in Kensington, Somerset and Manchester (KSM) which is already part of the F. Manalo (also known as Navarro) area. Taking public transport is difficult because the number of free shuttle provided by Pro-Friends is not enough to service everyone. This is very true for LV1 (Lancaster Village 1) because the shuttles are always full everytime it passes by our village. It’s good (but very expensive!!) if you have your own form of transportation. Tricycle fare is also expensive because the drivers take advantage of the  current situation and there’s no official regulating body to monitor the tricycle fare for now. Also, all roads leading to LNC (roads from Bucandala, from the open canal, from Toclong and along Kalayaan Ave) are dark and  not properly lighted and may pose serious danger or threat to the commuting public especially if one will go home at night.

So for all prospective buyers out there, please read this article, it contains the important things you need to look out for when buying a property in the Philippines (and this applies to all developers and not just to Pro-Friends). It will also help you a lot to know your rights as a consumer:



646 thoughts on “My Complete Review: Property Company of Friends (PROFRIENDS)

    1. Madami nga. Di pa kami binigyan ng copy ng blueprint kahit nagrequest na kami noon. Sabi nga ng father ko masyado manipis yung steel bars na ginamit and malalaki yung spaces in between so kailangan pang dagdagan unless willing kang maakyat-bahay.

      1. ganun, bakit daw di kayo binigyan ng blueprint? dapat meron nun during inspection dahil blinded ka talaga sa specs kung wala yun. sa pics pa lang pansin ko na floppy yung window frames nyo, sign of thin frame yan, kung makapal yan di sya floppy. sa CE ganyan siguro lahat ng window frames, 2mm lang instead of 3mm and window frmae bars. yung square bars out of specs din. check nyo lahat malamang ganyan din sa inyo. mura lang ang 39pesos lang ang plastic vernier caliper sa ACE.

      2. Dapat talaga merong blueprint during inspection kasi paano ichecheck ng homeowner kung tama yung specs at nasunod ng mabuti. Pero ang lagi nila sinasabi sa mga nagrerequest ng BP is to follow na lang. May vernier caliper kami,from my college days pa nga yun, and yes 2mm lang ang steel bars na yan.

      3. demand for the blueprint Micah before your next inspection. tell them na you won’t do the next inspection unless you have it on hand. wala na ngang inspection during construction tapos during inspection wala namang blueprint? nakakatawa talaga PFI noh. kaya yung mga engineer nila hindi din kabisado ang bahay.

        every part of your window malamang substandard maliban lang sa glass. takenote mo na lang yung sizes kung makakaninja moves ka sa unit nyo.

        another thing to watch out for ay ung septic tank nyo. malamang madaming kulang jan and tignan nyo kung watertight talaga yung unang chamber ng septic tank.

      4. Oo nga eh. Kakaiba yung pagbibigay ng blueprint kung kelan tapos na ang inspection. Frustrated na yung husband ko sa mga nangyayari pero excited na din makalipat. Gusto nga ng father ko ayusin na lang daw niya on his own lalo na yung mga minor defects kasi nadedelay lang ng nadedelay although pabor yun sa PFI eh. Anyway, check namin yung septic tank on our next visit saka if may leaks. Salamat!

      5. hi ms micah, i want to hear more from you. kakabayad lang namin ng reservation fee.. ayoko din kasi madisappoint ng sobra. naghahanap talaga kami ng homeowner na makakausap namin ng maayis at totoo lang lahat ng sasabihin..

    2. hi micah, thanks for this blog.. honestly after reading all of it, i dont know where to pick up my hopes of moving n to my own house, can i just share my story? I am Josef and one of “nautong” buyer of PFI. same bullsh*t convincing talks were presented to me during that time (august 2011) that i was about to pay my reservation, so to make a long story short after paying the whole downpayment for a year i checked the site in MS4 and to my dismay kahit isang poste or bungkal man lang wala.. samantalang sabi nila on going daw ang construction 24/7 pa.. so now May 2013 na pinuntahan ko ulit and guess what?? i saw nothing but grass with animal poop.. so i decided to transfer to a much more ready for occupancy unit and they approved it after almost a month so now i can have a house near MS2 instead of MS4. i have a question, sabi samin stop payment for monthly amortization not until makalipat sa bahay so ibig mong sabihin after maaprove ni bank UCPB kahit di ka pa naka move in start ka na ng monthly amortization mo? im kinda confused kasi so could you please educate me on that matter? thanks.

      1. Hi Josef! I’m sorry to hear about your story. Reklamo talaga yan ng halos lahat, yung super delayed turn over ng unit. Mabuti naman at nakapag-transfer ka sa MS2. Can you imagine if example MS11 ka kumuha? Baka abutin ng 5 years yung mga buyers sa paghihintay. Sorry if that didn’t make you feel any better. That’s actually one of the reasons why we chose LV1 kasi at the time of our tripping in LE, existing na yung community at marami ng nakatayong units although lupa pa lang din yung sa amin non. But that gives you hope right? Yung nakikita mong may mga kapitbahay ka na kahit di pa nakatayo yung bahay mo ;)

        Re your bank loan, iba kasi yung case namin. We were under bank-IBIG financing so tinapos muna namin yung DP namin for 24 months at kahit approve na kami ni UCPB on our 15th month of paying the DP eh hindi pa kami required magbayad ng MA. In fairness to PFI, na-turn over naman yung unit sa amin eksakto ng matapos yung DP namin. Although ang pangako nila originally was on the 15th-18th month pwede na kami makalipat.

        In your case once ma-takeout yung loan mo you’re supposed to start paying for the MA na kay UCPB unless yun nga magrequest ka ng stop payment (subject for approval pa yan). I suggest if ever man ma-approve ka na ni bank, sign ka lang muna ng Letter of Guarantee (LOG) and sabihin mo kay UCPB huwag muna i-takeout yung loan (wag muna bayaran si PFI) until ma-turn over sa iyo yung unit mo :)

      2. Wow! Thank you so much for the suggestion! sobrang relief ung naramdaman ko, so by that time na marelease ang LOG ko un ang unang una kong gagawin, pwede pala un? akala ko kasi once magkaroon ng LOG eh dire d irecho na and im obliged to pay for the aortization na.. pero now atleast i have an option pala to hold the loan take out, coz i dont wanna pay two house (one im renting and one with PFI ) for almost a year for “nothing”.. thanks you so much MICAH u just dont know how much u’ve helped people like us..

      3. Hi Josef! You’re welcome. Sa Lancaster forums ko lang din nalaman yung pwede ipa-hold yung loan takeout. Basta make sure to talk and coordinate directly with a UCPB personnel. I-clarify mo din sa kanila yung situation mo why you want them to temporarily hold the loan take out. Best of luck!

      4. My account has been taken out by the bank this June and I still can’t move in. When we had our first inspection last Saturday (it was supposedly on July 13 but they rescheduled it due to “incomplete wiring”) the front lawn was muddy and when we entered the house there was clutter everywhere. The carpenters working on the neighbor’s house used the unit as their storage room and apparently a place to stay in when they need to rest. Sacks of cement, piles of hollow blocks and other construction supplies were everywhere. They also used the unit to hang their underwear and clothes to dry. There were cracks on the floor and walls. It looked like the ceilings were ripped and there were no electrical wires. The windows won’t close completely and the metals on the stairs were either bent or broken. Simply put, the whole place was a mess. I can’t believe that the inspection had to be rescheduled a month later and I still have to see such mess. I am completely fed up with Profriends and I think that we are being scammed. :(

      5. hi I maybe late with this or maybe someone might have suggested this already, but for those na kukuha pa lang (for bank financing scheme only) after the completion of your equity ask your bank not to release the proceeds or the take out (whatever the call it) without your approval walang magagawa si Profriends doon kasi primarily ikaw ang client ni bank hindi si Profriends and you have all the power to do this ask your bank alam nila ito kasi ikaw ang may transaction kay bank hindi si Profreinds in this case di ka muna mag babayad ng monthly amort mo pag di ka pa naka move in, kasi normally sisingilin ka na talaga ng bank mo after a month of releasing the take out, and this is what I did with my account with profriends so nagyon sila nagkanda ugaga na I-schedule ako for my inspection and I told them this will not be released until I have my AUthority to move in saka ko ipa release ang funds after all para saan ba ang letter of guarantee (Im with BDO) hindi ba to guarantee them na babayaran talaga sila ni bank? and whats the good thing about it is pag lalo nila pinatagal maiinip si bank cacancellahin ang loan application mo so hahanap nanaman sila ibang banko na mag aaprove ng loan then you sign a new LOG nanaman and during the process di nila maibenta sa iba ang unit kasi na contrata ka doon the more delays they do the more delayed they are going to get their profit in return di mo man makuha agad atleast meron kang leverage, natawa pa ako kasi, ako dati lagi nag follow up sa kanila ngayon sila na nag tatawag and guess what malalaman mo talaga hindi organisado ang systema nila kasi one time may tumawag na agent nag follow bakit ko daw pina hold yung funds so sinabi ko yung reason ko then after 3 days may tumawag naman nag tatanong kung may schedule na ako for inspection eh 3 weeks ago pa ako naka schedule tapos yung isa nag tatanong ng status isip ko lang hindi ba centralized yung info nila sa mga clients nila bat ibaiba ang tanong nito at puro sila hindi aligned sa isat isa regarding the status of my account these people should work on theing being incompitent (excuse me for the lack of term) so for you guys na kukuha pa lang pag na approve kayo ni bank kausapin nyo muna bago kayo pumirma doon.

      6. Thanks mokz! I did advice a commenter about this before. Hindi kasi aware ang mga tao about this. Thank you again for sharing your views as well.

      7. Micah this blog really helps a lot lalo na ngayon that I’m facing the same dillema. If I may ask both you and Josef??? kasi tapos na namin nabayaran ang equity as of december 2013 tapos sabi nila I’ll just give it 3 mos for the bank to call me para dun sa loan.. tpos after 3 mos. ngfollow-up ako then ang sabi mkkpgloan lang daw pg 100% na tapos ang bahay.. tapos ng-ask ako kng ano status ng construction wala sila mabigay… they can give me any numbers. Sabi ng agent ko kung gusto ko daw na lumipat na agad pwede daw ako mgptransfer… Do you think it’s a good idea to transfer? If so, ano mga kailangan kung gawin at i-ask from them?.. sobrang clueless talaga ako. please help. Thanks.

    3. HI Micah, this is me -josef- *again hehe.. i don’t think this is a good news but i still wanted to share my experience with regards to transfer of units from PFi since my previous unit in MS4 is still 0% construction. Again this is for people who wanted to transfer to a unit after paying their DP in full and wanted to transfer to a more RFO unit due to delayed construction, -Yes it is indeed possible. mine was approved and i already signed a new contract to sell and TCT for MS2 . All payments i made was deducted to my new unit and i have availed the old price of the new unit at point of reservation, also i demand to waived transfer fees and buyback fee’s and they have approved it. I saw the unit itself and i can say that it is 50% constructed, better than a 0% right? they say its a clean title but if you analyze it, the title is really clean (since the title is still under the name of PFI) not unless someone has paid the unit in full, i guess that’s the reason why we signed TCT (transfer of contract title) for after we have paid it all that’s the only time the title will be transferred to the new owner (am i right on this matter micah?) so i guess the bank will not accept the loan not unless the unit is still not under my name? (i’m just hoping or this is just what i want to believe?) Now back to my story, my unit is 50% completed i saw it with my own eyes but still granted that it will be finished this year i don’t think moving in is possible since my neighbor is at 0% construction. I don’t think moving to a place with no neighbor is a good idea.. hehehe but anyway Micah if i may ask, how about the location during rainy or even Ondoy season? Do u guys or anyone near the community experienced heavy floods?

      1. Hi Josef! If you’re under bank financing the title should already be under your name because the bank will not accept it if it isn’t under your name. PFI and the bank will be the one to coordinate this so you need not worry. The original copy of the TCT will stay with the bank until you have fully paid them. So it also means that you’re responsible for paying your RPT (real property tax) the year after the turn over date. On the other hand if you’re under inhouse financing I believe the title stays under PFI’s name and they will transfer it only after the full payment as inhouse financing gives shorter loan terms as well. For RPT, PFI should be the one paying it and to make sure that they really are paying it, you can demand to get copies of the RPT receipts from PFI. Moving in is possible even without a neighbor but I guess it’s kind of awkward and unsafe not having a neighbor in your block ;) Regarding flooding, LV1 isn’t flooded even during the rainy season sans the occasional small pools of water on the streets if the downpour becomes very heavy but I don’t consider this as flooding. However I was informed that LR1 is being flooded and I’m not sure about the MS area because it’s quite far from LV1 already.

  1. Hi!
    This is very informative, I really appreciate this post. My brother recently decided to purchase a unit there and I’ll share with him your review so he’d be updated.


      1. Hi micah!! Im Leng!! Thank u for this blog ,,very informtive ang dami kong natutunan,,actually im hopeless na..1yr and 3months n ako byad ng down payment but untill now hundi ko p nkikit un unit ko! They said kc bawal p visit doon..And sad to say im an ofw kya hindi nmn ko ng sstay dto s pinas palagi,,naasikaso ko lng tuwing uuwi ako..i visited profriends min office yesterday to follow up loan status and they said it has been approved na by UCPB without informing im kinda happy yesterday atlist approved na..but na frustrate n nnmn ako kc wait n nnmn daw ako nang call ni bank para s guarantee lettter..anu kaya mganda ko gawin gusto ko sna mkpg inspection bgo ako umalis ulet,,alis nko ng feb18!! Nalulungkot ako kc ang bagal ng proseso,,

      2. Hi Romelyn! Congratulations that your bank loan application has been approved. Nakita mo na ba ang unit mo? I don’t recommend signing the LOG w/o seeing your unit first. Kasi what if hindi maganda ang quality ng unit then UCPB releases your loan to PFI na? You may also call UCPB Makati directly at 8119000 and look for Jessica (I forgot her surname) basta she’s the contact person in charge of UCPB’s PFI clients.

      1. Hi Micah!

        Hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ako o mas malulungkot dahil may katulad ko rin pala na halos masiraan na ng ulo dahil sa serbisyong binibigay ng Profriends. Honestly, your experiences are far better than mine and like you, like what you’ve mentioned, ayaw mo ring magsulat habang galit ka pa at hindi pa maayos ang transaction mo with them but to give you a brief summary of my sad and bad story with Profriends— our “original lot” at LV1 was sold to “other” without our knowledge (bank loan was approved then) and upon discussing this incident, ang offer nila ay ibalik ang binayad namin… that’s all! So easy to say di ba, kasi hindi sila ang naghirap na magbayad ng equity ng ilang buwan, hindi sila ang nangarap at umasa na magkaroon ng sariling bahay. Anyway, mas marami pang nangyari (before and) after that, but we end up purchasing another unit (LV2) at tulad ng naranasan mo, they have given me a lot of “false hopes”. I thought kasi, because of that incident, magiging totoo sila this time sa mga pinapangako nila pero patung-patong na sakit ng ulo pa rin pala …

        We chose to purchase a “new” unit because they said that we could move-in before December 2012 (nag re-rent lang kasi kami) and sadly,February na at kakatanggap pa lang namin ng balita na approved (we have to apply for a new one) na ang loan namin (they said, it will only take “a few days” since approved ung loan namin dati). Kung hindi pa kami nangulit via email, twitter and trunkline, hindi pa kami ma-i-inform na okay na ang loan. How nice di ba?! Anyway, ayoko ng dagdagan ang bigat ng feelings mo but soon, pag maayos na siguro at kapag may maganda na akong maisusulat tungkol sa kanila, I can write a review na but definitely, I will not recommend this company to my family and friends. I hate to admit it but I guess, I was wrong chosing this property over Filinvest. Ang iniisip ko na lang, everything has a purpose. I will not be in this situation if I could not bear this mess.

        Good luck to us…

      2. Hi bella! Grabe naman ang ginawa nila sayo. To sell your lot to another customer w/o your knowledge is very unacceptable! Buti you chose to trust them again. Ang bait mo pa rin. I hope maging okay na yang 2nd unit mo. Mali kasi talaga ang palakad ng management nila.kulang sa proper coordination at parang bagito pa sa field ng real estate pag naghandle ng complaints. Good thing we’re not renting pero siyempre gusto na namin lumipat ng husband ko to build & start our own family. Goodluck to us

      3. hi to all buyers of profriends pls see profriends problems account sa fb jan po lahat ng members ay mga nagrereklamo sa PROFRIENDS. thanks

  2. glad have found your blog accidentally, read the thread till wee hrs. we bought our unit and paid easily the reservation during tripping, wc the agent insisted us to pay to avail the disc. ,its accesibility to mla was the reason for choosing the site aside its adfordability, las wk we were informed that our place has been moved to another area due to some reason, when i went to their ofc for counseling ,i noticed some flaws during counseling ,they are sugar coated ,even before i saw your blog,i already have hesitations and just an intuitions,before i left the ofc i have decided not to pursue with the unit ,i just had the feeling, your blog helped me decide to cancel our unit, though syang the res fee, i think pfi should make an act to fix all the problems you are encountering ,considering blood and sweat ang puhunan to have a dream house and not a horror house, good for us who have stumbled upon your blog. nice blog, and goodluck on your move in.

    1. Hi lhen! Thank you for the words of appreciation. Nalulungkot lang din ako kasi if not for the delayed turnover and paulit ulit na pag-postpone ng inspection schedule namin, my husband and I would have been satisfied customers of PFI, well somehow. Ang dami na nga naming inoverlook na fault nila pero still they didn’t make enough effort to keep our trust. Sayang yung faith that we put on them from the start. Anyway it’s good that you had the time to read reviews and research before investing your money in a property. Dito sa Pilipinas, lahat naman ng developers may kanya-kanyang issues but it’s how they resolve these issues and how they treat their clients that will matter in the end. I hope you find your dream house soon :)

      1. hello ask ko lang kung lng ano na status ng house nyo ? na turn over na ba by this time?

  3. Hi… i share the same bad experience with profriends.. bought a unit at montefaro imus and was ultimately frustrated when i saw the unit.. just when i stepped out of the car and saw the facade of the house, i already noticed that the front window is not aligned.. as in tabingi! i actually went back to the philippines just to see the unit before the turn over.. and only to see what an eye-sore the house was! walls are not smooth, doors are not installed properly (need to lift then pull to open the door), the wall tiles in the bathroom are hollow ( as in walang laman inside when u tap it) the list goes on.. even from afar you can see the house is not aligned.. parang the house is wearing an A line skirt.. they have asked us to give them 2 weeks after that inspection to repair the errors, then asked for another 2 weeks since they can’t meet the deadline, then for the third time asked again for 2 weeks.. now my dad is filing a complaint about it with profriends.. i am not gonna accept that house anymore..its like you are paying for a brand new item na refurbished na because of the many repairs na ginawa! im planning to sell it if they cant give me a refund.. its a sad and frustrating experience.. :((

    im glad i came across your blog.. inde ko kasi matanggap na ako lang ang may ganung experience.. lets just all hope for the best..

  4. Hello.. Thanks s post at sa binabahagi mong update unit mo. I recently decided to purchased a unit @ PFI.. Hope maayos kalalabasan ng unit ko soon.. Thanks and hintayin q sunod na mangyayari s unit mo. Godbless

  5. i keep on following your blog from the time you acquired the property. Binabayaran ko unit ko since february 2012 to present pero sa sobrang dami ng naririnig at nababasa ko mukhang malabo ko ng ituloy ang pagkuha ko sa unit. Lately nakausap ko ung mga engineer na contractor din ng ibang subdivision na halos nkikibalita din sa structure ng LE, nagkaron daw ng insidente na bumagsak daw ung 2nd floor ng ibang unit dahil sa hinde matibay na pagkakagawa. Lalo ako nanghina ng marinig ko yun and now i am decided to cancel my transaction with PFI. Almost 140k na naibabayad ko, nakakapanglambot dahil hinde ganun kadaling kitain ang perang binayad ko sa kanila pero kong patuloy akong magbabayad mas lalong nkakapanghinayang. July 2013 sana ang turn-over ng unit base sa contract of 15 mos. pero hinde ko na hihintayin pa at i file na lang ang cancellation. I will keep on reading your updates and i wish you goodluck!

    1. Sayang din ang 140k. Pero baka merong mas magandang bahay na nakalaan for you. Kami kasi yung location ng lancaster yung pinakanagustuhan namin kaya we’re just making the most out of this somewhat disappointing experience with PFI

    2. I’m hoping for more solid news details sana. Kasi the news came from a competitor’s contractor pala. Obviously hindi nila syempre papopogiin ang rival company nila because your now a potential client of the company they work for.

      To completely take you away from profriends ayan ang binalita sau dahil nakausap mu ung engineer nung ibang company gives them the imppression na you are definitely in doubt. This may be true but in this case to see is to believe aq.. A classic example of this practice is Globe and Smart.. GMA and ABS-CBN.. And mga Insurance companies =).

    3. Hi chowking..same lng tyo..what we did is pumunta Kmi directly as hlurb..calamba laguna branch..southern Tagalog Ksi ang me sakop sa le..tutulungan k dun ng legal nila..

    4. Thanks sa Blog Micah…

      @Chowking— Ask ko lng if nkuha mo p yung DP mo and pano process cancellation….

      1. Hello Micah ;) really like your blog.. I think I almost read it all ;)) Isa din ako Sa bumili Ng house and lot Sa pro friends Margaret Sa may SS11 under bank financing kami then nagulat nalng kami na in house financing na. Dahil my mga requirements daw kami na kulang now nabigay na namin Ang 30% DP na 619,000 still zero construction and talagang may mga damo pa Sa site… Gusto ko na sanang mag back out dahilan na Hindi namin mag complete Ang requirements na hinihingi nila and nabasa ko pag d complete requirements e Hindi nila iaaprove makakuha Ng unit Sa Kanila.. Bakit ganun naguguluhan na kami.. Plus Ang reply sakin Ng agent ko is wag daw ako Sa Kanya magtanong dahilan na Hindi ako Sa Kanya nagbabayad .. Please help my parents don’t know yet na may problem na pala kami Sa pro friends Ayaw ko Kasi Baka ma high blood sila…

      2. Hi Gladys! Sorry to hear about your problems with PFI. First of, ano yung kulang na documents and why are you not able to provide it? You know part of our responsibility din as consumers na alamin kung anu yung exact process ng application for bank financing. Kasi regardless of the developer na kukuhanan mo ng bahay, if hindi ka pumasa sa bank loan application because of your financial capability or credit history then that’s a fault on your part. Pero if si PFI ang may kulang na documents na hinihingi ng bank, then huwag kang pumayag at mag-request ka muna ng stop payment until such time na mabigay nila yung kulang na documents to the bank. It’s also best to contact the bank directly to confirm kung anu ba yung kulang na documents para you can verify kung si PFI ba yung may fault or ikaw. You can also opt to directly submit your loan application to another bank na hindi ka tie-up ni PFI. BDO, UCPB and Metrobank lang yung direct tie-up nila. But you can choose other banks like BPI, PNB etc. yun nga lang ikaw lahat mag-aasikaso ng processing ng documents.

      3. Hi Micah sorry for super late reply.. Ang kulang ko na requirements is identification ni mama yun na LNG talaga we can’t really provide it they knew from the very first time pero Ang ginawa nila is process everything and hiningian na kami ng down payment.. Now sabi namin transfer nalang ung tittle Kay papa or sakin di pa din nila magawa Kasi need pa din ng ID’s ni madir… So ayun ang problem namin sabi ko nga eh nakalagay naman sa kasulatan na Kung d namin ma provide mga requirements e nila kami approve to purchase a property from them e bakit ngayon tuloy tuloy pa din Ang pangungulit nila monthly samin..please I need help nag kaka gulo na kami ni mama at papa dahil sa profriends na Iyan :((((

      4. Hi Gladys! Is your mom based abroad? If so maybe you can ask her to scan and fax a copy of her ID and a notarized authorization letter. Well mali nga si Profriends kasi parang pinaasa nila kayo pero you should still find a way na mai-submit yung ID ng mom mo. Sayang naman if yun lang talaga kulang. I-verify mo din sa kanila kung anu pa talaga yung kulang niyo kasi minsan paisa-isa nila sinasabi. Have it written down and signed by a PFI personnel para next time may babalikan ka at pwedeng sisihin if it turned out na may kulang pa rin pala.

    5. Hi Chowking… Would like to ask how should the cancellation of the transaction be done? I’m planning to have it cancel as well though we have already paid the full 20% dp equity…

      1. ano p asahan nu.. utang ung bahay nu. mabuti kong cash yan… mass construction kaya yang profriends. nagtrabaho rin ako jan dati bilang works engr… after 3 yrs umalis n ako. kahit ung pasahod nila… barya lng sa sinasahod ko ngayon.. promises lng sila magaling.

      2. Hi Bryan! I don’t think tama yang line of reasoning mo na porke utang ang bahay eh ok Lang kahit Hindi ok ang quality. Halos lahat ng developers kahit yung mga nasa first world country gaya ng US nag ooffer ng iba’t Ibang financing. Actually nalito ako sa comment mo Kung ang Bina bash mo ba Ay ang buyers ng Profriends o Si Profriends Mismo

      3. Nkapag refund po b kayo kasi gsto ko na din e refund yung naibayad ko full payment na ako ng equity

    6. Hi Chowking,
      yun sentiments na nararanasan mo eh nararansan din namin ngayon. tapos na kaming magbayad ng equity since june 2013 worth 400k,pero sa nakikita namin at sa nangyayari nakakadismaya. Gusto ko na rin ipa pull out yun aming kinuhang bahay. Di na kasi ako naniniwala sa sinasabi nila eh, totoo yun sabi sa taas “We started out right but we were quite disappointed towards the end”. Sa processing pa lang ng aming loan kamote na sila what more yun delivery pa ng unit. Nag promised pa sila na by December 2013 ma tu turn over yun bahay sa amin then after a 1 month ang sabi March 2014. At kami pa ang piang pa follow up sa engineer nila kung anong percentage na ng unit namin, nakakatawa di ba. At eto pa ang di ko maintindihan sa kanila, kasi sa tinagal tagal ng pag process ng loan ko sa bank kasi 2 years na halos. sinabi kong magbabayad nalang ako ng full ang sagot sa akin eh for approval pa ng management, so bakit ganun di ba. Nakakadismaya lang sayang yun effort na binibigay natin buyer. KAya nag iisip na akong kmuha na lang sa iba yun walang hassle at makakatira ka ng maganda at maayos.
      So ask ko lang pano mo napull out yun unit mo at san ka humingi ng tulong kasi stress na ako sa Profriends eh. Gusto ko na rin talagang mag pull out. at kung napull out mo ilan months bago mo nakuha at ilan percent ang binawas sayo…salamat

  6. Hi, I have a unit @ LV1 also a Colleen unit. It seems that we have the same timeline of our houses regarding its construction. I also had my first inspection last December 2012. Fortunately, the unit only has very minor issues as well. My 2nd inspection was supposed to be on January 23 but it was canceled same reason you had. They now have the 2nd inspection date finalized on Feb 20 and hoping that all would go well. The bank loan take out has not yet been approved but I was informed na this March, it will be approved (Metrobank). Sana maging maayos na yung sa 3rd inspection mo and for me as well and lets just hope for the best. Goodluck to us all!

    1. Thank you romz. They called us yesterday advising that 3rd inspection will push through on monday. Sana nga maging okay na. Goodluck to your second inspection pala. And mukhang neighbors tayo :)

      1. Thanks po :) Sa inyo din sana maayos na yan at last na sana ang 3rd inspection. San po kayo sa LV1? My unit is 3 houses away from the gate and the security guards house. Block 1 Lot 3 :)

      2. Oo nga hopeful kami na okay na lahat by the 3rd inspection. PM kita sa Facebook page natin kung anung exact address namin. Hope to meet everyone in person when we finally get to move in :)

  7. Hi po Ms.Micah ! matanong ko lang po kung paano kayo nakapasok sa unit nyo during the construction? nakabili din po kami ng unit ..SOMERSET phase 1 din po at Colleen din yung unit,naka 50% na po kami sa DP..ang sabi po saamin kapag na reach na nmin ang 50% ay start na po ng construction..para po masubaybayan namin yung timeline ng pagconstruct eh monthly po namin yun bibisitahin to see n may progress nga po talaga gaya din po nyo kaso nung naginform na kami sa agent na nakausap naman at nagaassist saamin na gusto namin magpasa sakanila hindi daw po kami allowed na makita yung mismong unit namin during the construction hintayin pa daw po muna namin yung notice na tapos na yung unit..medyo worried na po kami kasi baka mamaya nian eh wala nmn po nangyayari sa unit namin or delayed po ang construction…

    1. Hi ms.micah, nkpg reserved po aq ng sophie unit s profriends, itatanong ko lng po sn kung anu ung bank-ibig financing at kng mdmi n po b nktra s somerset phase?

      Thanks po

  8. Hi all! Mabilisan lang ito kasi im just using my tablet ang hirap magtype.anyway we accepted our unit on feb 12 after 3 inspections. Happy naman kami in the be fair i really felt na tinutukan ni louie,our move-in officer,yung unit namin kahit pa nga si allen talaga yung naka-assign sa amin. He’s been very helpful and attentive with our concerns/complaints lalo na nitong latter part of our inspection.

  9. HI! this is very insightful. Thanks for the write-up, I was seriously thinking of buying from there. Now I’m having second toughts.

      1. Hi Micah,

        How’s your unit? muka bang matibay? i’ve watched complaints from customers sa Imestigador eh… please update ha… thank you.

      2. Hi melai mukha naman although mas kampante pa rin ako sa traditionally-made of CHB. Precast kasi gawa ang units sa LE. No formal tests re tensile strength ng walls etc. Kaya mahirap sabihin pero within specs naman yung foundation materials ng unit so we’re hoping kaya naman tumagal. Of course mahirap magsalita if a natural calamity of a huge magnitude will happen like a really strong earthquake. Magpapa improve na lang din kami ng unit for reinforcement and support ng unit namin

      3. Hi guys, isa din ako sa mga sumakit ang ulo sa Pro-friends na yan. I am now requesting a refund of my total equity paid amounting to 127k and I was informed that it was disapproved. If you want, my officemate knows a staff of ABC5 and they are asking if we want to elevate our complaints to Tulfo brothers… -jovs

  10. Upon reading your story di pa pala ganun ka frustrating ang case ko. I went today for my 3rd inspection which was scheduled Feb. 12 pero tumawag muna ako para di masayang ang oras ko. yung replacement ng doors di pa rin nagagawa pero Melai committed to have it done in 6 working days I just hope so. My story is faster kc i got the RFO unit. I paid the DP for 6 months and after 2 months lumabas yung bank take out. yung major concern ko is the replacement of the doors kasi meron cracks and the railings pero 4 na lang sa punchlist ang gagawin. I wanted to sign the Acceptance document para maprocess na yung Moving in Permit. I am not sure if this is a good decision to accept with provision that the contractor will fulfill the repairs on the given date.
    Question how long you’ve waited for your Meralco Meter base installed? Napareceive ko na sa Admin yung meter base ko waiting for feedback para makapag inspect na ang Meralco. Thanks!

    1. We accepted our unit then with provisions for minor repairs and ginawa naman nila. Pero lagi kasi nagfa follow up yung mom ko who is our SPA and taga imus lang parents ko.kumbaga nadaan sa kulit at lambing. Meter base is installed within 2-3 weeks normally pero dahil din sa persistence ng mom ko nakabit yung samin in one week’s time lang

  11. Hi Ms.Micah..I also buy a unit to profriends ung kinuha nmin is diana pero they don’t allow us to visit the house ung reason nila under construction pa delikado dw kung papasok ka sa mismong site. So hanggang viewing area lng kmi lgi. Pano ang ginawa nyong procedure para mvisit ung house nyo did you request to profriends na mkita ung actual construction? Ung kinuha nmin ung unit last June 2011..Thanks.._anne

      1. Hi again ms micah….please pa share nman kasi i wnt to visit our unit,..fully paid na kami sa DP, hear nothing from PFI..pwede ba sa ibang bank na lang kami mgloan aside from metrobank/UCPB?…thank u so much

      2. Hi Micah,

        Kindly help me also how to request to view my unit in actual construction in Alexandra…Pareho kami ni Anne thru viewing lang.

      3. Hi Micah, thanks for creating this very helpful blog. Could you please share with me on how to request to view my unit in actual construction?

  12. I am sorry that you have experienced all of these guys. I hope my 2nd inspection this end of march would be good so that I could already accept it. As for me, all went well, thanks to the help of my real state agent named Mike. He did all the things for me from going to the PFI office to secure the papers for the first time, from getting me the endorsement letter and going with me to planters bank, from scheduling the 1st inspection, and processing the meralco and water connection. I was assisted with a real engineer on my 1st inspection (hope so!) and his name is Carl. Now, im just waiting for the 2nd inspection. All I need to do was to scan and upload docs so that Kuya Mike could process it.

    I hope everything would went well. :)

  13. hi, we also have a unit w/ profriends. diana in ks1 done w/ our dp this feb 2013 pero until now di pa din naka move in versus sa contract nila na 16-18months move in na. 1st inspection was done last Jan 2013; walls are wavy sa sobrang habol sa palitada hindi na alligned. Wall partition between verandas are slanted. Meron na din rust ang mga rails ng stairs and veranda. Cracks in floors and walls are seen. Connectors of precast is also visible. Super sakit sa head; Question: is there a chance that we can just get our DP and re open the unit for others? thanks.

    1. Hi rhyza! I’m not sure kung anu yung exact process na gagawin but if you’re not satisfied with the delivered unit alam ko you can opt for a refund. I’m not sure if full refund kasi yung kakilala ko sa forum (ng Lancaster Homeowners) 50% lang daw of her total DP yung binigay ng PFI sa kanya minus the commissions and misc fees that they have already paid on her behalf. Yes you can open the unit for others if may interested. Just make sure to find a good competent and honest agent (meron pa ba nun? hehe) who can help you with this

    2. pls join the group profriends problems on fb jan lahat mga buyers na nagrereklamo and demanding for their full refund .some of them got their full refund

    1. hi mica, we already reserved a margaret unit however because of the comments of others im now having second thoughts. how’s everything so far in your new house?

      1. Hi Kate! Sorry for the late response. In general I’d say that the unit’s okay. However may mga issues din kami na na-encounter with our unit like pangit yung kabit ng tiles sa CR so hindi pumupunta/dumadaloy dun sa pinakabutas yung water, mahina yung flapper for the flush so we had it replaced, cracked yung toilet seat cover sa 2nd floor CR, mali yung key na nabigay for the sliding door (and hindi mahanap yung correct key until now), mali din yung keys for some of the rooms (pero nagpapalit kasi kami ng lahat ng door knobs for security purposes na rin). Not working yung ibang electrical outlet, sira yata yung circuit breaker, mali yung kabit ng tubo ng water (as in tumatagas at parang binaon lang basta sa lupa), mali yung color ng wire na kinabit for our meter base (muntik pa tuloy ma-reject ni Meralco at di makabitan ng kuryente), may onting leak from the 2nd floor CR (binaba ng dad ko yung kisame at wineld yung mga may butas na tubo) and madami pang iba. Buti na lang my father knows how to fix ALL of them and he did immediately. Pero kung wala siguro akong reliable go-to person aka handyman like my dad, super sakit na ng ulo ko. But if you can live with that, then pwede ka pang mag-continue.

  14. Hi Micah, thanks for the very informative post.. after reading all these.. nasabi ko sa sarili.. “I’m doomed!”.. kung ganyan experience nyo.. malamang mas malala mangyayari sa min.. me n wifey opted for alexandra.. done with the DP last Dec 2012.. we just got an info from our broker.. “the construction of your unit to date is still 0%”.. sabi ko.. what??!! ni isang poste pala wala pang naka tayo.. I got so frustrated.. my bro has adviced me.. mag issue ng demand letter sa pfi.. would it be wise to do that? per your experience dealing with them? thanks again..

    1. Hi jun! Wow Alexandra, that’s the unit that we really wanted kaso di pasok sa budget namin. Gusto kong sabihin na with that amount, you should have bought a property from Ayala Land or from a more reputable developer ;)

      Anyway, if you’re already done paying your DP you have the right to issue a demand letter because breach of contract na yun on their part. Yung sa amin kasi was bank-ibig financing so our DP was payable in 24 months and na-deliver naman nila ang unit namin within that timeframe. Yung 15th-18th month kasi na promised date of delivery was verbal lang and when I reviewed our contract hindi naka-state in black and white basta after paying the full amount of DP ang nakalagay dun sa contract namin so we had to give leeway and allowance sa promised date of delivery nila. Mag follow-up ka din palagi kasi from my observation pina-prioritize nila yung mga customers na makukulit at lagi nag fa-follow up.

    1. You’re welcome! But the decision of whether to purchase a property from Profriends or not is still up to the buyer. I mean I had problems with them but I can still say that I’m quite happy now that my husband and I are already living in our unit :)

      1. already living there? congrats po sa inyo, and still kawawa pa rin kami dahil until now e wla pa move-in. minsan naiisip ko gayahin si dominic purcell e, un bang movie nya na ang title ay Wall Street Assaults, kc bka hindi lng aq at me iba pa ang gumaya sa movie na un e, lahat ng nsa office na nanloko sa kanya ay pinatay nya lahat at un huli ay napatay ang president ng company na nagscam sa kanya ng police hehe, wag lng nila ibigay sa amin ang unit at gagayahain ko din un hahaha….joke only, sayang at bka hindi na matikman tumira sa bahay na un.

      2. Yes, we’ve been living in Lancaster for almost a year now. It hasn’t been an easy journey at madami ding sakit ng ulo na binigay sa amin ang Profriends. Pero naayos na rin lahat ngayon (except sa issue ng HOA na hindi pa rin nila tinuturn-over sa mga homewoners at mina-manage pa rin ng 3rd party na hi-nire ng PFI). Natawa naman ako sa idea mo. Pero minsan nga pag sobrang frustrated ka na hindi mo na maiwasang mag-harbor ng violent thoughts ;)

  15. Hi ka SS1, musta naman ang lugar natin? I just finished my dp this feb.

    When ka nagsimula ng bank loan mo? Have you already started paying na ba? Or magstart lang sya once naturn over na?

    Magkano pala ang bond pagmagrenovate?

      1. Hi miss micah from now fofollow ko na to thread dito napakainformative and talagang continues siya madam kamusta na po ang bahay niyo may kinuha po kami nang gf ko corner lot alice naman po ang name… Ok po kami sa rules na bawal pintahan ang unit during constraction kasi we believe it has purpose naman… Then my mom told me to watch yung imbestigador na topic lancaster And not to scare us or what but to inform us lang so i watched it and medyo nabahala alo though nung 2012 pa siya… May mga bitak at tulo po bahay and for me naniniwala alo na nagawan na nang actio so im asking po kayo sa inyo po experience so far?thank u po

      2. Hi jajaboy. Yes nakakatakot nga yung imbestigador feature re the montefaro unit na defective. Our unit had problems too like the ones i mentioned in my reply to one of the comments above pero not as grave gaya nung sa imbestigador :) actually, umulan na ng malakas twice since we’ve moved in here and thankfully wala pa namang leaks. Im hoping wala nga talaga. I’ll continue to update this post when i get the time.medyo busy pa kasi with all the moving in etc.

      3. Thank you so much po sa pagreply… Atleast may mga napapanatag ang kalooban sa nga gantong update di na matatakot… Praying po for all us na maging maayus and strong mga dream house natin… I feel more positive… Will wait for your next post and update… Enjoy sa paglilipat and be happy po….god bless

  16. Dear Ms Micah, thank you this is an informative blogsite. We have also acquired a unit at Lancaster and we are almost done paying the dp. Unfortunately this is the only time we’ve checked on what people say about Lancaster or ProFriends. To be honest, before we found your blogsite, we have read a lot of horific stories about ProFriends and their projects and at the time it seems we have made a big mistake in getting this property. Thankfully your site have objectively showcased the different perspectives of those concerns. We are hoping that ProFriends indeed learned from their mistakes and really trying to make good to address their shortcomings. Sincerely woulnd’t want to end up needing to pullout and waste the time and money we’ve invested. We will be following the posts and share our experience as well. Cross fingers will able to give positive feedback =).

    1. Hi Richard! I hope maging okay din ang unit mo. We also had problems with our unit pero thankfully inaaddress naman nila one by one. Yun nga lang you need to follow-up constantly with them talaga or else mapapanis ka sa kakahintay if you simply wait for their initiative. I guess this is true for very big projects na hindi high-end. Naco-compromise talaga ang quality kahit papano at lalo na ang customer service. However your experience with PFI turns out please do share it on the internet kasi it really helps a lot of people decide

      1. I agree on what you said “I guess this is true for very big projects na hindi high-end. Naco-compromise talaga ang quality kahit papano at lalo na ang customer service.” I believe walang developer na 100% perfect sa lahat ng bagay. Others may have the best service because they don’t have overflowing number of clients. PFI has overflowing number of clients but they don’t have good service. We just can’t have both sides of the world.

      2. Hi cherry! Yes na-mention ko yan because I believe hindi naman mataas masyado ang expectations ko sa customer service ng PFI. Pero sana lang gumawa pa rin sila ng paraan para ma-improve ito since bread and butter nila ang mga unit buyers nila. Parang yung context kasi ng sinabi mo is PFI doesn’t provide good customer service because sobrang dami nilang clients. Hindi yun kasalanan ng buyers kaya hindi kami dapat mag-suffer kung ang reason lang is yung dami ng buyers. Ang point ko is hindi naman pang Ayala Land ang level ng presyo ng units nila kaya din hindi ganun ka-tutok sa customers. Pero siyempre we still know that we deserve a certain level of customer service. Yung sakto lang. Over-all I still think na mahabang pasensiya ang kailangan ng mga bumibili sa PFI. If makakahanap sila ng developer na kasing presyo ng units ng PFI at mas maayos ang customer service then mas mabuti sigurong bumili na lang sa developer na yun :)

  17. Hi Ms. Micah! Good day! Your blog ‘s really a great help since I’ve been planning to reserve soon (on Friday) on a Lancaster unit. Honestly Ms. Micah, are you personally happy with the unit? In a nutshell, would you advise me to go with my reservation on Friday? I believe you moved in already, right? For how long? Forgive that I have lots of questions.. I would truly appreciate your reply.. Great thanks, Ms. Micah! Have a great one! :)

    1. Hi! Honestly i’m happy with our unit lalo na ngayon na napa improve na namin siya ng konti at naayos na most of our complaints in our punchlist. We accepted our unit on feb 12, had house improvements for 3 weeks and started really living here on march 9. But the thing is I cannot say the same for others. Feeling ko kasi medyo sinwerte kami ng husband ko with our dealings with PFI. Their biggest issue is delayed turn over so if nagmamadali ka,your patience will be severely tested.meron din issues about lot alteration wherein nata-transfer ka to another location due to changes in their master plan.if you think you cannot deal with those,try to scout for other developers muna. Magtripping ka sa lahat ng subd that you like and ask questions agad re their policies/payment schemes & options/unit structure etc.choose the developer that can answer those questions satisfactorily

      1. hi miss micah.. parehas kami ni jun ung nag post po sa inyo nung march 20. tapos n po namin ng dp nung dec 2012 and up until now its 0% constraction.. at wala pa rin update sa bangko. nakakainins lng sa kanila pag pumupunta ka sa office nila is ung pangakong tatawagan ka kinabukasan for update.. sad lang kasi excited na kmi ni hubby sa unit.. :(

      2. Hi jenny! I understand your dilemma. Frustrating nga yan lalo na if sabihan ka na 0% ang construction progress ng unit mo eh tapos ka na sa pagbababayad ng DP. I learned from one owner na he consulted a lawyer to draft a parang agreement of the turnover date then he had it signed ng taga PFI at naka-indicate dun sa document when the turnover date will be. Mahirap kasi yung puro verbal kasi di nasusunod yan. At least may panghahawakan ka once mag follow-up ka about sa promised turnover date nila. And if di nila ma-comply yun, that’s a possible ground for getting a refund. Pero siyempre I still hope maayos din yan. mabilis naman ang gawa once maumpisahan na eh.

      3. Hi Ms. Micah! Great to hear you’re happy with your unit now! I really appreciate your response.. Many thanks! But if you don’t mind, may I have any digit where I could contact you? Have a lots of questions pa sana.. You could send it to my email: Great thanks, Ms. Micah!!! :)

  18. hi micah buti nasundan ko mga comments dito, isa rin kami kumuha sa LE, MS11-1109 kami, kinakabahan ako tungkol sa mga nangyayari, kasi sa MS6 may nagreklamo na 2yirs na e 0% construction pa, ano pa kaya sa amin ms11-1109, nakapagdown na kmi 1stmonthlyDP,

    1. cristofer join ka sa Lancaster Estates homeowners page on Facebook. Si Mira who has a unit in MS2 yata (not sure which phase kasi pero she has a Gabrielle unit na currently kino-construct) is regularly posting updates about the newer phases like SS, KS and MS. Mas masasagot niya yung mga questions mo.

  19. hi po may balita po kau sa MS11_1109 bago lang po kasi ako, parang mastress ako sa mga comments tungkol sa pROfriends

  20. hi po, ano dapat gawin para mairefund yung MONthly DP sa UCPB sa payments sa Profriends, kasi dissapointed ako sa mga nbabasa ko sa pinoy exchnge at yung sa imbestigador profriends, MS11-1109 pa ung unit namin, sa MS4 palang e may nagreklamo na, 2 yirs na daw silang nagbabayad e 0% construction parin,
    help me kung papano mgrefund,

    1. Hi chris! Ikaw ba yung nag 1st monthly DP pa lang? If so, I don’t think may makukuha ka pang refund if you decide to back out kasi wala pang na-violate si PFI re sa contract. Saka non-refundable and reservation fee eh. Anyway if what you mean is how to get back your remaining post-dated checks na sinubmit mo sa PFI then you have to make a formal cancellation request indicating na you’re terminating your contract to acquire your unit and you have to get back the remaining post-dated checks that you submitted.

      1. Hello Micah, how about kung nakapagbayad ka na ng DP na 11 months tapos di nakomplet yong papers nmin dhil noong pinafollow up nmin sa agents yong status ng bahay na kinuha nmin , nagtutulakan na cla. AT nababsa ko sa balita ang mga complaints ng mga buyers. Kaya nagdecide na kami magbaback out.. Posible pa bang makukuha nmin yong refund? need help lang talga ,kac yong agents nmin binablock na kami at di na nmin makontak. Sabi kac nonrefundable na daw. Anu dapat nmin gawin? doon sa mga pareho ng naranasan nmin. MAraming salamat sa inyo.

      2. Hi Lyne! What do you mean hindi na-complete yung papers? Puwede ka namang magsubmit ng letter sa Profriends indicating your intent to back out. Pero subject for approval pa nila yun. But honestly, medyo mahina yata yung case na ganyan sayo kasi wala pa silang vina-violate na breach of contract on their part. I mean hindi pa sila delayed sa pag deliver ng unit kasi 11 months ka pa lang nagbabayad ng DP. Better pa rin to ask a real estate lawyer regarding your situation

  21. papano po pala dun sa checke magpacancel, UCPB po kasi then 15 pcs po ang npirmahan ko, ibabalik po ni profriends ung mga checke sakin pagnagpacancel nako

    1. Yes dapat ibalik sayo ni PFI (Profriends) yung remaining checks once mag submit ka na ng letter of cancellation at i-acknowledge nila yun. Depende kung nakailang buwan ka na ng bayad ng equity/DP. If example, nag first monthly equity ka na, 14 na lang di bale yung mababalik na checks sayo. Di bale hindi mo na marerefund yung month(s) na binayaran mo na

  22. Hi Ms Micah! Last Aug 2012 kumuha kami ng Gabrielle (MS8). I am constantly following your blog.. I hope our investment will run smoothly at the time sa turn over. Regarding sa bank loan, wala pa akong idea ano first step na gawin. BTW im now working abroad & Im planning to open an account sa Metrobank. Ilang bwan ba ang processing sa loan..Hingi sna ako sau ng advise ano dpt gawin lalo na isang bwan lng ang aloted time ko magbksyon sa pinas :-( Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hi Jheri! I also hope that your investment will turn out good and I’m hoping you do not encounter any major issues with your unit. Re sa bank loan, ilang percent na ba ang construction progress ng unit mo? With UCPB kasi they require at least 60%-80% construction progress of the unit before they start processing your loan. After that mabilis na yun. Credit investigation and pag pumasa ka they will inform you kung ano pang docs and kulang (if meron man) then sign ka na ng LOG (Letter of Guarantee) then loan take-out na. I’m not sure with Metrobank pero malamang ganun din. Although ang BDO daw they give pre-approval kahit wala pang nakatayong unit. Bine-based lang muna nila sa docs that you submitted to them and from these they can tell na if you will be qualified for a loan or not. Although siyempre the pre-approval decision is not final din naman. Pwede ring magbago yun. Saka dapat ayos na yung land title (si PFI ang mag-aasikaso nito) before the bank will do the loan take-out. If you’re now based abroad get a SPA (Special Power of Attorney) na ideally ay relative mo or somebody you can trust and depend on. This person will serve as your Attorney-in-Fact (AIF) and will represent you in all your dealings (processing of docs etc.) with PFI and with the bank. That way, you need not worry na nasa malayo ka.

  23. hello, gud evening, i just want to ask you if i could backout and have refunded to me all of what i have paid. I have alreadfy fully paid my downpayment of 3ooth plus and is now paying my monthly amortization in house financing of 15th plus, i am so dissapointed because i have my first inspection last january 2013 but until now my unit has not been totally completed in construction. if i know 60 days is given for us buyers for the complete inspection to be done but as what i am experiencing i am running na in to 90 days , how come pag tyo ma late ng payment s knila they will charge us agad of a penalty bkt in our part we cannot charge them of the too much delaying tactics they are doing to us, Please help me if i could still backout from now or refund my money, can you recommend how can i get some legal advice about this. Nkkakapagod n tlga sla, if they cant delivered it well from the first time at they have shown us what kind of construction have been done to mu unit, grabe baboy pgkakagawa, tpos substandard pa gnamit n materials… please help me…

    1. I understand your concern but I’m not the best person to advice re legal matters. Sorry. It would be best to seek the advice of a lawyer pa rin if you want to pursue getting a refund or file a complaint in HLURB

      1. Hi micah,

        salamat a mga feedback mo, pupunta plng kc kme ng husband ko bukas at mg tritripping at 80% decided na kme na bibili kme ng property dun, pro habang binabasa ko ito prang ayaw ko aksayain yung money na pinaghirapan namin ng husband ko sa ganun property.

      2. Hi Jaymie! Ang hirap ng magbigay ng advice kasi generally okay pa naman ang naging experience ko with PFI. Yung naging issues ko with them ay naging issues din ng mga kaibigan/kamag-anak/kakilalala ko with other developers. I-visit mo na rin ang Lancaster just to give you an objective comparison. Wala namang mawawala pag nag-tripping ka. Yun lang huwag ma-excite masyado and don’t reserve on the spot kahit anung encouragement pa ng agent niyo. Mag-reserve kayo once madami na kayong navisit na subdivisions (with PFI and with other developers) and nakapag isip na kayo ng mabuti :)

  24. Hi! po!Anyone encountering this prob…? Haiist, hassle..I,m done with my deposit last Jan. 05, 2013 and expecting result for construction progress by this April..but e2 po ung natanggap kong message last Sunday..Please advise…

    Dear Ms. Toribio,


    This refers to the house and lot you purchased from Property Company of Friends Inc. (PCFI) particularly described as Block 03 Lot 42, Somerset 7. The salient details of your purchase are the following:

    Selling Price
    House area
    : 72 sq. m
    Lot area
    : 100 sq.m
    Res. Date
    : 09/17/2011

    We wish to inform you that there was an alteration in the subdivision plan due to project development and subdivision improvement which resulted to transfer of unit with same Selling Price. In relation to this, The Selling Price (SP) was affected . Below is the matrix of the SP and New Unit under the old and new:


    Selling Price



    We apologize for any inconvenience it has caused you. We request that you advise us within thirty (30) days from the date of postage of this letter if you have any adverse reaction on the said change. Otherwise, we shall take it to mean that you have no objection and that you are willing to pursue your intention to purchase the property. Please be informed that you have to re-document in case there are changes in you employer’s details and Civil status.

    1. same case for my sister who reserved one of the units at KS 12. it was originally 50sq. meter reg. cut for total contract price (inc. of Proc. Fee) 1,058,400. after she paid for her third dp,, her agent informed her about the alteration – that her unit was a corner lot and it measures 79 sq m. as a result, a new dp must be paid. what the heck is this?my sister, pissed about this, decided to terminate the contract and asked for the full refund of her paid dp .worse, when our representative went there to confirm about this matter, she was advised that there’s no way that my sister should terminate the contract . would this mean for no refund as well? geezzzz…..

      1. Hi franco! Your sister has the right to refuse the unit being offered to her since the lot size and pricing is different from the one she has originally agreed to purchase. I will ask my lawyer friend about this particular scenario. I hope hindi siya busy masyado these days

      2. we have the same problem before you can find your answers on the nullity of your contract under Miscellaneous and provision (C) hope you find it helpful on your RESERVATION AGREEMENT the paper she had signed when she agreed to get a unit and reserve it

    2. hi wilma,
      You are very much lucky you ot that kind of message from them! We never received any before they decided to make our single detached Alexandra at MS3 to Duplex! Isn’t it frustrating? We are supposed to be end lot and entrance gate of the linear park, and price is higher that the regular one. We paid the DP in full amount on that very day we signed a contract with them. To think, this is the second time that happened to us after Camella failed to build the house we wanted after DP. It is so frustrating and almost losing hope. I demand a full refund from them since it is not our fault and we are protected by PD957, sec. 23. This is what I did with Camella as well at Daang Hari. I can’t believe this is happening again and I am totally tired of these. Are we just unlucky, or we can’t really trust anyone anymore especially these developers. Until now, I didn’t receive any feedbacks from them. But somehow, these problems should stop. There should be a better law for buyers protection to make them think 10 times before they exploit us too much.

  25. Hi Micah,

    I’m glad that I’ve run into your blog regarding Profriends’ Lancaster Estate, me and my wife already paid the reservation and planning get one of their unit until I read your blogs. Well, it is very frustrating on your part and I think I should tell my wife to be ready for the worst scenarios. We are here in Dubai with my daugther but still decided to deal with PFI, since my sister-in-law is an agent of the estate, and for this I am hoping that I would not have any MAJOR problems once we start the process you’ve been through. Besides this is the only reason why I choose PFI, we have a relative working with them so the problems would be communicated easily. thanks for the info (for sharing your experience)

    1. It is an advantage on your part that your agent is a relative and someone you trust. At least she can help you out with any issue you might encounter. Best of luck!

    1. Hi Franco! Yeah, hopefully. I’ve read in the forums that the contractors of the newer phases are better in terms of workmanship. But rebuilding and repairing the customers’ trust will take time, a lot of TIME.

  26. Hello !I’m glad to read your blog…..hoping na nakalipat na kayo ng family mo….blessing s to you !!
    I’m melanie…nakakuha din ako ng unit sa Lancaster Estate..SOPHIE phase 3 last july 2011…matatapus na ako sa july na to for my downpayment.i hope ma hand over this july…but sa mga nababasa ko na feedback maybe late.hehehe ..but you know ..if like that case na ang unit nila dami problema…..i don’t have time to play game with them.kasi i work family are in aklan..i just want to ask you a favor….how can i handle ang meralco and water supply easy and fast way..kc plan ko pag hand over nila.i just accept ang unit ko.or do you have any suggestions…i do appreciate it..and i hope we can meet personally.if we have time..
    thank you so much…..
    melanie pastor
    hong kong

    1. Hi melanie! If okay lang sayo merong mga agents or tao na nag-offer maglakad ng Meralco and water connection on behalf of the unit owners for a fee. Hindi ko lang alam kung magkano ang fee/rate nila. Pero usually mabilis pag sila kasi may mga connection na sila sa loob ikanga. In my experience, mother ko naglakad nung sa amin kasi SPA namin siya pero naawa rin ako sa mother ko kasi ang dami niyang beses nagpabalik balik lalo na sa Meralco. Hope to meet you too one day :)

      1. thank you mica….!!meron kang contact sa kanila….if have pls….i need them…atleastllucky ka my family to support you..

      2. You mean contact na agent? Sorry wala eh. Hindi kasi namin naisip kumuha ng contact agent because my parents are available para maglakad ng papers namin :) But I’ll ask around and will reply to you pag may nahanap/natanong ako. Best of luck!

  27. I would like to express my gratitude to you Ms. Micah for this blog. This is really very helpful!

    I have same experience dealing with Profriends (with their poor costumer service) since I closed my deal to own an Oakwood house in Carmona last August 2010.

    In short until now 2013, the house inspection/turn over is not yet done. I paid my down payment and added more amount to it last 2011( to lessen my amortization once my loan will be approved). I paid a total of P650, 000.

    With their unsatisfactory service, I am already tired sending emails and submitting sets of the same requirements (added with the calls done by my brother). I am stressed and want to give up if not for my paid down payment.

    At last this month I received an email telling me to comply my new set of loan requirements (since I am already married and living abroad) in order to process and release my loan soon. Again I submitted twice of the same requirements in a month. They didn’t even care that I am paying for DHL everytime they need additional requirements – instead of giving me a list of all the requirements in one time.

    I had a serious talk with my husband about my upcoming loan and he is deciding to pay the remaining amount in full (P1.33 million pesos) to save for the remittance fees and bank interest for the 10 year loan in the future.

    Instead of being happy about his suggestion I became nervous about it due to Profriends delay in processing it as I have experience these past years. To make sure I am right on my investment I researched online about Profriends and I was shocked when I found your blog and read costumers’ experiences about Profriends added with the news in “Imbestigador” that I watched in YouTube.

    Now I changed my mind to pursue with my plan to pay off the remaining amount. I also emailed the bank to hold my loan for the maintime that I and my husband are discussing on what to do with it.

    We decided to discontinue the loan or the plan to pay the remaining amount and rather plan to sell the property which I don’t know how. If not I want a refund of my down payment but I don’t know what step to take.

    Do you have any idea on how to solve my problem? I don’t want my P650,000 down payment to be wasted. I earned it so hard.

    What is the latest status of their services and construction after “Imbestigador”? Is it really safe to stay and live in their constructed houses? Did they improve their building standard? Who is the person to address with if I want to inquire some questions in Profriends?

    I am so sorry for my many questions. I will appreciate it if you can give me some ideas to my questions. Thank you so much!

    1. Sorry for the late reply Lyn. Yeah, 650,000 is too big an amount to just let go. If you don’t want to continue acquiring your unit, then I suggest find a good and competent agent who can help you resell it at an amount that you’re comfortable with. PFI’s customer services has improved a little pero ang main problem talaga nila stems from departments that are not coordinated properly. Regarding building standards, I don’t have the proper technical skills to comment about it but I’ve read in the forums that the contractors in the newer phases (especially the Manchester phases) are doing quite a good job. I wouldn’t know if it’s true with the rest of the LE phases though. Best person to help you address your questions sana is your agent kasi honestly ang hirap to get through the customer service dept. of PFI sa dami ng tumatawag sa kanila araw-araw :( Pero try calling pa rin. Ako naman nagtitiyaga lang to dial until maka-connect and then I list down my questions before calling para hindi ko makalimutan at para matanong ko yung customer service rep kung sinu ang dapat i-contact in case hindi niya ako mabigyan ng definite and satisfactory answers. Best of luck :)

      1. hi there! you did a good job doing these blogs to inform everyone (specially PFI).just like you, i also invested in one of PFI’s houses. Mine is in Manchester 11 and i’ll be investing my 2.5M just for one of their gabriel units. I started paying the dp last Jan of this year when i encountered some inconsistencies with PFI. First is about the scheduled turn over of units. They specified it in their summary of payment that the turn over of units will be done on the 15th. I was advised by them that this will not materialize since they’ll do it on the 18th. Upon reading all the things you wrote here (all of them, kc i’ll be investing much for this tapos maraming mga hassles, mahirap na di ba?) it seems na di ako nag-iisa. Just like what you’d said, i’ll just keep my fingers crossed na magmaterialise lhat. actually, i also downloaded one of your files about points to check before moving-in. The thought of attending to all of these mess freaks me out sans all those trips that my wife and I should be doing with PFI reps on the coming months plus a number of inconveniences and unexpected turn of events prior to the actual turn over of our unit.

      2. Yes, one of the most annoying things about PFI is their inconsistency with giving out instructions re their policies. Well I hope maging tolerable naman yung transactions mo with them because 2.5M is no joke. My husband and I have been too patient with PFI for so long but on hindsight parang there’s a tinge of regret in us that we availed a unit with them. Anyway, I just hope future homeowners like you will have a better experience in dealing with them. Best of luck (as I always say :))

  28. Hello kumuha kami ng asawa ko ng unit sa Lancaster phase block 2(LV2) upon tripping nagbayad n dn km ng Reserv fee,, then yung agent nla is binigyan n agad km ng forms,,ask ko lng po,,kailan kmi magstart ng monthly DP?RFO n po yung kinuha namen,n colleen,,tsaka bawal b tlaga tignan yung house habang kinukumpleto?ahmm,,tsaka matibay nga b ang mga precast concretes when it comes to natural calamities?hehehe,,i am also a chemist kc,,

    1. Hello Lan,
      Usually 30-45 days after the reservation ang start ng monthly downpayment either at the 5th of the month or at the 20th of the month.
      Anong date ka nag pa reserve?

      As advised, in the counselling, yes bawal puntahan ang bahayduring construction for safety purposes UNTIL such time na may notice of house inspection ka.

      According sa na researach ko kay google, whicc you should try too, yes matibay ang pre cast concrete kesa sa hollow blocks.
      With regards sa natural calamity, anong calamity ba yan?
      If mga storm/bagyo, best way is to interview residents sa LV and LR.
      If lindol, wala pa kasi akong nadinig na incident na nilindol sa Lancaster and wala kasi sa faultline ang Lancaster.

  29. tsaka my masasuggest po b kyong ibang developer n mas ok n meron sa cavite or laguna n almost same ng pricing sa profriends?

    1. We are now on PRE-SELLING,
      House and Lot located at Brgy Biklatan Amadeo Road General Trias Cavite.

      FREE Tripping (advise 1day before for the shuttle service).

      Please call 0906-579-3950
      Property Investment Consultant

  30. Alam nio sa totoo lang oo madaming bahay dyan. Na makukuha pero nd kasin presyo ng le.sorry kung ang pf ang knakampihan ko mother works here kc.

    Totoo na manipis at d matibay ang gawa sa siling and sa totoo lang din la pa kc gaano nakatira dyan. Sa le .kaya kung gusto nio ng rfo unit wala kayo mahahanap.aantayin nio ang wala din naman ako nababalitaan na ganun.mga tsismis nila yan.meron kc na vilage ang pfi na nasira ang siling kaya nireklamo ito.(kung napanood nio ung sa imbestigador).ung village na iyon ay nagngangalan na montefaro pero matagal na kc ang montefaro mahogit 10 years nayan.kaya cla na ang bahala magpagawa nian.kung ngyari sa inYo yan sa le dumiretso nakayo sa pfi at dun naman reklamo ung mga buyer ng mother ko.halos 3 na alexandra at mahigit 5 na townhouses ang nabenta nia naman ngyari na katulad sa inyo.kung marami na ang ngyari na ganito bkt marami parin ang kumukuha sa le? Suggest ko lang naman sa inyo to.kung maysira man ang bahay nakukunin nio edi wag nio kunin.kung ayaw nio ang pagkakagawa ng walls at siling dahil manipis ito wala naman prob ehh edivwag kau kumuha.minsan kc nasa huli ang pagsisisi.kung bkt ka bumili nyan oh kumuha nyan.

    1. Anu pong pinag lalaban mo? kumuha ka ba ng bahay sa Pro-Friends sa Lancaster Estates? I assume na hindi. Kasi kung OO maiintindihan mo mga hinaing ng mga tao dito.. Thanks

    1. Hi Micah! :) I came across this blog while searching about Profriends. 2011 din ako nag-pareserve ng unit & is now done with the dp. Unlike u, never ko nakita yun progress ng construction ng unit ko. :( They finally let me to see the house just this April, kaso may common wall ako sa likod ng house. Alam ko naman na townhouse yun kinuha ko, Diana. But I’ve been very clear sa agent ko na ayaw ko ng may katalikod. I also checked sa map un location ng house that he recommended, nakita ko naman na wala nga katalikod. Also during the counselling, I was informed na near perimeter fence yun to-be-house ko, kaya happy na ko. Kaso yun actual hindi naman. Hay! I’ve learned from the Move-in Dept na KS-5 yun dumikit sa house ko, from KS-2 ako. Tama ba naman yun?! I already filed a formal complaint sa customer service nila, & still waiting for the resolution of my case. Anything else u can advise? Thanks!

      1. Hi! Actually ang daming ganyang problema with PFI. Yung hindi nasusunod yung original plan and na-aalter pa ang location of the unit. I don’t really know what to advise you pero if you’re not okay with your unit then don’t accept it. Maybe you can check the Pinoy Exchange forum of Lancaster Estates. There are a number of knowledgeable members there who may be able to assist you better :)

  31. Thanks Micah! As of now, I’m still waiting for the management’s approval to allow me to transfer to another unit and I’m hoping for a positive response. Just to add, I just found out that in the end you really can’t rely on the agent, mine is trying to convince me to just accept the unit.

    1. I hope their decision is on your favor :) Yes, I have also noticed that agents (at least most of them) aren’t really helpful and are just after their commissions.

  32. hi! thank you sa very detailed description of your experience with PROFRIENDS. I, too, am a very disappointed customer and based on your story, it seems I will be experiencing the same fate. is there an update about your house?i’m thinking of refunding our complete downpayment already since they have been very unprofessional about the issues I have raised. your blog is helping a lot of homeowners like. i’m hoping for the best for your house (and mine too) and sana mas maging maayos na ung process nila. more
    power to you and good luck! :)

    1. Hello! What specific update are you referring to? :) We’re already living in our unit for over two months now. Wala naman na akong major complaints. Except for the sliding door na nawala ang susi so for replacement na siya dapat. But since wala pa silang spare na sliding door until now, so ayun walang susi yung sliding glass door namin. But we had a steel door installed naman as a back-up sa sliding glass door kaya di ko na masyado pinuproblema muna yun for now. What specific issues did you encounter with your unit?

  33. Hi micah, Im so appreaciated about blog its very informative for me but i’m still paying my DP. I just wanted to ask if its really operating buses now from LE to to Manila proper and vice- versa? Thanks in advance for the feedback. Resa

    1. Meron bus to Lawton coming from Lancaster. Pero one time lang siya. In the morning between 6am-7am, Mon-Fri. Meron naman free shuttle from Lancaster to Centennial Road and vice-versa. And madami naman buses to Manila na dumadaan sa Centennial Road so commuting to Manila isn’t really a problem :)

  34. blessing in disguise itong blog mo Micah,actually one of my friend inform me about PRO-FRIEND Horror problem and it took 2 hours for me to review all the comments in your blog and I think god really guide me since I’m about to send my reservation fee today itself.I’m just sad and very disappointed.Currently I’m working abroad and planning to have family.Honestly speaking I always check the photos of my “future house which is Alexandra”, but I think I don’t deserve to encounter such problem.Thank you for continues update.

  35. Micah,

    Thank for your informative blog although hindi ko alam kung dapat nga ba akong matuwas sa mga nabasa ko dito…..kasi I purchased a Margaret house last March lang at later on ay naurong pa nga ang turn over date kasi nga I first chose Phase 11 pero pinalipat nila ako sa Phase 9 last May. Unfortunately I paid it in cash. And now ni anino hgindi ko makita anhg itsura ng house ko dahil hindi sila pumapayag na magpapasok sa construction site. Kapag tinatanong ko naman sa Customer Service nila ang sagot lang parati ay according to their system 0% construction status, pero commited daw sila sa contract.
    NOw dahils sa mga nabasa ko, I ma getting doubts kung mabibigay nga ba nila ang turn over date sa akin ng December 2013. Akala ko naman kasi mapapadali ang construction kapag buo ang bayad mo sa kanila, priority nila. Pero hindi yata ganito ang nangyayari.

    1. Wow you paid in cash! RFO unit ang kinuha mo di bale? Pero parang ang tagal na nga ng December 2013 if RFO ang unit mo. Well I believe na you have the right to demand na makita ang unit mo. Baka pwede mo itong iconsult sa lawyer or someone who knows about real estate laws kasi napaka unfair naman na binayaran mo ng buo ang isang bagay tapos bawal makita. And if hindi sila makatupad sa turn over date, you can get a refund. Well sana hindi naman umabot sa ganon. Imonitor mo pa rin regularly ang construction progress ng unit mo and if no significant progress after a few months then it’s time to take some serious action. Sorry if I didn’t make you feel any better. Pero mabuti na rin na you know what to expect. God bless!

    2. This is Franco, an anonymous agent ng Profriends.
      I do not intend to defend Profriends in the following replies that i will make nor try to sell kasi mostly buyers na naman ang nandito.
      The best way is to contact Profriends 727 7000 for the most accurate information and help.
      I’m here to provide information which I personally know from MY EXPERIENCE with Profriends as an agent.

      Na explain ba sayo na RFO yung kinuha mo?
      Wala pa kasi akong nakitang RFO sa SS9 inventory namin, mostly sa SS3 and SS4 lang.

      1. Hi Franco, I also intend to avail a unit specifically at The Palms Lakeshore Pampanga. Since you are an agent but not sure whether you are involve with The Palms or any idea whatsoever, may I ask your unsolicited advice in procuring such unit. Although, lots of negatives comments in this blog but I believe there are good testimonials from Pro Friends buyers that will encourage me to proceed with my plan. Thanks and more power

      2. Hello Bobby,
        May i ask the following questions so i can give an advice?
        a. Why Pampanga as your home location?
        b. What specific information do you want po sa Lakeshore?
        c. Have you gone to Lakeshore?

      3. Maniwala ka naman sa CS ng PDI…ilang oras ang sasayangin no sa pagtawag sa kanila. Punta kay nlng sa main office.

  36. Pano po ba maprocess ung bank loan kapag spot dp ang client? haayy kahit agent ako before hindi kami inorient about this and di kami pinapansin masyado sa office kapag alam nilang agent ka…

  37. Hi Mica,

    I think the gates of hell is not really in Manila but in Lancaster Estate/ the new city “juno”

    It saddens me kasi isa ako sa mga naging biktima ng PFI. Their model units are too good to be true. It is so deceiving.

    Our is an Alexandra unit, expected turn over was Dec 2012, then naging March 2013 tapos May 2013 and now October 2013 na. Frustraded but the thought of the decision
    was made because we choose an affordable and supposedly quality units over those expensive but more reliable ones were ours alone. Of course, nasamahan pa ng panloloko ng PFI.

    At the end, we just hope that same as you, there will be a happy ending. I hope to connect to you via fb.

    Thanks a lot

    1. Whoa that’s almost one year delay! Grabe naman sila. Di bale you’re already done with paying your DP? If so may karapatan ka ng madaliin sila. This is a sad reality pero ang PFI they give priority only to their customers na makulit magfollow-up. I hope magawa ang unit mo on their promised turn over date at sana wala masyadong problems. I’m not searchable on Facebook but if you like you can e-mail me privately and give me your e-mail address for your personal FB account and I’ll be the one to add you :)

      1. Hi Micah,

        Napaka helpful ng blog mo. Im currently here in Qatar and i pay reservation sa unit na gusto ko(Diana-Corner lot) since andyan ka na sa unit mo. is it true na iba na ang contractor nila? kasi napanood ko yung imbestigador ayoko mawala lang pinaghihirapan ko dito abroad. can you advise me to pursue my dreams? yung agent namin magaling naman at talagang wala syang tinago sa mga dapat namin malaman tungkol sa mga documents at process ng loan namin. advisable pa rin ba na ituloy namin ang dream namin ng wife ko with profriends?

      2. Hi asero! Yes iba na ang contractor nila. Kahit sa LE, hindi naman pare pareho ang contractor per phase. Pero wala na akong update masyado ngayon about construction issues mula nung lumipat kami dito kasi naging busy and madaming inaasikaso with the house. Re your question if advisable ba na ituloy, honestly if OFW ka, mahirap makipag-transact with Profriends. Inconsistent kasi sila with their policies and customer service kaya hassle siya for buyers who are not based here. Siguro pwede mo siyang ituloy kapag meron kang kamag-anak or tao na nandito sa Pilipinas na maaasahan mo talaga na mag-asikaso ng papers niyo on your behalf. If not, I suggest mag-research ka muna ng ibang developers na ok ang feedback with OFWs. But in fairness to Profriends din naman (gusto ko lang maging objective lagi) and especially sa Lancaster Estates (LE) na project nila, gusto ko talaga yung location niya and yung over-all vision ng buong LE community. Kumbaga my husband and I settled with LE kahit na may mga pangit and frustrating din kami na experience with Profriends because importante sa amin yung location and dynamics ng community na titirhan namin & relatively affordable yung housing projects nila. Think about it a thousand times and in the end it will all depend on your priorities talaga :)

      3. Hi Ms.Micah! Ask lang anytime ba may shuttle from centinial road to LE? If magco comute from bucandala to LE ano ba ang possible na sakyan.i enrolled my daughter sa St.Edward Integrated School were living in alapan imus,just wondering paano mag commute.please help.thanks much :)

      4. Hi Janna! Ang free shuttle from centennial road to LE is from 6am-6pm only. Outside of that time frame, you need to ride a tricycle. If from Bucandala to LE naman, meron nung yellow na multicab. Nakapila dun banda sa LBC Bucandala and malapit din sa Sr. Pedro Lechon Manok na store. Ang yellow multicab ay bumabyahe from 5am (or 5:30am di ko masyado sure. ask na lang sa multicab driver) until 7pm. Mas ok na option ito kasi mas malapit ang way and 8pesos lang ang pamasahe sa multicab. I hope that helps :)

  38. Thank micah! actually wife ko ang nag aayos ng lahat ng papers. sa kanya rin nakapangalan yung property financial support lang talaga ang sa akin. tulad din ng reason mo kaya mo nagustuhan yung LE ganun din ako. na inspire kasi ako sa ginawa mo so i will push this dream. ako kasi positive lagi iniisip ko saka tyaga…Maraming salamat ulit,,,sana you still update us even though you already take your property…its really big help to us specially sa aming OFW…

    1. You’re most welcome asero. Nakapagpa-reserve na ba kayo ng unit sa LE? If hindi pa naman, mas mabuti siguro na mag-tripping din si misis mo sa iba pang subdivisions na gawa ng ibang developer. Meron akong nakita malapit lang sa Lancaster, yung Veraneo. Maliit lang siya na subdivision pero pulido ang gawa saka ok daw kausap yung developer non. If location-wise pareho lang siya ng LE, actually mas malapit pa siya if you’re coming from Centennial Road. Sorry if nalito ka sa advise ko pero ang sa akin lang mas maganda kasi pag may point of comparison then after saka kayo mag-decide :) I hope maging maayos ang pagbili niyo ng bahay.

      1. oo nakapag pareserve na kami..Diana and corner lot yung nakuha ko. yung agent ko maayos din kausap ang gusto nya lahat ng transaction namin sa pro ipapaalam sa kanya para iguide kami saka nung sinamahan nya misis ko eh mas magaling pa sya sa mga employee ng pro alam nya kung ano yung gagawin ng buyer at alin ang dapat pirmahan. Kung bago na yung developer maayos na siguro gawa nila. nakita na rin ni misis yung lugar nagustuhan ng mga bata mukha daw safe sila. Salamat ulit..I’ll follow your blog…

      2. I see. Mabuti naman at maasikaso ang agent niyo. Maganda kasi talaga ang Lancaster Estates kaya lahat ng bumibisita na-iimpress talaga. Sabihan mo na lang si misis mo na maging vigilant sa pagfollow-up kahit pa walang tulong ng agent para wala kayong maging problema sa processing and all. Good luck and I hope that you’ll be a part of the LE community soon :)

      3. Salamat sa blog mo Micah… ngayon nagdadalawang isip ako if I should continue or not… I just paid my reservation for Alexandra and actually thinking of paying half of my dp… I am not sure if binago na nila ung style nila when it comes to customer service at syempre ung quality ng bahay… marami na bang nakatira sa area na yun particularly as Alexandra? katulad ng ibang buyers OFW din ako and ayaw kong masyang ung investment ko… Actually pinag pipilian ko ung Bellefort or LE… but since my masmagandang oportunity sa LE ito ung pinili ko… ngayon nagdadawang isip ako… :-(

      4. Hmmm, wala pa masyado nakatira sa MS phases kung saan tinatayo yung Alexandra units pero may nakalipat na this year at maganda talaga ang Alex, pang-mayaman tingnan ;) Quality wise hindi ko masabi kasi usaping concrete hollow-blocks yan versus PCP (na gamit ng Profriends sa projects nila) eh wala naman akong enough background sa construction. Pero if you mean quality compared sa mga dating units na gawa ng PFI ang pag uusapan, nag improve na sila. Ang dami kong nakita na Alex and Gab na malinis ang gawa although may ilan ilan ding pangit. If ang pinagpipilian mo is BE or LE ibig sabihin same developer ka pa rin mauuwi. Dapat try mo rin icheck yung gawa ng ibang developer. Tutal mukhang you have the budget and you can choose from more options. Para sa akin mas ok pa rin ang location ng LE lalo if papuntang Manila. Ma-traffic sa part ng BE eh :)

      5. Hi Micah,
        God bless you for doing these things. Giving people information based on your experiences from Profriends. My name is Beth, I’m from California, I purchased an Oakwood unit in Carmona, Cavite June 24,2011 from Profriends. DP is done, I’m actually paying the actual monthly amortization now. Since we are over in age limit by the time of last payment, we did not qualify so we put it under my son’s name who is also here and being taken care of my daughter who is a college student in the Philippines It’s supposed to be turned over Oct. 2012 but until now, they tell us that it is under bank evaluation. We are beginning to be worried esp., my agents who already migrated to Canada unfriended me from Facebook named Raymond Ballecer and Betty Siquinia. They left everything to Betty’s sister who can’t do much about our situation. What do you think I should do?
        I plan to retire to that house and it will be soon. I hope you can help me by giving insights. Thanks and God bless.

      6. You’re paying your monthly amortization already po? So I assume that’s based on in-house financing computation since your bank loan application is still being reviewed. I would suggest po to contact directly (without PFI’s knowledge na lang because they will just discourage you) the bank where you’re applying a loan from. The bank actually tells you what the real problem is with regard to the delay in loan processing and normally it’s because of lack of documents issued by PFI. There have been instances too (I’m quoting this from members of the Lancaster Estates Facebook page) that PFI claims that the loan is being processed/evaluated when in fact it’s not and PFI did not submit any requirements to the bank at all then PFI will tell the buyer that they did not pass the bank’s credit investigation. I’m not sure how true is this but I can vouch that there are real people who claim that this is happening. Basta po find a way to talk to a bank personnel directly. This way you will also know what documents are lacking for your bank loan application.

  39. Oo nga pero if they are saying na high end daw ung BE dapat mas maayos ung unit. We all know naman na ung ibang developer lalo na kilala mahal ang mga units at maliliit ung lots… dito kasi lot wise malaki kumpara sa CH (ibang developer)… malaki ung difference talaga… ung gamit nila hallow blocks pero mga 6′ or 5′ ung size… sister said nga namaraming may mga bad comments din… pero thanks sa blog mo it really help us “think”. :-)

  40. Hi Micah!

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Your blog is really helpful. I reserved a unit at Kensington and will start my DP on June 5, 2013. Just like how you felt, I feel so uneasy and nervous with the approval of my bank loan application. I hope, and I really really hope that there would not be much problem in acquiring the unit. In your case, when did they approved your bank loan application?

    Again, thank you very much! :)


    1. Hi Glenny! We acquired our unit in January 2011 and we were informed that our bank loan application was approved in July 2013. So that’s more than a year of waiting in agony ;)

    2. Hi Glenny! We acquired our unit in January 2011 and our bank loan application was approved in July 2013. By this time our unit was already 70%-80% constructed. So if you do the math, that’s more than a year of waiting in agony ;) Nakakakaba talaga so we were really happy when we were finally informed that our loan has been approved.

      1. whoa! that’s too long to wait. so worried na din ako ngayon. :D But I have a few questions. After the battling turn-over of your unit, is your unit in good condition now? I mean, no leaks, pipes are well-placed, wall cracks and etc.

        Thank you very much in advance for your response!


      2. Hi Glenny! Well yung waiting time naman for bank approval is normal kasi pre-selling yung unit na binibili natin so ganun talaga :) Over-all I can say that our unit is good. Since we moved into our unit last March, there were already a number of heavy downpour and thankfully our unit has no leaks. Pipes are well-placed too and no wall cracks. But this is mainly because my father was able to closely monitor these things on our behalf. May mga pinapaulit yung father ko sa mga workers if meron siyang napansin na mali or out of specs

  41. GOod day micah,
    yung friend ko from davao na ngayon kumuha ng diane unit ng lancaster but bigla cya natanggal sa work..then she asked me if gusto ko kunin house nya, gusto ko din sana. coz pwedi na Daw tirhan..tapos na cla sa downpayment, then supposed to start MA after signing log ryt po ba? last june 5 her husband came here in manila to sign log, and sa bank then suddenly sabi ng banko start na daw ng monthly nla nung april pa dapat…pero di naman daw cla na inform na mag start na cla ng MA..later mag tripping kami dun, tignan namin ung house..but im still not sure if kukuhanin ko ung house, natakot naman ako..hehe..mura lang kasi maging monthly ko if ever 11,500 for 10 years lang un.di po kaya mahirap un micah. nakapangalan sakanila taz ako mag monthly,?

    1. Naku Gatz Dinzky! Hindi ako masyado sure sa technicalities ng transfer of ownership eh pero I suggest magtanong ka sa lawyer kasi kailangan mo ding mag-draft ng document regarding sa proof of transfer ng property etc. I assume naman na sa friend mo nakapangalan yung bank loan ano? So malamang sa kanya na nakapangalan ang TCT eh. Alam ko din pag si PFI ang tinanong sasabihin nila hindi na pwede ang reselling ng property or even transfer so I would suggest na magconsult ka pa talaga ng lawyer kasi hindi birong usapin yan.

  42. Hi Micah, I plan on buying a house at Lancaster. Infact I have scheduled a tripping on Tuesday. Good thing I tired to research first for feedbacks and have came across your blog. Actually there are also other blogs that I saw na puro reklamo din. Hayyy looks like I need to scrap Lancaster into my possible dream house ..Thank you for sharing your story! this is a big help for future buyers..

  43. Hi Micah thank you for being concern to other people, very helpful po to sa akin regarding the reviews and experience of different owner this past years. Naka sama kasi ako sa tripping nila kanina June 9, 2013 at may nakita na ako agad na mga flaws sa model unit nila, sama mo pa yung napanood ko sa youtube na nacover ng imbestigador, again thank you for your honest and sincere opinion. God bless.

  44. Hi Micah, ask ko ung tungol sa bank loan..kasi pinadala sa akin ung SPA form need ko raw pa authenticate dito sa embassy ng Qatar at pa red Ribbon. ang problema ko kasi malayo kami masyado sa doha at walang sasakyan papunta dun. tapos ang presyo ng per page is 100QR equivalent to 1100pesos eh 7 pages un so pumapatak abutin ng 8k ang gastos ko..can you imagine 8k for 7pages for authentication lang…nanghihinayang ako sa pera..ngayon sabi mo matagal pa ung bank loan so aabutin pa next year ung sa amin kasi 1 beses pa lang kami nag huhulog ng DP..uuwi ako next year posible ba na dyan ko na lang pa authenticate at red ribbon un tapos saka ko ipasa sa bank..magkakaron ba ng problema sa loan namin kung sobrang late na ung document na un..lahat naman nabigay na namin except lang dito sa SPA…

      1. Thanks micah. inaalala ko lang kasi baka ma reject application namin sa bank loan dahil dun. sobrang hold up kasi ang gobyerno natin outside phils. can you imagine 1000pesos per pages tapos lalagyan lang nila ng ribbon.

      2. hi mica! tnng k lng po kng ok po b ung KS17 kc ngpreserve po kc aku. ngaun ngddlwng isip aku kng ututuloy k p kc s dmi complaint s LE. give me some advise po thankz.

    1. Hello Asero! I am not sure kung naka-uwi ka na dito sa Pinas by this time or kung na-process na ang SPA mo. Pero let me share na din, baka maging helpful pa din sa ibang followers ng blog na ito. Out of that 7 SPAs, 1 lang ang dapat na ma-authenticate ng Phil Consul ok na, the rest originally sign it lang po. Other country like KSA, out of the 100SAR, minimum of 5 ang ino-authenticate nila. Sa 100QR, kung ilan ang tatakan nila, ok na po yun kasi actually 1 copy will do, basta bumalik sa PFI ang lahat ng 7 copies. :)

  45. Hi!! This is really informative..
    We already have our reservation for catherine..
    And now nagdadalawang isip na din kami kung itutuloy namin yung pagkuha.
    nagustuhan din kasi ng husband and mother-in-law ko yung house.. and yung place..
    Sana di na ganun yung bahay.. kasi our Future family’s sake ang nakasalalay dito eh.

  46. Hi Micah,

    LE is a big headache for me, same lang tayu ng mga pinagdaan, nakalipat na ba kayu kasi kami almost 1 year na, now may big problem na naman yung tubo from bathroom sa itaas ay sira kaya kapag naligo kami yun bumabaha sa sala namin hay, kung hindi pa kayu nakalipat I sugesst check mo yung plumbing ninyu also yung mga electrical kasi grounded yung mga wire samin ang lakas ng ikot ng metro ng meralco

    1. Hi miggy! Nakalipat na kami. We’ve been living in our unit for 4 months now. The past few heavy downpour wala namang leak yung walls pero just this morning, may nakita kaming water marks dun sa side ng fire wall. Sobrang lakas kasi ng ulan since last night. I will escalate this to the Engineering Dept. Re the tubo from the 2nd floor CR, naayos na yun ng Engineering Dept with the supervision of my father kaya siguro okay yung gawa nila. So far, wala namang tumutulo na. Ipacheck ko sa father ko yang electrical wirings namin kasi natataasan din ako sa meralco bill namin to think na dalawa lang kami ng husband ko at palagi pa kaming nasa opisina pareho.

      1. Hi Micah,

        Buti naman nakalipat na kayu at walang masyadong problema dyan sa unit nyo,besides buti nalang may father ka na may alam tungkol sa construction kasi kami wala eh kaya medyu madaming problema. Speaking sa mga taga engineering na yan hay mauubusan ka ng pasensya sa tagal nilang umaksyon, speaking sa metro ng meralco pinabungkal pa namin yung mga wirings nyan kasi nga sabi ng meralco grounded nga daw, ipaayos nyo na lahat kahat dyan sa unit ninyu kasi kapag naka 1 year na kayu dyan sabi nila kayu nadaw nagpapagawa ng mga sira dyan sa unit ninyu

      2. Hi Miggy! Oo nga malaking tulong na nasa construction industry ang father ko kasi wala rin kaming kaalam alam ng husband ko. Ang dami ko din actually naging communication problem with the engineering dept, kasi matagal talaga sila umaksyon at kahit nag-oo na sayo at nag-set na ng schedule for repair, nagbaback out pa ng last minute or worse no show na lang basta without even notifying us. Haaay. Persistent lang talaga ako magfollow-up at most time mother ko naman nagfa-follow-up pag hindi ako available. Yung pagpapabungkal ng wirings paano niyo naisipan yun? Sa amin kasi hindi naman ganon kabilis ang ikot ng metro ng Meralco so parang walang basis para magpa-bungkal pa. Pero thank you for bringing this up.

  47. Hi Micah,

    We decide na ipabungkal yung lupa it just because sabi ng meralco na grounded yung line, and sabi naman ng engineering sira lang daw yung metro ng meralco besides alam namin alibi lang mga yun dahil sa mga tamad sila at palpak yung mga gawa nila ipinakita namin sa kanila yung letter ng meralco na grouded nga yung line so wala silang magawa kundi bungkalin yung lupa to trace na grouded nga. If you have time check nyo lahat ng mga outlet nyo kasi mga sub standard mga kinabit nila dyan like doornob, double lock, faucet na madali lang masira.

    1. Ah so si Meralco muna yung tatanungin namin para may basis kami ng pagpapabungkal ng wirings? Tama ba yung understanding ko? Wala rin kasi father ko ngayon, may project sa Palawan so wala din kami mapagtanungan. Naayos na ng father ko yung mga electrical outlet kasi before merong mga outlet na hindi gumagana tapos inayos ng dad ko yung circuit breaker daw yun (may alam din kasi siya sa electrical stuff) so ayun ok na at gumagana na lahat ngayon. Yung faucet namin sa kitchen sink at yung shower head sa itaas na CR nasira na din so pinalitan na namin yun. Then yung doorknobs pinalitan namin lahat paglipat na paglipat namin, even yung sa mga rooms. Taga LV1 ka ba? Baka pwede ka namin makausap in person, ask ko lang more yung about sa Meralco issue :) Thanks!

  48. Hi Micah,

    I’m so glad i found your blog. I want to buy a house for my parents and I’m considering buying and Alexandra house from Lancaster since it was recommened by my friend (her best friend is an agent). I don’t have any idea about real estate in the Philippines since I left when I was 14 and lived here in Bahrain ever since.

    I don’t want to invest blindly so I am researching before I make any decision and having read your experience and other feedbacks and complaints in PEX, I am now doubting whether to go ahead with it or just look for another property.

    Another question… Is it possible to just buy a lot from LE and build the house ourselves/hire our own contractor? I really like the location (my mom said it’s a good location) and I guess delay of hand over is not a big problem for me since we’re all here in Bahrain (uless the delay are years worth), but I’m mostly concerned about the quality of the house (materials, work, etc.) my parents safety and well-being in that house is the most important for me.

    Would you still suggest going for it or should I look for properties from another developer? If so, which developer would you suggest? Also, is the area flood-free?

    Sorry for my long post, I just really don’t want to decide blindly. Thanks ^_^

    1. Hi jae ann! Lancaster doesn’t sell lots. They offer house and lot bundled as a package. Re flood free, indicates there’s a high risk of flooding in the area. No serious floodings have been experienced though these past few rainy seasons except last Ondoy I think but the roads were still passable then. If you want to invest in a good property you can check Nuvali perhaps. But it’s in Laguna. Lancaster has a good location really but if you have the means and the budget it may be worth considering better developers

      1. Hi Micah, thank you for your reply. Having read a lot of bad reviews and complains, we decided to opt out of Lancaster. My mom is now eyeing Antel Grand Village (Nuvali is out of our budget) and we’re thinking of buying a lot instead of H&L. Do you have an idea if Antel is a good location? I’m tryting to find reviews about it but I can’t seem to find any.

      2. The elevation of Antel’s land area is lower than LE so I guess the probability of flooding there is higher. With regard to the customer service I hope Antel’s is better because their units cost way more expensive than LE. I believe Nuvali’s cheapest unit is at 3M. Verify niyo din because Nuvali’s community is really nice plus thumbs up with customer service. I have friends who have units there. Yun din yata price range ng Antel, 3M-6M.

    2. You can contact me anytime.
      we are on PRE-SELLING, it is located at Brgy Biklatan Amadeo Road General Trias Cavite.

      FREE Tripping
      (pls advise a day before for the shuttle service)

      Please call 0906-579-3950
      Property Investment Consultant
      Makati Office

    3. Hi!
      We are on PRE-SELLING ang House and Lot located ay Brgy Biklatan Amadeo Road General Trias Cavite.

      FREE Tripping
      Please advise at day before the tripping day for the shuttle service.

      Please call 0906-579-3950
      Property Investment Consultant

  49. Hi Micah. I bought a Diana house model (previously Arden), Maybe someone out there reading your blog would be interested to buy my property. RFO at a very low price! House is completely built and turned-over to me last June 2013. It’s in KS2 area. Selling it at a very low price compare to what it is being sold now. Here is my contact number 0925.555.091.3 for those interested

  50. hi mam..tanong ko lang po kung may binayaran po kayo sa pfi after na maapproved ung bank loan nyo from ucpb like transferr of title?tsaka ask q na rin po kung magkano inabot ng bank charges and insurances nyo sa ucpb? ur reply will be greatly appreciated regarding this mattter..thanks po

    1. Hi charisse! Wala kaming binayaran na cash after ma-approve yung bank loan namin. Derecho kasi kami sa bank finacing after namin matapos ang equity namin. Yang sinasabi mo is applicable yata dun sa mga nag-inhouse temporarily while waiting for their bank loan approval. Yung nag bridge financing :) Yung bank charges namin more or less 40K lang according sa computation ng UCPB. Pero di na namin binayaran yun kasi kasama na sa TCP (total contract price) ng unit namin yung bank processing charges so si PFI yung nagbayad nun directly kay UCPB. Kaya lang madaya kasi ang total charges na nakaindicate sa TCP is 200K more or less eh 40K lang naman pala yung charge ni UCPB. Yung ibang processing charges naman is hindi naman siguro aabot sa more than 100K so ang laki din talaga ng tubo ni PFI.

      Insurances: for MRI almost 5K and Fire is 1K+. For the first year upon loan takeout si PFI magbayad nito. I guess included din ito dun sa charges indicated in the TCP. Then the next year owner na magbabayad. Ang renewal nito is yung month kung kelan na takeout ang loan mo

      1. gabrielle po kasi ung unit na nakuha namin 3.4M+ ung tcp..tapos na po kaming magbayad ng equity last May and ngaun po naghintay na lang na maapprove ung bank loan from ucpb so stop payment po kami ngaun at on going pa rin nmn po construction ng unit namin and hoping na august tapos na daw po..may nakapagsabi po kasi sken na isang client na ndi daw po tinanggap ni pfi ung LOG ng ung ucpb gang di daw po binabayaran ung transfer of title which is 4% daw po ng tcp

      2. Naku hindi yata ako masyado maka-relate diyan. Actually medyo nalito ako ;) Ang LOG is hindi “tinatanggap” ni PFI, yung client/buyer ang magsa-sign ng document na yan pag approve na ang bank loan. At ang alam ko din, si PFI dapat lahat magbabayad kung anu mang charges meron. Re transfer of title ng MS phases, according sa members ng LE facebook page may problema pa talaga yan. Wala pa yatang titulo ang mga lote sa MS. Pero hindi yan dapat problema ng buyer kundi ni PFI. Kaya lang si buyer ang maapektuhan kasi hanggat walang title yung lupa ni buyer, hindi pa mate-takeout yung bank loan. Yun ang understanding ko jan. I’m not sure if ibang scenario pa yung ni-rerefer mo eh :)

        I suggest tawagan mo si Jessica directly, siya yung POC for UCPB. Ask mo siya kung anu na real staus ng bank loan mo.

      3. Hi micah, ask ko lang if may idea kaya sa arrangement na gusto ko with regards sa house constructions. Im planning to have the Alexandra pero may mga part na ayokog kunin sa package like all tiloets are without faucet, showers, toilet bowl and sink, and pagdating naman sa kitchen totally no counter, sink and faucet stair no vinyl finishing, sa taas din ayoko ng viny and etc… ibabawas ba yun sa contract price? kasi sa kitchen hindi ko tlaga gusto so simple so sayang lang if magpapagawa ako non then ipapatibag ko rin waste of time sa kanila at the same time sa amin din. Anyone?

      4. Hi karen! Actually ang alam ko is kabaliktaran. If you don’t want the tiles and other stuff (that are part of the original package) installed in your unit, you are the one who has to pay for the bond and obviously the amount will not be deducted from the TCP. I’m not sure if it’s still applicable but this is what we were told before.

  51. bakit ganun? pagkakita ko sa picture parang pinakyaw yung construction, parang nagsarili mag-construct yung mga construction workers.

  52. Hello again ;) please help naman po Kung pano ako ma ka pag refund paid ko na po ung 30% DP (619,000) zero construction pa din po as in may mga damo pa.. Ayaw ko na po ituloy dahil inilipat nila kami Ng in house financing at napa kalaki Ng interest please help po.. Pwede ko ba I benta Sa relatives ko un tapos gagawin Nya is under pag ibig?? Salamat po

    1. Option 1: Sell it an immediate family member:
      a. the easiest way to be approved by profriends is to transfer the ownership and payments made to an immediate family member
      Option 2: Sell it to another individual:
      a. this option is difficult to be approved by profriends but it’s possible based from my experience
      Option 3: Appeal to Profriends
      a. will take a lot of patience, time and you may even end up throwing a fit with this option lalo na kapag nakapirma ka na ng reservation agreement, counselling and other legal docs that will point out that the reservation fee and DP is non refundable

      There were experiences na nakpag refund ang buyer or some sort of compensation.

      600k is a lot.
      And i hope i have helped a lot.

      1. Hi,
        I found this blog so helpful for us, serious buyers of Profriends, who are experiencing difficulties with them at the moment. I never thought that this venture for a dream house will really take almost 5 years for us. At first, we paid full DP at Camella Daang-Hari at the end of 2009 because of the location. After the DP and bank approval from BDO we found out the house was not built and they couldn’t build anymore because the lot became smaller. They can build only a smaller model for us. After all the drama, we finally refunded our full DP with interest since it was our fault. With the amount we got, we paid Alexandra DP in cash right away. We cancelled our reservation at Bellefort, Charlotte model, despites of a better location because we don’t want the house and Alexandra, was really the best so far. With all hopes that the search for a good developer and house and lot would finally end. We were totally hopeful and very positive about it during the DP period. But lately, we found out a very frustrating news again! The single detached Alexandra turned out to be a Duplex one! I tried all efforts to find the answers why it did happened and without giving us notice? We are about to move in. Yes, the house is complete now, but its not the one we signed for. I kept sending any of my family members on our behalf since me and my husband are not in the country yet. But they are not being assisted well, as usual, pasa-pasa! Finally, one of the representatives emailed us bu offering us a new unit instead, Margaret. Of course we declined it. The reason, we cancelled Charlotte at Bellefort is because the house is smaller. Everyday, I keep checking on the reply on my email, asking them what would be their actions regarding this matter but we didn’t receive any. My sisters are totally upset of how the staffs handle the situation as well. I called them twice just asking if my email has been received, at least we know its been acknowledged. Their staffs are completely showing lack of interest to help, good communication and efficiency as no matter how many times you call and follow up with them, your issues are still unsolved. You won’t feel you are being taken cared of.

      2. Hi Maqui Ruth. I’m really sorry to hear about the unfortunate things you have experienced in buying a house. Camella in Daang Hari is a good location too pero hindi rin pala sila maayos kausap. Mabuti at nakuha mo ang full refund. Re Lancaster, do not accept the duplex unit if hindi yun ang ni-reserve mo. Ewan ko ba sa kanila bakit sila gumawa ng ganoong klaseng units sa mga villages na single detached/attached dapat. Meron din ilang units na ganyan sa LV1 at kung ako ang buyer hindi rin ako papayag kasi same price lang naman with the other units. If you stand firm on your decision not to get the duplex unit mapipilitan din sila to offer you a better one. Possible nga lang na malipat ka sa ibang phase. Weigh mo na lang yung pros and cons. Puntahan mo sila ng personal sa office. If based abroad, you can send your SPA (hopefully yung matapang at kaya silang sindakin) kasi sa email hindi talaga sila sumasagot. I hope ma-settle niyo yan in your favor because I totally understand the effort and investment that we put into these properties and it’s very disappointing that such things could happen. God bless!

  53. Hi Micah! I’m Gie. I’ve browsed thru your blog and comments left by other readers and very informative xa. Pero I still wanna ask everyone reading this for suggestions on what to do with the house I purchased with PFI. We bought a unit in Ridgecrest Molino. We’re done paying the equity nung March 2013 (520k++). Nag stop payment kami for a while kasi wala pang bank approval (Metrobank). I followed up and they asked again for my dilemma is that the amount they are asking is more than what I can afford. Ako kasi ang nakapangalan na buyer but actually share kami ng Mom ko sa payments. Nasa 21k un monthly na binabayaran namin noon. But nung malaman q kung magkano un In-house MA, na shock aq kc nasa 41k xa! Saan ko naman kukunin yung ganung amount when I only earn 30k a month and my mom earns less than what I earn. Super pinagsikapan talaga nmin na mabayaran monthly un equity para lang mag tuloy-tuloy xa. I asked Metrobank in Makati what’s the reason why I got denied. Hindi raw pwede I disclose, kay PFI lng daw. If ever daw, pwede raw ulit ako I reconsider pero hindi na ako pasok dun sa “NO SALARY REQUIREMENT” promo, I will go through the regular Housing Loans nila wherein hindi parin ako pasok sa monthly gross income requirement nila. I asked PFI to have me reconsidered sa ibang bank (BDO or UCPB). They approved my request, but they are asking me to pay 20% of the DP payable in 3mos daw. So I have to pay them 26k till October para daw ma process un bank loan ko. (They reconsidered me sa UCPB). I really feel hopeless and stressed out kasi sabay-sabay ang problema sa family ko. If I decide naman na mag process on my own like Pag-Ibig or go to a bank of my choice kelangan ko parin daw bayaran un MA na 41k! Pwede ba un? Do I really have to pay that 41k? Hindi ko na talaga alam ang gagawin ko. I don’t have a relative that’s willing to buy the property. Kaya nga kami kumuha ng bahay kasi ayaw na naming mag rent. We want a permanent place of our own where I can raise my children. Ok lng naman mag InHouse kami but not that amount, hindi naming kaya un. I hope anyone reading your blog gives me an idea or options I can do. Sayang naman un 520k. Hindi birong pera din un.

    1. Hi Gieselle! Yes pag in-house financing ka almost double the MA compared if bank financing ka. With in-house kasi 21% interest rate per annum tapos 10 years na yata yung maximum loanable term that they give, thus the skyrocket priced MA. Hindi ba pwedeng gawing co-maker si mommy mo? or lagpas na siya sa age limit? Meron kasi ako kilala mag-boyfriend pa lang or magkapatid pero co-maker yung isa so both their incomes were considered kaya pumasa sa bank CI. If na-decline ka ni Metrobank yes you can apply for BDO and UCPB. Why are they requiring you to pay 20% DP? Ilang percent na ba yung equity (520K++) that you paid? With bank loans kasi, the bank requires the buyer to pay nga 20% of the TCP then the rest is yung loanable amount na. Try mo muna mag-apply on your own with other banks including BDO and UCPB. Mabilis naman daw ang approval pag individual filing kesa pag si PFI ang nag-apply. I’m really sorry to hear about your situation. I totally understand you. Do you have skype? send mo sa published gmail address ko yung skype name mo para we can chat. I can get your details and makakapagtanong ako sa mga mas may alam. God bless Gieselle!

  54. Thanks sa feedback. Im Planning to get a condo pa naman at Pro Friends and developer. Now i am having a second thought kung tutuloy ko pa. Parang ang hassle :) Gusto ko kasi sana malaman muna if ma approve ako ng bank before ako mag bigay ng reservation, 20k din yun. May issue kasi ako sa Credit Card Before. Di ko na settle so I am afraid baka magka issue sa bank though 6 years ago na yun

    1. Hi! Kahit saang developer ka kumuha ng unit mapa-condo man yan or bahay at lupa, the bank loan approval comes later. Hindi mo talaga malalaman agad if pasado ka or not. Two things, if you’re buying a pre-selling property (meaning gagawin pa lang at di pa nakatayo), the bank will not process your loan application yet because they require around 80% of the unit to be fully constructed before they start processing your loan. Para ma-assess nila yung value ng property. Also, they will monitor your diligence and capability in settling your payment during your equity/downpayment stage. Dito nila imomonitor if good payer ka ba or lagi kang late magbayad or worse di nagbabayad. Credit card hits are stored in CMAP, even unpaid bills for PLDT, Meralco etc. are recorded there. Information in CMAP is accessible by all banks. Mas mahirap lalo if malaki yung unpaid amount ng credit card mo. I suggest you settle your credit card payment with the concerned bank then get a certificate of clearance then submit it dun sa bank na pag-applyan mo ng housing loan.

      1. Thanks Micah, di naman kasi sa kin na explain ng agent yan, para nga naman maka commission. at least now malinaw na, back out muna ako esp if bank financing. :) So kahit almost 6 years na pala yung Credit card ko ma trace pa din ng bank.

      2. Oo nga. Mga agents dito sa Philippines mostly commission lang ang habol but are not really doing their job which includes explaining everything to their clients and assisting them all throughout. Puro lip service lang ikanga. Pag nakuha na commission they don’t even bother to check up on their client. When buying a property it’s better to do some research of our own para hindi tayo totally clueless and blind sa process of acquiring a property :) And yes kahit 6 years ago na yung credit card hit mo may record pa rin yan. Actually 6 years is relatively early pa for CMAP to remove it in their records. I don’t even know if nagki-clear ba sila ng records at all. Siguro kung tipong 1980s and earlier pa yung unpaid bill (uso na ba credit card noon? Lol) baka by now wala ng record.

      3. Hi Micah! I’ve been reading your blog since you posted it and following posts/comments since I reserved a Sophie unit at Lancaster. Just a quick inquiry, sakali po you have the knowledge, bakit po nag require sila ng 9 PDC’s (amount per check is equivalent to MA thru bank financing) aside from 15 PDC’s (for DP) under the name of PFI. I asked PFI and my agent, and sagot nila is kasali na daw po yon sa monthly amortization. Is this really new in their policy? Tinanong ko ulit thru online si PFI sa kanilang website concerning 9 PDC’s, deductible daw po ang principal sa 9 PDC’s sa loanable amount. My doubt is, d po kaya madoble ang bayad ko nyan, 9 PDC’s in the name of PFI tapos magbabayad pa ako ng MA sa bank inclusive of the 9 checks amount? In case po tapos na ako magbayad ng DP (15 months) and my loan hasn’t approved yet by the bank, I have the right to freeze the 9 PDC’s, yeah? One more thing, kung mag balloon payment ako, mababago din kasi ang amount sa 9 PDC’s. Thank you for very informative blog!

      4. Yung 9 PDCs is part of the new policy. Parang bridge financing siya. Kasi hindi ka pa approved sa bank loan mo pero you need to start paying the MA na. Pero hindi ka naman naka inhouse financing. I think they’re doing this para tuloy2x ang payment ni buyer. Ang tendency kasi ng buyers noon is pagtapos ng 15 months na DP at hindi pa maturn over yung unit and/or maapprove yung bank loan is they request for stop payment. With this bridge financing they’re trying to make buyers believe na MA na yun pero truth is kay PFI pa sila nagbabayad at hindi sa bank. Email me if unclear yung explanation ko

  55. Also now they are implementing rules na bawal mgpahatid sa tricycle sa tapat ng house dahil marami na daw nakawan. What nonsense excuse!!! ilawan nila mga poste nila at taasan perimeter fence nila at pagalawin nila mga guard nila na naglalakihan na mga tyan dahil nakatambay lang sa labas ng gate. No one should buy a unit with this developer coz they are not a good one.

    1. Hi Ela! Which village/phase is this being implemented? In LV1 wala namang ganyang rule. Basta the guard checks the passenger of the trike and if it’s a unit owner or bisita and nagbanggit ng block and lot number they let the trike in. Well siguro kasi konti lang ang units sa LV1 so feasible pa to do this monitoring. Ang hirap naman ng policy na yan kasi what if nag-commute ka lang tapos may groceries ka or madami kang pinamili, lalakarin mo until house mo? Tell them na buhatin ni guard yung dala niyo if di sila pumayag papasukin ang trike. Pwede namang kunin ang plate number at name ng trike driver if concerned sila sa issue ng nakawan. And yes, dapat mag roving sila around the village regularly. Thankful ako na sa LV1 we have good security measures.

  56. Hi Mica,

    Sorry for the late response, yup si meralco mismo magsasabi na grounded ang line, meron silang papel na ibibigay sa inyu then ipakita nyu sa mga pupol na taga engineering yung papel para umpisahan nilang bungkalin ang linya ng kuryente nyo. I’m here in makati now ditu kami nakatira now pinapaupahan muna namin yung unit namin sa LV2 East kmi block 7. Wala kasi kami kasama yung misis ko sa gabi kaya we decide na ditu muna kami mag stay sa makati kasi pang gabi ang pasok ko eh, last sunday nanjan kami sa lancaster kasi nga sira yung cr namin tumatagas yung tubig from banyo pababa kasi yung cr namin nasa 2nd floor kaya need namin magpa waterproof then magpatiles na ng bago meaning to say bathroom renovation na ang gagawin, so i suggest to you if may banyo kayu sa taas look nyo yung kisame ninyu para makita nyo kung may mga leak kasi halos lahat ng unit dun sa block namin nagpa bathroom renovation na kasi nga tumatagas yung tubig niya pababa. this coming sat Aug 10 punta kami ulit sa LE para magpatiles until sunday

    1. Hi miggy! I was able to check this with Meralco na and hindi naman grounded yung line namin. Yes we have a CR upstairs which we use more often than the CR downstairs. May leak din yun before going to the first floor pero na-repair na nila and sinupervise lang ng father ko yung gawa nila para sure na maayos ang gawa. Titiktikin nila yan kaya maalikabok ang buong bahay during the repair. If tatapalan nila yung butas kung saan tumatagas yung water, ask them to use epoxy. Vulcaseal kasi ang ginagamit nila which is mas madaling mag-wear off. Akala ko neighbors tayo sa LV1 that’s why I was asking if doon na kayo nakatira. Malayo layo rin kasi kami from LV2 eh :)

      1. Hi Micah,

        Lapit lang naman yung 2nd stop ng shuttle if galing ka ng kalayaan diba, we use waterproofing kaso ang mahal pero effective naman daw yun kasi elastomeric na sya, buti nalang may wilcon depot na malapit para madaling makabili ng mga kailangan for renovation, maybe sooner gaganda ng tumira jan sa LE na yan kapag natapos na lahat maybe 10 year from now ha ha ha :p

      2. Hi miggy,

        Well relatively malapit nga lang ang LV2. Definition ko yata ng distance is if kayang lakarin within 5 mins. Haha. Haven’t been inside LV2 East and LR pa. Sa LV2 West lang because the Engineering office was recently transferred there. Mahal nga ang waterproofing sabi ng dad ko so for now hindi pa namin siya priority. Yes, sa Wilcon din kami bumibili majority of the construction materials ever since nag-open sila. Di pa sila open when we were having our home renovation earlier this year eh. Good option din yung Tile Depot near Gahak along Centennial Road. A lot cheaper ang cost compared to Wilcon and the foreign owner is very attentive and gives discount depending on the bulk of the material that you’ll be getting from them.

        Re community development, based on feasibility studies naman talaga most subdivisions lalo if malaking project, the full development can be felt and seen after 10 years or more pa. When my aunts and uncles bought their properties in Bacoor and in Imus in the early 90s, grabe puro palayan and vacant lots pa yan noon. As in nakakatakot and parang ang layo layo from the city. But look at Cavite now may sariling SM na and a lot more. So that’s true with LE as well and that’s something that my husband and I expected from the start. Bumili lang kami ng property from them as early as now kahit di pa fully developed yung community because mas mura pa yung cost ng units :)

  57. Hi micah, your blog is very informative. Malaking help sa mga taong restless sa kaiisip kung ano kahihitnatnan ng property aquisition nila sa profriends. I got mine phase 10 somerset Margaret. At first, ang major prob ko lng if maapprove ako ng bank since wla akong co-borrower. Mas gsto ko sana pagibig pero same lng din dw interest at hassle pa sa pgasikaso. I started my equity last march 2013. Most probably, wen kaya ako pede mgstart magfollow up sa profriends to check ang progress? Based on my experience, sked plng ng counseling at un change of address (lumipat kasi kmi haus lasy april) sobrang hirap lng ako at visit s ofic.un phone nila puro recorded lng. Buti kp..u hav ur dad to supervise. If it’s not too much to ask, hope i can get in touch with you to seek some help rin pgdting ng time. Ngyn kasi nghihintay at ngdadasal pa rn ako.hoping evrytin will turn out fine

      1. kasi may offer sakin sa Somerset phase 13, gusto ko sana malaman kung flooded ang area. pero maayos ba ang ginagawang development ni profriends sa tingin mo? after all the issues?

      2. Hi chito! Honestly di ako familiar sa mga phases sa gen tri na side ng Lancaster. Kami kasi yung unang village when you’re coming from centennial road so di ko na nadadaanan yung ibang phases.even LV2 and LR. Wala pa namang reported flooding sa area ng gen tri as far as I know. Re improvement madami pa rin ang nagrereklamo eh.If you decide to get a property from Profriends mas maganda kung based ka sa Pinas para matutukan mo yung construction ng unit mo at maasikaso mo ng mabuti ang processing ng docs

      3. Paano mo nga pala nakunan ng pix ung unit mo? Sabi sakin dka pwede visit ng site habang full blast pa ang major construction eh.

      4. Jan 2011 pa namin inavail yung unit namin. Wala pang ganyang policy noon eh. Tapos towards the latter part inimplement na nila yung no CFI, no visit policy nila pero by then matatapos na yung unit namin and may naisip na kaming way para makapasok pa rin kami kahit wala pa kaming clearance for inspection. I will not mention it here because I know that PFI is monitoring this blog :)

      5. Hi Micah,
        Hindi pa naman masyadung binabaha yung LR last time na malakas yung ulan nung nagounta kami dun yun binaha kasi yung mga drainage nila mag barado taz ang liit kasing mga butas ng drainage nila taz ang lalayu pa ng mga space kaya napansin namin yung mga unit owner binutasan nalang nila yung tapat ng unit nila

      6. That’s good to know. Sa facebook page kasi ng LR may mga nagpost ng pictures na baha yung ibang streets eh. medyo ankle-deep din so that’s alarming. Good thing sa LV1 wala naman and hopefully hindi pa rin bahain in the years to come

      7. hi ms micah…interested kc kmi ng husband ko mgpurchase ng townhouse unit nila sa kensington…binabaha ba sa area na un? would appreciate ur reply pra bgo kmi mgdecide at least hndi kmi mgsisi sa huli…

      8. Hi leah! Almira (who is the administrator of the LE facebook page) went around the area and took photos of the different phases. And based on her photos no serious flooding naman. Merong ibang area na binaha ng kaunti but ankle-deep lang. Sorry ha hindi yan firsthand experience kasi masyado ng malayo ang LV1 (where I live) from the KS phases.

  58. Hi Micah, thank you for sharing your blog.Just by reading ung mga comments ng ibang buyer and with your ur advices… sobrang laking tulong sakin para alam ko ang mga dapat kung gawin. Hopeless na din kasi ako e, sobrang delay n ung pagturn over ng unit and till now wala pa din kasiguraduhan sa bank loan ko.

    1. Hi julyven! How long na yung delay? If you’re willing to pursue, ang advice ko lang is always follow-up. Be demanding. Ask them to put everything in writing para may habol ka if worse comes to worst. Napansin ko kasi pag hindi masyado makulit yung buyer/unit owner hindi nila pina-prioritize. Re your bank loan, if wala ka namang bad credit history, I believe ma-aapprove ka naman niyan. If hindi man, you can go to other banks and apply personally. Best of luck. I sincerely hope maging ok ang bank loan mo :)

  59. Hi Micah,

    Ganun ba may mga nag post sa fb na baha daw ha ha ha, actually ndi lang sa kalsada baha pati sa loob ng bahay kapag malakas ang ulan taz hangin kasi yung roof nila may mga space eh, sa fb page nga ng profriends, 15 minutes away from moa ever wala ng masyadong naglalike even yung mga agent employee nila ndi sila likwe ha ha ha, kung wla lang cyber crime law mag post ako sa page nila ng kung anu-ano about sa palpak na gawa nila, may grocery na nga sila dun kaso ang mahal ng mga tinda nila dun kasi buy kami ng bulb sa kanila 169 sa wilcom 99 lang hay

  60. Good pm miss micah ks7 po ung unit namin may idea po ba kayo about the area nang unit namin and kamusta po kayo diyan…? May baha po ba sa lancaster or imus area

    1. Hi jajaboy! Honestly I don’t have any ideas regarding sa progress ng phases sa Gen Trias na side (yung lagpas sa Lancaster Square/St. Edward). I’m from LV1 kasi and kami yung first village coming from Centennial so no time to go inside the main Lancaster area. But FYI, LV1 was 100% flood-free. While LV2 east and west plus the LR area had light flooding.

  61. Hi Micah. Your blog is really informative and helpful. I do have questions I hope you can respond as well :) Based on your stories constant follow up and a little help from objective individuals like you can prevent or maybe minimize future problems. The unit that my fiance got is in Manchester, General Trias area. Do you have an idea if it is really flood free? You mentioned that you were allowed to visit your unit during construction, may we ask how? I would really appreciate if you can add me in FB as well. Thank you in advance :)

    1. Hi Lyka! Sorry I try to keep my FB network as close-knit as possible and limited only to people I really know or have seen in person. A commenter (ellen) is a different case though because she will be a future neighbor eh. Sorry ha. But you can always e-mail me using my published gmail address. I respond to all emails naman and I try to respond the soonest time possible :)

      To answer your question, based on the photos posted in the LE FB page there were no major flooding in the Gen Trias area. The worst that I’ve seen is yung ankle-deep lang sa street and wala namang pinasok ng baha na units

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  62. Hi Micah :) Sorry I haven’t read recent conversations. Di ko tuloy napansin na na discuss na pala concerns ko. Will keep following your updates. Thanks :)

  63. OMG! I should have read ur blog upon deciding of getting a house in Lancaster.😱.Me and my bestfriend just made a reservation both a Gabrielle house.Wr planning to pay cash for downpayment bcoz we want to move in right away and be neighbors.Although we know it’s pre selling and it’ll take over a year of construction as they said,It’s so dumb that we r even thinking of paying cash for the total amount of the house.How stupid!!!I don’t know if we should cancel it after reading ur blog and comments here.

    1. If you can afford a unit from a better developer then by all means, back out (I’m not being sarcastic here ha. Just saying it matter-of-factly). I mean the fact that you can pay the DP in cash means you have the financial capacity to find a better option. Best of luck!

  64. Hi Micah.

    Your blog is really helpful since we were getting started to avail one of their houses.
    Parang gusto na namin magback-out reading a lot of negative reviews since then but still we tried.
    Una palang, may problems na kami with them same as many experiencing; how much more pa sa pagtagal. We cant even contact our broker as well.

    Do you have any advice on how can we sell it? Hindi na ba marerefund ang binayaran namin?

    1. Oh if you’re planning to back out without a valid reason and base only on the negative comments online, then I don’t think you can get a refund. But if backing out can give you peace of mind, then just follow what your mind tells you :) If naman may valid grounds ka then ipaglaban mo yung refund mo or file your case in HLURB. Re selling, find a competent and good agent/broker who can help you resell the unit. But legally I don’t think that’s even possible because I know it’s in the contract na non-transferrable yung title. I might be wrong though. Still best to find a good agent and discuss this with him/her.

  65. Hi mica,

    Thank’s for writing this blog, though it made me worry a little because of everyones bad experience with profriends. I’m still hoping for a positive improvements from them. I have purchased a Haven unit at LV1 and done with the downpayment this august and waiting for the approval of the bank financing and they have given us the promised to turn over the unit on jan ’14. My family checked the unit last july and it is 60% done. Your blog helped me a lot as what to check during the turn over. I am really hoping na maging ok ang lahat. Can I add you in FB? If ok pwede ko po ba send sa inyo ang email add / name ko so that you can add me in FB? And just recently hindi po ba binaha ang LV1? Thank you in advance for your reply.☺😊

    1. Hi ellen! Wow magiging neighbors tayo technically in LV1. I hope everything goes smoothly for you especially the bank loan application. Yes you can e-mail me your e-mail address/name on FB because I’m not searchable in FB eh so ako na lang mag-add sayo. And yes for everyone’s correct information: HINDI PO BINAHA ANG LV1. This is coming from a bonafide resident who was there during the storm/typhoon :)

  66. Hi Micah,

    now it confirm binabaha yung lancaster, last habagat halos hanggang bewang yung taas ng tubig sa LV1 also sa KS, actually KS ang unang binaha may nagiikot nga na taga profriends sakay ng truck to evacuate yung nga nakatira hope na ndi kayu binaha.

    1. Hi Miggy! I beg to disagree with that false information. Hindi binaha ang LV1 kahit kaunti. The whole 3-4 days of non-stop and heavy rains, walang kabaha-baha sa LV1. Yung area na pinakita na binaha is yung LR (Manor townhouse area) only and sa ibang parts ng KS din daw (this one narinig ko lang but did not see it myself). But The flood in some parts of LE was very light compared sa neighboring areas ng Lancaster. So let’s avoid circulating this kind of info if hindi naman firsthand experience :)

      For everyone’s information: The nearby villages like Antel, Baypoint and Grand Centennial (where a unit costs much higher than LE) were all submerged in flood. Meaning mas mataas pa yung area ng Lancaster kaya hindi binaha. Gahak and Centennial had major flooding too. In Imus where my parents live specifically in the areas of Alapan, Bucandala, Toclong etc. the flood was waist-shoulder deep and with strong current pa because of the open-drainage system there. So there are not enough words to describe how thankful I am na hindi binaha ang LV1.

      1. hi micah! ur blog is one of the reason why i backout to get a unit from profiends..isa lng it means na napkarami ko rin nbsang bad reviews about their project..even un profriends forum nila eh tlga nmn bumbagyo at bahang baha ng angal ang mga tao tungkol sa service at at mga gawa nila…so i decided na mag bakout n lng as u said di nakkpanghinayang un resrvation fee kesa naghuhulog ka na eh saka mag babakout….but true na napkahirap pla tlga maghnap ng house jan sa pil..puro panloloko ang mga commercial nila gagastos k rin ng bonga bonga pra ma sure mo na mtatag at maayus nga un titirhan nyo…kya for me cguro mas advisable na lupa na lng muna ang kunin mo first pra mas masure mo un gusto mo pgawa at tyak na mbbantayn mo pa….anyway tnx sa tyaga at sipag mo magblog pra sa amin mga naghhnap ng idea for buying a house…

      2. Hi nishioka marieann! Just to set things straight, I don’t really want to categorize my review of Profriends as purely “negative”. It’s more of a “realistic” feedback if I may say so. When I wrote this detailed review, my only goal was to set other future buyers’ expectations and to equip them with the knowledge in handling issues/problems with PFI. But of course it still depends on the reader how he/she will take the information that I have provided. Anyway, for those who decided to back out and not pursue buying a property from PFI, I wish you all the best in your haunt for your new dream home :)

    1. Hi Chito! LV1 was 100% flood-free. As in my husband and I are really grateful na walang baha kahit kaunti sa LV1. LR area yung binaha (the townhouse area near Petron gas station and near the church). Pero ankle-deep lang naman (at least that’s what I saw with my own two eyes) and relatively mababa yun compared sa baha na inabot ng ibang nearby villages like Antel, Baypoint and Grand Centennial. Doon mataas ang baha kaya not passable din ang Kalayaan during the typhoon

  67. Hi Micah! We just had our reservation 2 days ago in LE for Alexandra unit and we’ve just read your blog today. It’s very informative and helpful for us new buyers. I’m a little bit worried about the things that will happen. Hopefully everything goes well. Despite of the negative comments I’ve read, I still want to continue purchasing the unit because of it’s location & affordable price compared to Antel Village which is more expensive. Our unit location is in phase 12 which is ide develop pa but my agent said na mas mataas daw yung area dun. I’m hoping that you could help me in the future if we encountered some problems. Thank you and God bless!

    1. Hi Topher. Yes mas affordable nga ang Alex compared to Antel’s although magkaiba naman kasi ang market nila. Anyway you can always email me if you have questions. If it’s within my capacity to help then I will :)

  68. Micah, Hello. I’m so thankful to have stumble upon your blog. you see lutang na lutang ako since morning after nag pareserve kami ng unit ng mister ko. after ko nabasa yung mga negative na reviews parang nilagnat ako. buti nalang nabasa ko blog mo medyo naging ok pakiramdam ko. tapos nabasa ko pa yung mga comments mo regarding sa baha and i’m glad di binaha kaso lang di ata kami naka kuha ng unit sa lugar nyo. alam mo kaya kung binaha yung ibang place ng lancaster? sorry ha for asking i just don’t know who else to ask. sana ok lang sayo if tanong ako sayo. worried lang talaga ako. pero gusto ko talaga yung unit. thanks in advance micah.

    1. Hi chingot! Alam ko may areas na binaha eh. Sobrang laki kasi ng Lancaster ang hirap i-gauge kung alin aling areas yung affected ng baha. Like sa LR and sa LV2 yun yung alam ko na binahang areas. Pero looking at the grander scale of things kasi the flooding in the LE area is not that serious compared sa nearby areas lalo na yung bandang Imus at along centennial road. Even yung neighboring subd like antel, centennial town and baypoint estates were more affected. Ang sabi ko nga I may have a lot of negative things to say about profriends but nung typhoon my husband and I were just thankful na walang baha sa village namin and LE naman was over-all light flooding lang ang inabot. But you know one aspect lang din yung issue ng flooding eh. Yung other issues surrounding profriends ay halo halo na like yung no visit policy,delayed turn over,problems with bank loan processing etc. So think things over. It all depends on your priorities and your tolerance level. Kasi with regard to the location and over all vision of the community maganda talaga ang LE

      1. Micah thanks a lot for the response. Di talga ako nakatulog kagabi kakaisip nung mga reviews sa pinoy exchange. Do you happen to know if yung somerset is ok? I mean not sure if bahain din cya. Me kilala din ako na taga village 1 so far ok naman cya don. Me konting problems pero natotolerate namn daw. Buti nalang nabasa ko blog mo at nakahinga ako kunti. babasahin ko rin mga comments if me time ako baka kase anjan na mga sagot sa katanungan ko. Salamat sa time micah.

      2. Hi chingot! That’s too far from our village na eh pero wala namang major flooding na nangyari eithin LE so if binaha man ang Somerset siguro light flooding lang caused by the non stop heavy rains plus the damaged dam in tanza. LV1 was LE’s prime village before they offered the brit phases kaya rin siguro mas ok kahit papaano ang mga units dito compared with LR and KS. Even the neighbors and the security policy here I can’t really complain. I hope you can arrive at the best decision re this investment :)

      3. Miss Micah, you blog is very informative.. Sorry I maybe out of the topic but since na mention nyo po sa reply nyo ang Baypoint Estates, pwede po ba malamang kung talagang binaha po ung subvivision? I purchased a lot in Baypoint and during my visit there the elevation of the ground of the subdivision is way above the nearby centenial subdivision (almost 2nd floor equivalent). May you please enlightened me kung talaga po bang inabot pa ung Baypoint cause if thats the case talagang napakataas na talaga ng Baha last maring..
        Thanks in advance.. Cheers!!

      4. Hi Kimchi! I haven’t been inside Baypoint Estates pero yung daan sa labas nila was binaha. I’m not sure if sa loob ng village binaha din or if may mga units na pinasok ng baha. Yung Centennial Town yung binaha talaga yung loob ng village kasi ang dami nakapark na sasakyan sa labas ng village nung dumaan kami. Inabot yata ng baha yung mga bahay doon.

    1. Hi james! To put it simply, most days we’re happy but other times if may problems or issues with our unit nauubos din pasensiya ko kasi mabagal talaga mag address ng complaints ang engineering dept. Most of the engineering staff pa are unprofessional to deal with

      1. Hi Ms.Micah…ngpareserve p lng po ako@ang kukunin ko po ay Catherine KS27-0121,eh nong nk bayad n ako ng reservtion.ask ky yng sa counselling “palayan pa daw yon,eh gusto k sna mkita yng lot.para alam kung sobrng layo”??iniisip k 2loy kung itutuloy k pa or wag na,kc ndi nmn non refundable nmn.Thank you sa Blog mo,kc nagu2luhan pa tlga ako,syng nmn din kc yng money n pghihapan n ibabayad tpos mtgal prosess:D!

      2. Hi Kisses! Yan ang isa sa pinaka-ayaw ko na new policy ng Profriends. Yung no visit policy nila. Hindi pa yan implemented noong time na kumuha kami ng unit sa kanila kaya hindi pa ako masyado affected niyan. Pero if ngayon lang ako bumili ng unit from them and sabihan nila ako na I can’t visit my unit until magawa siya at maka-secure ako ng CFI, I don’t think mag-pu-pursue ako with my purchase. Huwag mong panghinayangan ang reservation fee na hindi mo na marerefund. Mas mahirap if sa kalagitnaan ka na magdecide to back out because that time mas malaki na yung loss mo. The main reason why I decided to stick it out with PFI is because my husband and I really like the location plus I have a father who works in the construction industry meaning meron akong taga-salo ng mga bagay na dapat Profriends ang gumagawa. Pag hindi ko na ma-tolerate na hintayin ang engineering dept ng PFI, I can always go to my dad for help.

  69. Hi again Micah and all! This question is addressed to all especially those who are already living in Lancaster like Micah. Have you experienced the occurence of pests or termites in your house? I haven’t came across the contract or maybe I just missed it stating that they will do TERMITE PROOFING or Termite/Pests Control Works in the whole lot area before building the house. If confirmed to be none, whilst paying the downpayment and the construction has not started yet, could we request PFI to spray or apply anti-termite chemical with a warranty (at least 20 years) before the construction will start. If anyone here came across this exercise in your contract, please confirm. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Telly! Walang naka-indicate sa contract na responsible ang PFI sa termite/pest proofing ng unit. Alam ko most subdivision developers (not sure with condominiums) hindi nila sinasama yan sa contract. Yung unit owner na ang responsible for that. Alam ko may pinagawa na soil treatment ang father ko before the construction of our unit. I can’t recall the exact brand/name of the chemical kasi hindi ako ang personal na nag-asikaso noon. I’m not sure kung Solignum ba yun or Borax basta sa Ace Hardware binili. They mixed it with water then inaaply sa lot area namin. I think it’s too early para magkaroon ng termite sa unit ko. Saka apart from the doors and the cabinets, wood-free ang unit namin so I’m hoping na it will stay termite-free for a long time.

      1. So that indicates na pede kaming makapasok sa area before the construction will start coz I will see to it that the ground is treated before our house will be built. Kung hindi sila mag so shoulder nong soil treatment so they must allow us to enter the construction site to do the termite proofing. Would you mind me asking kung may contractor kayong kinuha na mag spray or kayo lang ang gumawa? Thanks Ms. Micah! God bless..

      2. Ideally dapat ganun nga na they should allow the unit owner to visit the site. During our time there was no such policy kaya it was easier to monitor the construction of our unit and yun nga nakapag soil treatment pa kami. If you mean contractor like Mapecon or a third party, no we did not get a contractor na because contractor din ang father ko. He just had two men (who works for him) do the soil treatment under his supervision. Hindi na din kami nagpaalam noon from PFI that we will do soil treatment kasi Sat or Sun yata ginawa yun and walang ongoing construction that day.

    1. Hi micah stop saying n binha ang mga ktabi suvd ng lancaster and lancaster is pgkkalm ko lhat po ng portion jan that time ay binaha…cguro di nga pumsok sa loob ng mga village dahil puro elevated nga ang mga lupa sa mga subd jan dahil un ang requirements nila sa hlurb.,.and regarding sakin bbrother n nktira n mismo sa antel Yes ngbha sa front or guard house but tnx god dae at di pumsok sa loob ng village..but sa kin lng khit saan place ka man tumira lalo n sa pilinas eh di mo masusure n di k bbhain pg wlang tigil n ula o bagyo ang dumting sa tin…khit sa mga myyaman bansa hindi yan mpipigilan.. .anyway i want to tnk u sa sipag at tyaga sa pgaw nitong blog mo abd isa ako sa nbigyan mo ng idea pra sa pgpili ng kukunin bhay..

      1. Hi mayo aka nishioka marieann! I said binaha yung other subd because yun yung nakita ko sa labas ng mga villages na yan. Why would they park their cars outside of their villages (in the elevated portions) if hindi sila binaha? Sales person ka ba ng mga subd na yan? Anyway that’s not even something to argue about here. I don’t know but I don’t like your tone. Sa pagkakaalam mo? You were not even here. While ako nakatira ako sa LV1 and I can vouch na hindi kami binaha okay? Lancaster is a very huge community kaya kung meron mang binaha na ibang parts I can’t really confirm that. But LV1 was flood-free during typhoon Maring (I’m not claiming din na forever magiging flood-free but I’m hoping) and that’s something that I can vouch for

      2. I got a Flood Hazard Map of Lancaster provided by using data from NASA’s Space Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and using flood inundation virtualization software (Flo3D) to point flood hazard areas in a scale of 1:100. Unfortunately, the picture cannot be posted here, I don’t know how? Tiningnan ko kaagad ang SS13 and luckily, it has NO COLOR which means “not likely to get flooded”. Hopefully tama ang data na ito (fingers crossed). Tama ka po Ms. Micah LV1 also is not likely to get flooded. Cheers to that! Ito pa po ang “no color” areas – SS12, MS10, SS9, SS8, SS2.
        Red (High Flood Hazard)
        Orange (Moderate Flood Hazard)
        Yellow (Low Flood Hazard)
        No color (not likely to get flooded)

      3. Hi Telly! Yes, that’s because LV1 is in an elevated area of LE/LNC. The Flood Hazard Map can be used as a reliable guide but like with all other devices similar to those used in meteorology, the results can also be vastly different from the actual data at times :)

      4. Ay sorry nmn kung na offend kita im not intended to make u feel bad..and hindi po ako related sa khit saan housing develpoer jan sa living in abroad ..nageenjoy ako bshin un mga blog about housing bcoz i want to get one.,nsabi ko lng un nrinig ko news and through my relatives that living near at lancaster.. again i m really sorry if i said something wrng . .

      5. Hi mayo! Well, I guess I have to say sorry to you too :)

        Two things, I got confused why you had to change your name when I can see that the IP address you used is the same as nishioka marieann’s. Internet trollers usually do that kaya I had doubts about your real agenda. My only point is I’m not here to tell lies. I’m here to tell about the real score about Lancaster New City/Lancaster Estates as much as possible. I’m here to share my story regarding how it is to live in this community. But of course since I reside in Lancaster Village 1, I am unable to speak for the whole community at all times. Ayoko lang talaga yung spreading rumors without any basis. I mean if there’s somebody who can tell whether a place got flooded or not, it’s definitely a bonafide resident who was in that place during the typhoon. Peace!

  70. Hi Micah,

    Thank god i saw your blog. I’m really looking for a house for me and my mom. I’m considering profriends since the location of LE is very accessible going to manila and the price suites my budget.

    Now im 100 times thinking if i still want to buy from profriends after reading ur blog. thank you so much.

    1. Hi vien! As I have always said it all depends on your priorities, your budget and your level of tolerance. But it’s always best to scout around and check all your options first before settling with a specific developer. Best of luck on your house hunting!

    2. Hi!
      Please see our projects of House and Lot located at Brgy Biklatan Amadeo Road General Trias cavite.

      To see the unit, you can contact me for FREE tripping. Please advise a day before the tripping for the schedule of shuttle service.

      Pls call/text me 0906-579-3950
      Property Investment Consultant
      makati Office

  71. Hi There Micah! Thanks for your BLOG. This is very informative for those who are trying their luck to transact with PROFRIENDS. To share my experience, it was not as smooth as it should be but due to my “kasipagan” and being a “very patient” customer I was able to got my unit in Greensborough in Sabang Dasmariñas. I was informed beforehand that right after DP loan should either proceed through BANK or IN-HOUSE. Like you guys, had problems with: delayed approval for housing loan from BANK (BDO), pabalik-balik with PFI’s office at IMUS for documents/papers needed to be signed, got problem with Meralco for installation of meter base on my unit, had problem with inspection (luckily until 2nd inspection lang ako), had problem dealing with Engineers at site (esp. if I’m trying to contact them thru call/sms) and found out that they were transferred to Montefaro which is VERY FAR from Dasmariñas. Anyway, thank God, nakuha ko rin naman unti ko but haven’t moved in yet. Overall, with PFI, had a good deal with them. Nagka-problem lang mostly with Engineers sa site nila. But then again, sorry to hear sa iba na nagkaron ng major issue with PFI.

    1. Good to hear your over-all experience was okay. Btw, we also visited the Greensborough site back when we were still scouting for a house. It has a good location too. Good luck on finally moving in. God bless!

      1. Hi Micah! to be honest with you, were selling ProFriends properties for 4yrs already. I also bought a house in Lancaster. So far ang main problem namin talaga with Profriends is their staff and engineers thats why nagbigay na ngayon ng ultimatum si PFI para sa lahat ng staff and eng. na nag gagago. and about sa construction, kasalanan din talaga na nagpromised sila ng 16month turn over but hindi expected talaga ni profriends na magiging ganun kalakas ang sale nila. even ako, eversince i sell Lancaster i already told my clients na dont expect ang turn over for 16months kaya ang sinasabi ko is on the 24month ang turn over para madelay man at least nagexpect na yung client namin.

        its my opinion only. for those naghehesitate bumili sa Lancaster, please gawin nio parin syang option for your dream house. Location wise and affodability, nothing compare with Lancaster (for me). and about sa sinasabing binabaha ang lancaster. thats why we choose to put our houses sa Gen Trias area, kasi 16feet above sea level sya plus wala pa ata akong naririnig na binaha na Gen tri. :)

        sa mga staff and eng. please isipin nio nalang na saglit lang ang pag ddeal sa kanila kasi after nmn maayos or madeliver ang house sa client… hangang sa magkaAPO kayo hindi na kayo makikipagDEAL sa kanila ulit hehe. That’s why you need to choose your agent wisely. wag yung basta basta lang kasi dapat isa sila sa tumutulong sa inyo sa pagaayos ng papers, pagDEAL sa company and etc. hindi yung bsta commission alis ang AHENTE :)

        Thanks Micah for your BLOG i really appreciate it na may katulad mo na tumutulong din sa mga taong gusto magkabahay. :)

      2. Hi James! Thank you for sharing your input :) As agents and brokers, maybe you can help in having these customer complaints reach the proper Profriends’ department and authorities. I really think that if Profriends’ start sincerely addressing these complaints, they can gain a lot more customers than what they already have.

      3. Hi Micah! Yes, thats what we do all the time. our last meeting with profriends they push us to sell more but we ask them also about our complaints and sympre yung sa clients din namin kahit kame apektado :) but still we need to guide our client step by step. so i think kelangan talaga andyan si agent or si broker everytime na magttransact si buyer kay profriends :)

      4. Hi jamesderramas! Good to know that agents and brokers are aware of the customers’ complaints. We weren’t lucky with our agent. My husband and I had to do everything on our own. It’s refreshing to know that there are proactive agents like you :)

  72. Hi!! We also purchased a unit in lancaster. Its at ms6 and we finished paying for the equity ladt june 2013. Sobrang bagal ng construction. Last may it was 33%. Then ng folow up ako 2weeks ago sabi eh 37 % . This mo4nibg i xalled pfi again. Naging 34% n lang ang status ng constuction.. nakaka confuse sila.. i want to see if may constriction ba talaga na nangyayari pero hindi daw pwede until ma take out ng bank. Is there a way for me to check the site?

  73. hi micah, thanks for posting your personal reviews about lancaster npka informative and it really helps a lot of buyers of lancaster. Nkakuha din kmi ng unit dun its in KS9 as of now around 75.93% n ang construction and hinde pa nmen npuntahan kc as per profirends we are not allowed to go there during construction due to safety reason etc., but while I’m surfing the net looking for some news bout lancaster I was able to search your reviews so I got to read it all, I would like to ask nmn for your advise kung panu ka nkavisit s unit mu during construction kc bka d rin kmi papasukin pag nagpunta kmi dun…pls pm me at need your help..thanks a lot..

    1. Hi she! Well it might have helped that the “no visit” policy was not yet implemented when we first reserved a unit with LE. We wouldn’t have pursued with our transaction with them if they had that policy at that time. And when it was in fact implemented, our unit was almost done already. I’ll e-mail you separately in a bit :)

  74. Hi Ms. Micah.

    Thank you for this very informative and helpful blog you have. I and my husband also bought a unit under Kensington 17. We have started our equity last January 2013. Just wanna ask if the said area was affected by flood for the past typhoons that recently hit manila? We are planning to visit the site though this weekend. I don’t know also if personally the steps that we have to take after paying the equity =(

    Also, if we are going to withdraw our equity, makuha kaya namin ung full if we found out na prone to flood ang Kensington ?

    Sorry for that questions… La lng kasi akong alam =(

    Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon!

    God bless!

    PS… sorry for my pix.. di ko pa na edit.. hehhe

    1. Hi Gilly! Kensington 17 is really far from our village (LV1) so I cannot really vouch re its exact status during the typhoon. But LE/LNC in general experienced light to moderate flooding only despite the fact that Cavite was declared in a state of calamity during the typhoon. One commenter posted about the flood hazard maps for LNC/LE. You can check it to verify if KS 17 is indeed prone to flooding. I think flooding in the area is not a valid ground for refund because it doesn’t state in the contract that PFI guarantees that LE/LNC is flood-free. I mean some agent claim this and some even put it in their ads but there’s no official contract that says so. That’s my POV.

      Tapos na ba kayo with your equity? If so, you should wait for your unit’s Notice of Completion then after noon is you’re supposed to secure a CFI (Clearance For Inspection). You will be scheduled to inspect your unit and you will fill out a BCR (Buyers Contact Report) regarding the repairs that you wish to be made to your unit if there are any. Inspection time takes a long time as well especially if you have listed numerous items in your BCR. Then once you’re happy with your unit (assuming that all items in your BCR have been addressed already), you can then accept your unit and you will be given an ATMI (Authority to Move In) and the house keys will be turned over to you. Your unit has one year guarantee from the time of acceptance so you can still request PFI to do repairs even after you have moved in.

      Re bank loan, ideally you should sign the LOG and the loan take out once you have accepted your unit to make sure that you will start paying the MA only after you have moved in and are satisfied with your unit.

      I hope this helps.

      1. Waaaaaaah!!!! I’m really so blessed and happy na nakita ko tong bolg mo Ms. Micah.. So very helpful. SUPER THANK YOU TALAGA for answering all our queries. Thank you din sa time mo. Hope to see u soon if nandyan na kami.. eheheheheh…

        So excited. We have to be positive n lng.. God bless us all..

        Sa Feb 2014 pa po last payment ng equity namin. Cge po, will note all your advises Ms. Micah..

        THANK YOU SO MUCH once again!!!

    2. Hi Gilly! I happen to have read your comment here and I wondered, you started your equity last January 2013 but your unit is in KS17. I also have reserved a unit in KS16 but started our equity last June 2013 only. Were you the one who chose your phase? Because at the time I have reserved a unit, my agent told me that they don’t allow that and the only available phase was KS16. So I left with no choice. I just get confused by this. ;)

      Anyway, I think KS16 and KS17 are still unconstructed. But Pro friends told me that it’s now under land development. I also hope that it’s flood-free by the time it is already constructed. :)

      1. Hello Glenny,

        Actually our first choice was at KS15, kais un lng din ung may available for Catherine. Kaso, we have received a notice na di tuloy ung construction sa KS15 kasi daw di aabot ang elctricity something doon.. Basta may problem doon. Sobrang layo na ata.. Kaya the management moved our unit sa KS17… sila na ata nagsuggest ng KS17..

        Hopefully nga… wlang problem and flood free sana…

        let’s just be positive n lng.. eheheh

    3. HI Gilly…may balita ka na ba sa unit mo? Nakakuha rin ako ng unit sa KS16 at last payment ko ng equity nung Feb 5 pa…nung magfollow up ako sa agent ko sabi nya namove daw yung pagconstruct ng KS16….Excited na akong makalipat pero dahil sa nalaman ko nagsisimula na akong magpanic…

      1. Hi Miss Regina. May balita na po sa unit nyo? Nakakuha din ako ng unit sa KS22. Sobrang stress knowing na may mga ganitong issues. Nakakatakot tuloy. Hindi pa ako tapos sa equity at hindi ganun kadaling kitain ang pera kaya sobrang nakakastress lalo na nung nabasa ko mga negative reviews. :(

      2. missjhelay…nagfollow up ako sa CS ng profiends, sabi tentative turnover daw sa May pero nung nagfollow up ako sa Agent ko, ang sabi daw ng engineers eh under land development pa and probably sa January 2015 pa daw ang construction ng unit ko…so im still thinking kung magrerequest na ako ng refund or continue ko na lang and wait for January next year…

  75. hi! thankful ako n my ganito plang blog/forum kaso too late n, nsa 18th month n kmi ng DP at mahirap n yta mgback out ngaun, sbi p ay hnd pwd marefund ang DP n naibayad n so mukhang iha2nda q nlng ang sarili q s mga future prob n maiencounter q with PFI. s ngaun nga wla png target date of completion ang unit, for me maaga p nmn pra mgreklamo bkt ganun kaya ask q lng kung my feedback n s mga alexandra or gabrielle unit owners n nkalipat n, ung mga unang MS phases kung ngkaproblema b cla s unit, ano2 ung naencounter nlang defects s construction at kung delayed b tlga in all cases ang turn over ng units? dhil kc s no visit policy eh hnd kmi mapalagay ng husband q ano pwdeng kalabasan ng unit n kinuha nmin lalo pa at halos reklamo lng ang nabasa q d2, mostly p ng transactions ay aq lng ang gumagawa dhil ofw ang husband q at dream house nmin ang nkataya kaya sana s mga readers, o mga kakila2 mo ms. micah s ibng phases eh masagot ang tanong q.thank u and God bless

    1. Hi jamie owen! I think it’s best to join the Lancaster Estates FB page and ask the members there. From what I know isa pa lang ang nakakalipat sa MS phase and that’s because naka inhouse financing siya. Sa mga under bank financing may problem pa with land title distribution kaya hindi pa maprocess ng bank ang loan. But I’m not sure if this issue has been settled already. Try to back read once ma apprrove ka to be member

  76. Hi Micah,

    This is a very nice review. Very transparent and very helpful. I myself got a Diana house model at KS13. We have not received any word as to how much work has been completed. But hopefully we will get some details soon.

  77. Hi Mica,

    Thank you for this posts. We also bought a house in Lancaster and our Inspection date will be on October 19. At least, na heads up na ko on what to expect. Thank you so much for the advice.

      1. Hi Micah. Thanks for all the tips and info. I already reserved a unit in Somerset Ph 11. I’ll be starting my equity in October. Hopefully, it will turn out well from here. LNC’s vision is really nice that’s why I’m sticking with it.

  78. Super duper liar ang PROFRIENDS! As of this writing, I still did not get my TCT after paying the property in Montefaro Village in full since August last year. Given the fact na ang dami dami na ngang problem ng house, especially those leakages from the firewall, they are really slow in doing actions for those.. What a waste of money and time dealing with them. Hope you guys are okay with your units. Good Luck!

  79. Hello micah, thanks for the helpful information you wrote on your blogs really helps a lot. I just reserved my unit as well 1st week of this month,and will start the down payment in October I plan to pay my full downpayment for Gabriel model and after that plan to pay at least 40% of the listing price of my unit but unfortunately I am having a 2nd thoughts if ituloy ko pa ba or I am willing to go under the stress and hassle for doing the construction loan processing etc. I’m living abroad this information I read make me wonder if this house and lot really for me. I am so disappointed because I love the place location and the house I have my aunt who is my spa there just don’t know if she can handle to stress dealing with Profriends later. Hope hope will have a smooth processing,even though I know it won’t be perfect but hopefully will not get that bad. Sayang ang reservation fee ko but I don’t mind wasting it Kung mas mahirap at magastos pa lalo ang haharapin namin problem. Again thanks for very informative and helpful tips.

    1. Hi Lyn, please still try to consider Lancaster as your dream house. yes PFI has alot of mistake but still we try to cover those mistakes by giving our kababayan a good and affordable house. you may encounter difficulties but at the end of the day you can have your dream house. you can compare our lancaster to other developers but please try to consider the convinience like if you have children, who wants to study in St edward school, when you want to go the church and if you want to have groceries its like everything you need is within reach :)

      by the way im one of the branch manager in PFI even if im not your agent if you have concerns regarding lancaster you can ask for some advice also.

      last tip, everytime you have appointment in PFI always bring your agent and let them do their Job also hehe

      1. Sir James, question lng po.. SInce pangit ung mga comments ng ibang homeowner sa pagkagawa or end result ng unit nila… Can we, as the buyer and homeowner request to have our own workers/carpenter (of course, sila magpapasweldo noon) just to be sure.. paglipat or pagturn-over ng unit.. ok na ang lahat.. Pulido na.. wala ng reklamo reklamo.. na may leakage… di pantay ung pintuan… di kami takot punta ng 2nd flr baka magcollapse.. and the like.

        Kasi we’re paying for Millions here.. hindi lng Thousands.. tapos basta basta lng ang pagkagawa nila.. sana we can demand na sa amin n lng ung mga magtrabaho ng hauz.. instead of paying sa contractor nila na palpak naman…=(

  80. hi micah…my husband and i bought a unit sa LV2,,tapos apat ko pa ma na kami ng dp this sept.5, after reading your this your blog na binaha ung LV2 parang na sad ata ko…hindi pa kami ng start ng amortization coz we need to submit some of the documents for bank loan. u think i should pursue buying this unit…sayang kasi ung perang naihulog na namin, kung ganyan na binaBAHA ung area.

    1. Hi! Wag ka manghinayang sa RFee movie basta isipin mo mabuti kung ano talaga ang gusto mo atung wala ka iisipin na sobra.

      For you to choosev please try to visit our projects in ARA VISTA Village located at Brgy Biklatan Amadeo Road General Trias Cavite.

      FREE TTripping
      Please advise a day before to see the units, our shuttle service.

      You can call/text me 0906-579-3950
      Property Investment Consultant
      Makati Office

  81. Hi micah, thanks for your blog, nakatulong sya skin para hndi muna mag padalos-dalos sa pakuha ng bahay especially, hndi ko na cnonsider ung PFI after reading many reviews, pero meron kasi kaming really close family friends (parang kapatid ko na sya tlaga for decades na) na SALES MANAGER SA PROVENEO LAND client nila ang PFI, and nag pledge sya skn na tutulungan nya ko hndi makaencounter ng mga major problems sa transactions, mgiging hands on daw sya MISMO, (hindi sya agent (manager sya ng mga sales agent) Ngayon gusto ko ulit sya iconsider.. ang worried nlng namin is ung quality ng bahay, dahil natakot kami sa nabalitaan namin nagbibitak bitak sya pag dun ka nakatira maraming tulo pati pag umuulan marami tagas.. may mga ganitong symptoms na ba ung bahay niyo ngayon? Sobrang maapreciate ko kung mssgot mko. Thanks a lot. :)

    1. Hi lotis! Grabe naman yung nagbibitak bitak. O baka you’re referring dun sa unit sa Montefaro Village na na-feature sa Imbestigador. Ibang project yun ng PFI. May friend ako sa village na yun pero ok naman yung unit niya. 2009 pa siya nakatira dun. No cracks and leaks in our unit at least for now

      1. yun na nga yun. haha sorry sa term. pero yun lang kasi ung mga nabalitaan ko, ung mga cracks and tulo or yung pag nababasa nga daw ung pader. E natakot na kami. but now, pwede ko na cgro ko iconsider ulit ang bellefort sa cavite. thanks micah. sana mag update ka pa sa house mo sooner. hehe para magkapag-asa or maging aware kami kung may problem (sana wala naman). ^_^ thanks again.

      2. Hi Lotis! Well may minor issues din with our unit itself at pati na rin sa pagpapalakad ng community ng LE. I’ll post about it in detail when I have time. With PFI kasi hit and miss talaga. Add to that the fact na ang laki at ang dami nilang projects kaya napapabayaan ang customer service. Sa Bellefort ba no visit policy din? For me kasi issue yun eh. In the end it’s still up to you. Mas mabuti rin na marami ka ng nabisita at nakausap na iba’t ibang developers para you can weigh things more objectively. Best of luck!

  82. hello, I’m raymund.. 1st inspection ko mmya sa sophie model.. hnd ko lam ang ggawin ko kasi mag isa lang ako.. si mama na nasa canada ang nagbbayad ng house pero sa akin nakapangalan. please give me advice sa pag inspect.. iniisip ko kasi isang bese lang cya iinspect, marami pala kasi maraming defects minsan. hehe

    1. Congrats raymund sa inspection. May recent comment ako in this thread about the steps that you need to do before and after inspection. Pls look for it. And iprint mo na rin yung checklist for inspection. Hiniram ko lang din yan from the LE facebook page. Goodluck!

      1. hi micah….thanks for posting your blog, very helpful. we have a unit sa LV2 94% nang tapos…so with the dp tapos na rin! ask ko lng how long will it take after the loan approval sa bank ang 1st inspection?…thank you

      2. Hi ella! You don’t have to be approved by the bank first para makapagpa-schedule ng 1st inspection. As soon as tapos na ang unit dapat bigyan na kayo ni PFI ng Notice of Completion (NOC). After that you are suppose to secure a Clearance for Inspection (CFI). And hanggang hindi niyo tinatanggap ang unit niyo (meaning hindi pa kayo satisfied sa unit) don’t let the bank release/take out your housing loan. In short, dapat mauna ang inspection sa takeout/release ng loan from the bank. Or else, hindi pa kayo nakakalipat/nakatira sa unit niyo ay required na kayo magbayad ng monthly amortization. Worst case scenario, may major defect ang unit niyo na hindi na kayang irepair. If ma-release agad ang loan niyo you have no choice but to accept the defective unit or request to be transferred to another unit (if possible and subject to PFI’s approval).

      3. infairness micah, niprint ko tlga before I went to lancaster.. hnd ko naman nagamit kasi super tingin ako sa mga sulok sulok ng house. haha! medyo madumi yung house, parang binagyo na ewan.. bagong gawa pa kasi, at wala pang nakatira sa village so parang ghost town cya.. anyway, sana okay na sa 2nd inspection.. thanks micah! labya xo

  83. Thank you micah for the helpful advise…minsan kasi ang gulo CS ng PFI parang some of them hindi alam ang proseso, imagine tapos na kami sa dp kahit 1st inspection wala pa rin advise from PFI, ginagawang nilang tanga ung mga buyer nila.Lagi ako tumatawag sa CS nila pero never nila ako in advise to have request for CFI, bakit kaya? Sa monday if ever na tumawag ako to ask for CFI mga ilang days kaya bago kami mabigyan?.your blog really helps a lot. thank u so much :)

    1. Ella don’t call. Go directly to their main office in mandaluyong and demand (not request) for a CFI. That’s assuming na complete na talaga yung unit mo ha. Pag phone kasi ang bilis nila magdecline. If sa office you can ask even for the manager to respond to your questions if in case sabihin ng CS rep that he/she doesn’t know your question/concern

  84. Very thorough. Thank you Micah. I just called Lancaster earlier for a schedule of visit. I would like to start an investment of my own so a small house like Alice model would do. Since you have been living there for months now, would you still recommend for me to invest in Lancaster?

    1. Hi!
      We are on pre-selling a house and lot, ARA VISTA VILLAGE located at Brgy Biklatan Amadeo Road General Trias Cavite.

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  85. Hi Micah!

    I just want to know if you have experienced this before with Profriends: We are paying the MA since February, we have signed all docs sa bank kaharap ang Profriends staff sa mismong head office. We are now living in our unit and recently, a staff named Angela called us up nito lang and told us that we need to submit ITR 2012, cedula and proof of billing. Kung hindi raw magawa, ma-buy back daw ung unit. I do not know kung ano ba talaga ung ibig sabihin niya basta ang sabi nya, malilipat daw kami ng finacing kapag hindi na comply ang mga docs kasi hindi pa raw kami converted kay bank kaya kailangan daw na i-update ang mga docs like ITR. This is our first year na nagbabayad ng MA. Ang totoo, dati hiningian na kami pero hindi kami nagbigay ULI kasi nga nawala nila ung docs at pinapaayos pa sa amin sa head office at may signed docs pa kami na we do not need to submit the docs na. It’s really irritating kasi parang nananakot pa sila na mag-iiba kami ng financing dahil sa kapabayaan nila. On your first year of payment ba, nag-update ba kayo ng documents like what they are telling us?

    Thanks Micah, I will really appreciate your response :)

    1. Hi bella! I’m on the road right now at intermittent and 3G ko. Hehe. But to answer your question, no hindi kami pinag-update ng documents or anything. At saka bakit kamo maba-buy back eh you’re paying your dues/MA on time. Yung requirements na hinihingi nila is for pre-approval ng loan yan eh. The fact na pina takeout nila yung loan even without those updated documents (na nasubmit niyo na naman before di ba?) means na hindi na yun ganoon kaimportante and ka-crucial. Saka verify mo muna if taga bank ba talaga yung tumawag sa iyo. Nakaka freak out lang kasi. With my experience very polite naman ang UCPB kahit na na takeout na yung loan namin. In fact sila ang dapat matakot sa iyo kasi you always have the option to transfer your financing to another bank of your choice (yung ikaw na lang maglalakad on your own. May termination fee lang with your current bank but you can haggle with the interest na ibibigay sayo ng bagong bank) at sila ang mawawalan ng malaking kita. Ang laki laki kaya ng interest nila kaya usually they’re nice to us customers :)

      1. Hello Micah,

        Thank you for this blog. You made us all feel a bit relaxed and helped us to continue hoping that one day we will be able to stay in our dream house. I have shared my experience here too a month ago, and it made me feel lighter, it was like unloading a burden by being able to express out anger, frustrations and disappointments.

        My third inspection schedule is finally confirmed on Oct. 18. I’m looking forward to this. Goodness, my mind is already busy with curtains, linens, house accessories, etc.

        You’re a smart girl Micah. Keep it up!

      2. Hi Jao! Thank you for the words of appreciation. I hope the October 18 inspection will render positive results. And I hope you can move into your unit soon and not experience any further difficulties in dealing with our developer. Best of luck!

      3. Hi Micah!

        Actually, taga Profriends ang tumatawag sa amin, taga main office at hindi si bank kaya nga hindi muna ako naniniwala na magpapa-submit uli si bank noon eh kasi nag-work din ako sa banko, bago i-approve ang loan, complete lahat dapat ng docs. Sinabihan ko nga yung taga Profriends, sabi ko, wag na wag nya akong sasabihan ng ganun (buy back) dahil hindi nya alam kung anong kalokohan ang ginawa ng kumpanya nila sa amin. May pinapirmahan pa sila sa aming Housing Loan Application pero nilagayan ko ng “For Updating of Record Only” baka kasi kailangan uli naming mag-apply na ewan. Basta nakaka-bwisit na sila. Ngayon, hinahayaan ko silang pumunta sa bahay para kunin ang dokumentong gusto nila. Pag may pipirmahan kami, sila ang pumupunta sa bahay kasi hindi na naman makatarungan ang ginagawa nila na paulit-ulit tapos hindi pa marunong magpaliwanag ng maayos, kung hindi ka pa magtatanong, wala pa silang i-feed na info sayo. Dapat talaga, ipakita mo sa kanila na alam mo ang mga bagay-bagay kundi, madali ka nilang lolokohin… Hay buhay, hindi ko alam kung bakit may mga taong ganon… :(

        Thanks Micah ha, at least alam ko na nagsisinungaling uli sila… sabi kasi nila lahat daw, hinihingian nila ng ganun…

        Smile lang tayo… postive pa rin :) he he!

      4. Hi Pinay Ako! Sorry now lang ako nakareply. Been so busy at work the past few weeks. Ironically we received a mail and a call from UCPB last week requesting for such documents. For repricing na kasi yung loan namin this October kaya nagrequest daw sila ng new set of docs. Pero very polite at mabait naman yung UCPB personnel na tumawag sa amin and most docs na hinihingi nila (except for our ITR) ay kukunin lang din namin from Profriends. Yung case mo, na takeout na ba yung bank loan mo? If repricing ka na baka same case nung sa amin although dapat si bank ang kokontak sayo at hindi si Profriends. If naman hindi pa na-takeout yung bank loan mo malamang naiwala lang ni Profriends yung unang set of docs na sinubmit mo. Pero ok din yung ginawa mo na sila pinapa pick up mo. They don’t have the right to threaten you na maba-buy back yung unit mo if you’re paying your MA on time. Cheers!

    2. totoo yan sabi ni micah tayo ang client ni bank and the main source of profit ng bank is interest I know this coz I work in a bank loosing a good payor client is the last thing they would want to happen kahit di nga good payor pipigain nila hangang sa maubusan ng kaluluwa para mawalan pati ng option lumipat sa ibang banko, and careful with fraudsters nagkalat yan kahit sa real eastate business, note ITR is about your annual income now normally a bank has to check this to see how much you are capable of paying (based on caculations and all that) the bank ask for the second time kung mag kakaroon ng repricing and loan mo due to a number of reason nag declare ka ba ng bankruptcy? or change in income kasi na iba na trabaho bumaba sahod so on and so forth di na kaya mag bayad then you ask for re assessment, so these are few, and ITR is enough to show all these, yung cedula ano yun check nila kung nag babayad ka ng tax sa barangay kung tama yung declaration mo sa sahod mo? kalokohan sino yang tumawag BIR? nanghahabol ng tax evader? i would advise to call the person in charge dun sa loan mo check ano status ng account mo with the bank or better yet visit the bank

      1. Hi Mokz, si Angela po, taga Profriends. Actually, ung tauhan ng Profriends ang pumupunta dito to get the docs they need kaya sure naman kami na Profriends sila.

  86. Hi Micah! Well it’s me again. So last time I told you that they are asking me to pay around 78k additional payable in 3 mos. this was an additional sa DP na tpos na nmin bayaran early this year. I asked them to reconsider me sa ibang bank and they said sa UCPB raw. Kaso hindi raw maprocess un bank loan ko if hindi ko babayaran un additional na DP. I don’t have that kind of amount due to financial difficulty dahil my baby underwent operation and it was not covered by my card so I had to pay out of pocket. I loaned money for that operation and currently paying them kaya I really have nothing to spare. I asked if they can extend the 3mos to give me enough time to look for money. they eventually said yes pero after nun convert na raw aq sa in-house which is iniiwasan ko talaga dahil ang laki nga at hindi ko tlga kaya. I tried applying for bank loan and pag-ibig loan. Ang dming hinihingi ng pag-ibig which I don’t think ibibigay basta basta ni PFI dahil I remeber sabi nung agent na kausap ko, pag nag self process daw aq, we will have to pay the in-house rate habang nagpo-process ng pag-ibig loan. I tried sa BDO, i was able to provide most of the requirements that they need, but the TCT. I called PFI for a copy of TCT but sadly wala pa raw titulo un house and lot. Nasa Registry of Deeds pa raw and they are monitoring it nmn. How can that be na wala parin titulo after 2yrs of paying for it? Also, how can they process bank loan kung wala nmn pala pang titulo un lupa? I really don’t know where else to go. i don’t want to lose the house. please help!

    1. lam mo sa case mo I would consult an attorney, someone you know perhaps para di gaano mabigat, pag may nasilip ang abogado dyan naku! paborito pa naman ng mga abogado yan mga real estate cases laki ng kikitain nila dyan, pero ofcorz that’s just me talkin…

    2. I think ang problem mo is yung PFI kasi sa simulat simula di ka talaga makakapasok sa bank loan kung walang title ang unit mo kasi po yun ang magiging panghahawakan ng bangko or yun yung collateral nila para bigyan ka nila ng loan. palagay ko di nila inasikaso talaga ang loan process mo para maipasok ka sa in-house nila. palagay ko pumunta ka sa head office nila and demand to give you the title of you’re house kasi more than 2 years na yun….and ikaw na mismo ang mag lakad ng house loan mo. and wag ka pumayag na ipasok ka nila sa in-house kasi kasalanan nila ang di pagaasikaso ng titulo, dapat i extend nila ang equity mo na no interest ang monthly payment mo dahil ikaw ang buyer dapat lahat ng paper works sa part nila is gawin nila dahil you already done you’re part. be firm kapag harapin mo sila kasi kung kaya ka nila ikaw mahihirapan or owrst mawawalan ka ng pagaari sa di mo naman kasalanan… just my opinion…..

    3. I just read your story. Why not ask legal advise sa HLURB? or just like me I have already consulted a laywer regarding my case and he said I can refund my money and even more due to the depression, emotional stress and hassle they have given me. If you want to join me start compiling all the conversations, emails, receipts, contract etc and most of all a complete written complaint talking about your whole experience from the time your reserved the property till now. email me it’s I can give you my lawyers details because the more we the better.

  87. Mam can i call you? I just want to ask questions. I’m also a buyer, having hard experience/s with pro friends. Just need help. Or if you can just call me tom at my ofis 2818934. Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. hi MadzM, are you also having a hard time with PFI? Nakaka-stress na sila actually, sorry I can’t call your office number Manila line e :) but if you want, you can txt me 0917893267

      1. Hi Gie! Sorry I haven’t been able to respond to your messages and to other commenters as well. I’ve been too busy at work I don’t have much time to go online these days.

  88. Hi Micah!

    I bought Haven Unit in SS1 and we received a letter for inspection last October 4 pero ung letter dated Sept 4,2013 and Profriends binigyan lang kame ng 60 days para to confirm profriends the date and time of inspection sa unit ko…yung post mo it helps a lot specially me 1st time buyer and totally wala akong alam…til date we’re naghahanap and ate ko ng Civil Engineer to help us or guide us during the inspection. I really hope na sana smooth naman lahat…Ate ko as my SPA sya lang ung kikilos jan on my behalf…and sana di binabaha ang SSI.

    Nagdown ako ng May…after that wala na akong update sa unit na kinuha ko..basta bayad lang ako ng bayad… ngaun lang ako magkakaroon ng updates and pictures during sa inspection hopefully ma set ng Ate ko by next week during Sem break.

    Thank you very much sa blogs mo Ms. Micah…I got the checklist during the inspection. Kahit papano nagkaroon ako ng idea during the inspection although wala ako during the inspection pero I really hope na maging okay ang lahat. God Bless!

  89. Hi Micah

    Have a great day!!!

    Share ko lng din po ung naging experience ko sa napakabagal na Serbisyo ng Profriends.

    Nakabili ako ng Haven unit sa SS1 way back May 2011. Meron daw po talaga delay kaya di nila madeliver ung unit on time,, OK fine!!!

    Matagal tagal din po ako nagtiis sa pag papaasa ng PFI. Approved na rin po ako ng BDO at nag start na ako ng Monthly Amort last Aug. 26 2013. Nag dropped by po ako sa Head office nila sa Mandaluyong last Aug. 12, 2013 since malapit lng naman ang company namin sa office nila. Binigyan po ako ng Clearance for Inspection scheduled Sept. 28, 2013. One week before the scheduled CFI (Sept. 21) tumawag ang isang PFI call center agent sa akin para sabihin na cancelled daw ang inspection. Tatawag na lng daw po ulit kung kelan ang first CFI ko sa unit ko. Nakakadismaya lng kc ang reason nila ay naka Hold daw po ang lahat ng CFI sched for sept dahil may mga repairs pa daw. Give me some advice naman po kung ano nga ba talaga ang dapat kong gawin bukod sa mag antay sa tawag ng PFI sa akin. Mag 3rd M.A. na po ako this October 26.

    1. Hi Waiting in Vain! I suggest you insist na matuloy ang inspection even if may repairs pa daw. Kasi from experience, yung 1st inspection naman talaga nila is hindi pa acceptable ang state ng unit at kailangan mo pa talagang magkaroon ng subsequent inspections. Kumbaga mabuti nang makita mo yung unit mo ngayon dahil tumatakbo lang ang oras na walang nangyayari if na-delay ng na-delay ang 1st inspection. At least pag nakapag 1st inspection ka na, may maililista ka ng complaints sa punchlist mo at magagawa na nila yun in time for your next inspection(s). Kesa maghihintay ka ng matagal for your 1st inspection tapos madismaya ka lang dahil madami pa palang repairs na dapat gawin sa unit mo.

      1. Thank you sa reply Ms. Micah. Dahil na rin sa pangungulit ko, nakuha ko po ang contact no ni Ms. Emily. Sya daw po ang naka assign sa Initial inspection ng bahay . This coming Friday, Oct 25.. naka sched na po kami for our first CFI. kaya binalikan ko po ulit ung blog nyo para sa mga tips during first inspection. Sana nga po eh makita ko ang lahat ng defects. Ang problema lng ay wala naman ako gaano alam sa construction. Ang mahirap po kc kung napinturahan na ung mga walls, pano po kaya makikita ung penetrating cracks? Expected ko na rin po na may mga defects po talaga pero sana minimal lng dahil gusto na rin talaga namin makalipat bago mag New year.. Samahan ko na rin ng mataimtim na pagdarasal para naman maayos na maturn over ang unit sa amin.

  90. Hello Micah,

    The Oct. 18 third inspection showed good result based on my SPA’s evaluation. She is just a close friend so it was based on her judgement. I cannot do anything, but hopeful it was really ok. She signed the acceptance form with provisions that any complaints after the acceptance will be dealt with by PFI engr. dept. Again, I’m hopeful it will be fine.

    I would just like to ask about meralco and water connections? How much estimated budget for these?

    Do you have any info about contractors who will do renovations? gate? terrace? floor tiling?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jao! Congratulations! Ginagawa naman nila yung remaining complaints. Just be persistent and you need to remind them about the schedule of repairs. For Southlink application, we spent 2K while for Meralco estimate of 4K-5K if I remember it right. My dad is a contractor so he arranged our house renovation/improvement but he’s almost retired now. For relatives na lang ang services niya ;) Meron akong nakikitang nagpopost about contractor info sa Facebook page ng LE or LNC. I’ll check it again if I have time :)

      1. Hi Micah,

        Thanks for your blog!
        Nakakuha din kami ng unit sa LV2 Haven, last DP namin July 2013 & until now wala pa din feedback from Profriends about Notice of House Completion & even Notice for House Inspection. Si BDO lang ang nagpapadala ng notice sa AIF namin na approve na yung loan.

        Please help us to know how to deal with Profriends kc yung AIF namin nasa province at kami both nasa abroad. ok lang ba na ma take out yung loan sa BDO at mag start ng MA kahit hindi pa nag house inspection.

      2. Hi micah, is it possible na makuha ko ung 4months dp ko? Backout na kasi ako sa profriends eh…

        Thankyou very much!

  91. Ms. Micah,

    Sorry for bothering you again. Just want to ask kung pwede na ba kami mag punta sa bank as early as now and inform them na hwag muna e release ung loan namin sa PFI hanggat di pa namin natirhan ung unit?

    Feb 2014 pa matapos ang equity namin…

    Thank you so much.


    1. Hi Gilly! Pag nag-sign ka na ng LOG with the bank that’s the time that you can inform them na i-hold muna ang loan takeout. If wala pang LOG, don’t muna.

  92. Hi everyone.. this is also our biggest nightmare. August 2011 when we purchased our unit with profriends, till now Oct 2013 d pa din nai turn over. Our loan has benn approved by UCPB august 2013, thank God pwede palang ma hold ang loan take out. 18 months ang validity ng LOG, so dapat pala within this time frame mai turn over na sa min ung house before mag expire ang LOG. OMG, sino kaya pwedeng tumulong para mai report tong profriends at ma hold ang license nila to sell until such time na maiturn over muna nila lahat ng commitments nila sa mga buyers. PLS. HELP.

    1. hello there, im also looking for help…. we have sent them an email cancelling the purchased because of the delay of the turn over but they are refusing to refund the money..

  93. hello there, ive just read your story with Pro friends, I found this page sa kakahanap ng mga bad comments with this developer. Meron akong inihahandang case with them kasi we are asking for a refund of the money we paid for the equity.. delay na sila n turn over ng bahay for 3 months.. kindly help baka my contact or group ka that can help us with our dilemma with lancaster. thanks…

  94. Hello Micah, baka may alam ka na magandang gumawa ng cabinets, floor tiling and paggawa ng wood flanks sa stairs. please info me. thanks.

    1. Hello Jao,

      Kung may FB account ka po.. search mo ung group na Lancaster Estates Homeowners. Then mag request po kayo to join the group. Meron po ako nakita dun na nagawa ng cabinets at wood planks sa stairs. Sa Photos folder, look for Haven Unit na album. Makikita nyo po dun ung home improvement.

    1. Hi Ms. Micah,

      As ko lang po based on your experience, wala po ba talaga minimum salary required pag magaaply sa Bank Financing?

      Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi ray! Minsan may promo sila na no minimum salary requirement eh. Pero based on my personal experience meron minimum salary requirement nung time na kumuha kami ng unit. And depende yun sa unit na kukuhanin or sa loan amount na i-aavail mo. For units in LV1, the minimum salary requirement nung time namin is 50K a month. Hindi ako sure for other phases eh.

  95. hi ask ko lang may kilala ba kayo atty para sa case sa lancaster? dapat kasi ang turn over namin was last november 2012 pa hanggang ngyon hindi pa din ayos at tuwing sked for inspection walang nababago. at sabi flood free nung punta kami may bakat sa loob ay labas ng bahay at ang dahilan nila may nag leak lang daw sa loob.

    1. Hi cazh! Sorry to hear about your dilemma. One year delayed na pala ang unit mo. I have a lawyer- friend na nahihingian ko ng tulong at advice before at siya rin yung nag-aadvice sa mga ibang people na natulungan ko noon dito but she’s been very busy now kasi corporate lawyer na siya. Baka may ibang people here who can refer you to a lawyer. I also suggest you file a case/complaint in HLURB. You can do it even without a lawyer

  96. Thanks for sa super helpful post mo Micah. Share ko lng story ko baka may suggestion kayo. Bumili din kasi ako house sa Lancaster last January 2012 then last April 2013 natapos ko na po yung down payment. Ang Turn over was suppose to be April 2013 din pero sinabi ng agent ko normally nadedelay ng 3 months. Hinintay ko hangang July exactong nasa Pinas ako. Pumunta ako sa office ng profriends sabi nila ok na daw yung bahay ready for inspection at yung bank daw approved na waiting for LOG na lang. Kaya pinag issue nila ako ulit ng 12 cheques na nakapangalan sa profriends parin for in housedaw muna while waiting for the LOG daw. Tinanong ko bakit nakaname parin sa profriends ang sabi nila for the mean time lang daw yun (May doubt ako kasi may chances na bagsak credibility nila sa banks sa dami ng complaints). Anyway nag agree ako kasi hoping ako na matuturn over na sa akin ang unit finally after the inspection at wala ng hassle. Mga 1st week ng August nakaschedule ang SPA ko pero dahil sa bagyo na resched ng mga 3rd week ng August for inspection. Unfortunately wala na ako sa Pilipinas nun. According sa SPA ko ang dami dami pa daw dapat ayusin pero minor lang. Inischedule nila Nov 5 daw 2nd inspection pero before Nov 5 tumawag sila sa SPA ko na wag daw muna pumunta kasi hindi pa nasisimulang gawin and a lot of alibis tapos humihingi nanaman ng another set ng documents na 3x na kami nakapagsubmit ng paulit ulit. Until now nagbabayad ako ng monthly amortization ng wala pang turn over at 7 months na super late and I feel na there asking more documents to delay. Nag email ako sa pro friends to hold yung cheques hangat hindi natuturnover ang unit ko but nirefuse. Nagbabayad ako ng inhouse ng wala pang turn over. SOBRANG NIGHTMARE ANG COMPANYANG ITO. Very poor service and very low customer satisfaction.

    1. Hi Lee! Sorry to hear about your experience with Profriends. I must agree that recently it’s getting more and more difficult dealing with Profriends. It seems like they don’t care much about their customers

  97. Hi Micah,

    Thanks sa blog mo. Yung experience mo is more acceptable than what I have gone through. October 2011 nang pina reserve ko ng unit from PFI agent. I find it difficult nung una palang kasi nasa abroad ako ang my mom was my SPA. Medyo mahirap saken process yung papers dahil 1 day lang off ko that time but I was able to managed. I prefer PAG-IBIG talaga over BANK or INHOUSING kasi mas madaling i-managed. May problem kasi ako sa bank during that time kaya pinili ko mag PAG-IBIG. Pero suggest ng agent ko mag bank daw ako kasi yung PAGIBIG personal ang pag process daw nun. So nag try ako if ever makakapasa I will pursue. Yun nga nakapasa daw ako from bank without even knowing di iyon ang totoong story. Wala talaga akong idea about sa loan. Yung downpayment lang pala yung naipasa ko kaya after 2 years of paying nung DP which is about 200k tinawagan ako ng mom ko sabi nya rejected daw ako sa bank. So nag emergency leave ako and my husband kasi ang promise ng PROFRIENDS after 18months ang take out ng house. Para din ayusin yung problem ko sa bank. Instead na maging maayos yung usapan lalo pang naging magulo. I settled my bank issues para ma proceed yung loan ko kaso ayaw na tanggapin ng UCP. Ang isang option ko is to transfer sa name ng husband ko yung ownership kasi I was still single nung kinuha ko yung house. Pero they said (PFI) na di rin daw ma approve kasi magiging conjugal yung property and still my name will reflect. Ang masakit pa don di nila kami inform as early as possible para atleast di na kami tumuloy at di na lang namen tinapos yung DP. Our only option now is INHOUSING which is sobrang laki kung iisipin pero dahil gusto ko lang talagang may mangyari don sa ginastos ko we proceed. Now after paying yung balance ng DP namen na umabot na ng 340k and 3 years na namen nahulugan ni ayaw nila pa view samen yung aming unit. Gusto lang naman sana naman malaman kung may progress na yung unit kasi everytime we ask yung status ng unit pabago bago yung binibigay nilang statement. Di rin daw nila pwede pa proceed yung inspection unless we issue 26 check para sa kanilang security. Wala pa nga kami nakikita sa binayad namen sa kanila sila pa itong nanakot samen. And every time na ma delay kami kami pa ang na p-penalty, dibat sila nga dapat penalty namen kasi sila yung delayed. Now my husband decided not to proceed, I have no idea kung mababawi pa namen yung 340k namen from them. We will ask help from legal kung pwede pa namen ma claim atleast some of our money. I am totally dismayed with Profriends. Masakit isipin after ilang years mo na hinulugan eh wala din mapupuntahan.

    1. Hi missy! Sobra naman nga ang pinagdaaanan mo with Profriends. Ang hirap kasi talaga with agents here is they sweet talk you to the point of being dishonest na and promises you everything para lang bumili ka and then iiwanan ka na when you need them the most. Honestly I don’t know what to advise anymore. I strongly suggest na you consult a lawyer to discuss your other options. Anung phase ba yung unit mo? Ang dami pa kasing phases na incomplete pero yung mga buyers tapos na magbayad ng DP.

      1. No I don’t recommend Imbestigador at all. Last time I heard parang naging endorser pa ng PFI si Mike Enriquez. Maybe Tulfo brothers. Parang mas aggressive sila eh. But then of course, media needs sensational cases so mas ok siguro pag marami talaga yung buyers na magreklamo and share their stories on national TV

    2. Hi Missy,

      Marerefund nyo yong naibayad nyong 340K, then icharge nyo atleast ng 50% ng total amount for exemplary damages plus atty.’s fee. kung may kakilala kayo lawyer mas ok. pa draft ka lang naman ng case. di na kailangan ng appearance sa hearing. marami talaga gastos. pero dapat gawin mo. kasi habang walang magdedemanda sa kanila eh ganun ng ganon ang gagawin nila.

      1. Dear Aries,
        Pareho ako ni missy, gusto ko irefund yung naihulog ko sa profriends, nagkahiwalay kami ng husband ko dahil dyan. 15 years na kaming mag asawa at nagsasama ng mahusay ng naisipan naming kumuha sa profriends ng house and lot, nasa abroad ang asawa ko. Ngayon ako na lang maag isa kasama ko ang 11 yrs old ko na anak, wala na kaming communication ng husband ko. Siya ang nagbabayad ng monthly amortizatiion. natapos na namin ang 15 months payment almost 244K, ng pinuntahan namin wala kaming nakita kasi ayaw nila kami samahan dahil wala daw available na engineer, nagalit asawa ko kasi straight from airport dinala ko sya sa lancaster. After a month last august yun, september nag usap pa kami ask uli nya ang house, nakabalik na sya sa qatar. by October, wala na kaming contact at last email nya, wala na daw siya tiwala sa akin, bahala na daw kami sa buhay namin. Ilang months ko iniyakan yan, until now wala pa rin kaming contact sa asawa ko, totally na nyang binura kami. Yan ay dahil sa profriends

      2. Hi magi,

        Sorry to butt in. I’m really sorry sa nangyari sa inyo ng husband mo. I hope you’re coping well. From somebody who has a background in Psychology, I don’t think that Profriends was the main reason for you and your husband’s estrangement. I mean he has the right to get mad but to totally abandon you and leave you (and your child!) just like that because of 244K only, what was he thinking? At dapat by this time na-realize na ng husband mo na hindi ikaw ang dapat niyang sisihin at hindi mo siya niloko or intentionally kinuhanan ng pera. Fifteen years is too long a marriage to be broken by a mere 244K. I strongly believe that there are underlying issues (and I’m not saying it’s your fault) why your husband decided to drop you and your child like a hot potato and he owes you an explanation. Well maybe you both owe each other an explanation. Proper communication is the key. Pasensiya ka na, I was a volunteer for a women’s organization before and I advocate women empowerment kaya hindi ko matatanggap yang rason ng asawa mo for leaving you.

  98. Phase 4 yung sa amin, dumalaw don one time yung family pero ang dami pang dapat ayusin. Actually ung sinasabi nilang on progress di totoo yun kasi nung hindi kami pinayagan mag site visit pinilit nang family na puntahan yung area pero they were dismayed after makita yung house…I will try pa rin to turn to PAGIBIG, pero pag di sila makipag cooperate I will consult to a lawyer.

    1. Try to consult HLURB if it doesn’t work. Consult lawyer. Like me I already did. First thing if your serious bout it write all your experiences with Profriends from the beginning. Documentation is important, emails, conversations with the office, dates, amount paid, receipts, contract etc. anything that can help… Anyway if you want to join us email me ( I’ll send you my lawyer’s contact details.

  99. HI MIcah!

    Thanks for this. Really useful? Do you know anyone who transferred from in house financing to pag-ibig? The amount they asking for processing is immense (10% of the total value of the property). I checked it and its usually around 2% to do this in the Philippines.

    1. Sorry Andrew wala eh. I know someone from the Lancaster Estates FB group na nagtransfer from bank to PAGIBIG. Taga LV1 din siya and Colleen yung unit niya. I can’t remember her name though

    2. Sorry Andrew wala eh. I know someone from the Lancaster Estates FB group na nagtransfer from bank to PAGIBIG. Taga LV1 din siya and Colleen yung unit niya. I can’t remember her name though

      1. We managed to pay them the title transfer fee,which was really big, and not realistic compared to the 2% buyers usually pay in the Philippines. At Pro Friends office they could not provide the breakdown of the cost. They let us wait for 1 hour and came back with a googled answer (which you find on the first page after the search for TCT fee Philippines.) The bad thing was that they gave 2 days to pay for it (not to mention they were always late with the documents during the process) and refused to give us information about the TCT breakdown, saying that its their company policy. Nice one! Don’t ask what are you paying for, just pay!
        Anyone who will make the transfer prepare that they might shock you with a computation which is unrealistic and giving you few days just to get the money. Really, ask first how much would be the total of fees before applying, you might just waste your time if you cannot pay within their unfair deadline.

        Furthermore I am not sure if there is such but I would like to propose a get together for the home owners, organized by the home owners, to discuss problems and try to find solution together. Pro Friends practices it’s power unjust, let’s do something about it!

      2. You may email me directly using my gmail address. I agree that we should start doing something about Profriends’ unjust policies

  100. profriends sucks! my sister bought a unit and it was a waste of money! almost the same issues that u were having din ang pinagdaanan namin.

  101. i hope you dont mind sharing your stories to a group page i made in facebook, the reason why i build the group is because i wan inspired and i have to make something that can help other future buyers in deciding if they want to buy with our developer, If only i have read ur blog before having my unit i would have backed out from the start they talked trash on me.. Thank you micah by the way here is the link : we have to do something to help others not to be placed in the same shoes that we had.. it is about time everybody should know! that there are stings inside their sweet honeys!

      1. Thanks for this very informative info.
        Just a quick one mam, how’s the lancaster over-all stand at the moment? i have one and just awaiting for bank approval next year, i’m now confused if i will continue or sell to other and take my money back and look for a better developer. hoping your kind feedback mam.
        Thanks and more power…

      2. As of this writing I can say that it has been quite a challenge living in Lancaster and most especially dealing with their village admin. For one their contractor dug a hole in our backyard as part of the drainage for the linear park WITHOUT our permission.reported it and took them so long to address it. We had to resort to threats no apology for the inconvenience brought by this issue. Another time our house was waterproofed and was painted with sealant (very much an eyesore). We asked for it to be repainted after 1 month,no action until now. HOA not run by homeowners but by Profriends. HOA dues have increased without sufficient notice to homeowners and a lot more.

  102. Its better to construct a new house than to buy in a developer like pcfi. Hindi lang po kayo makakamura and mapapamura, given the stress and the costs of always following up to them. In the end mafrustrate/dissapointed lang po kayo sa unit turnover kaya you will be forced to get individual contractor just to finish the defects. If hihintayin nyo pa po action ng PCFi, it will take months hanggang mainis na kayo…Mga Chinese opportunist kasi nagpapatakbo…

  103. To everyone that have complaints on Pro Friends. My turnover delayed for 7 mos now, they let me pay the MA w/o turn over putting it in inhouse according to them “temporary” just waiting for LOG, I’ve been paying MA for 5 mos still no turn over. The refused hold issued checks as MA should be paid after turn over then they refused change of unit. This is too much stress already. I have already seeked legal advised to an accountant lawyer specializing in properties. The more complainants the faster our demands will be met. The PF would be 25% of the amount recovered. I ask if I can refund my money he said yes!.. dun na lang ako nabuhayan ng loob and hoping makuha ko nga ang money ko. If you want to complain first you have to make a written experience from the time you purchased to present, the copies of receipts, cts, emails between you and profriends and your realtor/ agent and any relevant documents that can help you justify your case, for the lawyer’s review. Email me at if you want to joint me on this LEGAL ACTION.

      1. Sure ayoko na magbayad sa Profriends mas gugustuhin ko na magbayad ng bank ng stop payment, magbayad sa lawyer kesa mapunta ang pera sa Profriends na nabigay ng sobra emotional stress. Thank you din sa mga nagreply. I have already sent my response. Mas madami tayo mas maganda.

      2. so glad that we learned from this stories.. we purchased a house in lot at ARAVISTA VILLAGE,which is under PICAR DEVELOPMENT INC. at sobrang layo ng hitsura ng construction ng houses there from the pics that you posted in lancaster. well in the first place buhos kasi ang sa ara. and youre free to visit inside the subdvision even without an engineer whatsoever. you can just walk-in the aravista village and be tour around by their staff kaya kitang kita mo yung construction ng houses. very transpanrent. at wifi pa ung boung subdvsion ng aravista kaya very worth it ang price.not to mention na si Arch. Palafox ang masterplanner neto kaya i have confidence na we wort be experiencing these kind of disasters.

    1. mag file ka na ng case sa HLURB, tinitreat naman nila as individual complaint yong mga kaso.
      saka kilalang kilala na nila ang Profriends. suki nga raw nila yon eh.

      and mukhang maayos nman na kausap yong legal ng HLURB.

  104. Wow after reading all the comments above na relive na rin ako.. My wife and I decided to buy a unit sa MS11 Sa Lancaster. That was last September, nag tripping kami at nagustuhan ko yung area kais napakalaki ng opportunity for growth and improvement since nag uumpisa pa lang mag karoon ng community sa area. Nakita ko kagad yung business potentials. So nag bayad kami ng 12k as DP sa Gabrielle na unit. may promo daw so instead na 20k 12k lang yung binayaran namin. Then sa bank pa lang sa pag acquire ng Checking accnt nag karoon na ng hassles, eventually after two weeks na ayos namin yung hassle sa bank at ready na kami to open a checking accnt. The bank requires a different referral letter from PFI since my wife went to SG at ako ang attorney in fact nya, eh hindi yun naka stipulate sa unang referral so kahapon I decided to go to their Mandaluyong office at napakadaming tao ang nag hihintay doon, agents, buyers, at kung sino sino pa..Nakakagulat kasi halos lahat ng nahandoon ay may problema sa turn over ng unit like what was posted above na under construction pa kahit lagpas na ng two years na nag babayad or No construction at all. May isa pa client na sumigaw kahapon sa office nila, meron naman na while on the process of paying thru bank loans eh nagbago yung interest rate ng babayaran nila without them knowing so nangyari nagbabayad sila ng kulang lagi kasi tumaas yung rate nila under their nose. May gusto mapa buy out n lang sa bank at bitiwn yung unit na binili.. Nakaka stress yung mga nadinig ko at nalamn ko sa office nila.

    After 4 hours of waiting natawag yung number ko at nakapag request ako ng new referal letter, it took them another 1 hour bago na sign yung letter…Customer Service wise napaka poor nila..Talking to other clients gave an opener kung talagang worth it ang desisyon naming mag asawa, Currently we have our own house kjaya lang lumalaki mga bata kaya need namin ng bigger house, pero upon hearing and knowing clients experiences nag dalawang isip na kami then sa una pa lang nag kahassle n kami in dealing with them, Sa tingin namin sa umpisa pa lang di na smooth so we forego the 12k, kikitain pa din naman namin yun kesa lalo kaming ma stress sa kanila.

    This blog is a relief knowing how rotten their system is.. Thanks Ms Micah for posting this..God bless.

    1. Hi Danny! Well nung time that we acquired the unit from PFI medyo ok pa and tolerable pa yung experience namin given na ok yung price ng unit, maganda ang location at maganda ang community ng LNC. Pero these days sobrang dami ng na-naeencounter na major problems ng mga buyers. I used to defend PFI before kasi nga maayos naman generally yung experience namin with them.

      But now na nakatira na kami sa LNC for almost a year na-observe ko closely how poorly they manage everything. As a homeowner madami din akong issues at problems na na-encounter and I wish to post about it in detail soon. Like now we have requested for a repainting job since 3 weeks ago at regularly nagfa-follow up pa ang husband ko sa kanila but still wala pa ring action as of today. Malapit na ang Christmas and I’m getting frustrated that our house is going to look like a total mess come Christmas time. First Christmas pa mandin namin sa house namin sa LNC.

      Anyway, I agree that it’s a wise decision to forego the 12K. That’s nothing compared to the stress and problem that you’ll experience should you decide to continue dealing with PFI. Look for a better developer, one that gives importance to their customers and unit owners.

      1. hi ma’am, any idea if sinisimulan na yung sa KS9? per PFI, May 2013 daw yung expected move-in. fully paid na kami sa equity, after i heard several issues regarding PFI i then tried to call them inquiring if we can reimburse the downpayment. kaso may policy daw sila na di pwede mareimburse. napapaisip tuloy ako what to do. naisip ko antayin ko yung sinabi nilang move in date, then, if di sila makacomply, siguro by that time i have the right to request for a full reimbursement which clearly specified in our law, PD 957.

      2. Hi Web! Sorry I’m not sure if ongoing ang construction sa KS9 eh. If you want, join ka sa LNC Facebook page kasi doon nag-a-update sila ng construction progress ng mga phases. Re sa refund, yes hindi nila i-rerefund yan pag now ka nagback out kasi wala pa silang na-bi-breach sa contract. Makakapagrequest ka ng refund once hindi nila madeliver ang unit mo on the promised turn over date.

  105. I’m so glad I found this blog. i just arrived from the house tripping with the PFI sales staff. I’ve seen the house model and I was impressed with the details presented by each house model. Magaganda ang mga units lalo na ang mga fully furnished houses. Kung ikaw ‘yong tipo na impulsive buyer you will be inclined to reserve right-away lalo na at napaka aggressive ng sales representative nila. This blog presents first hand information and experience from the homeowners and buyers who fell down from the trap. Mabuti na lang at dala ko ang pocket wifi at tablet ko. I hAd a chance to google “profriends complaints” while we are on our way to the location. This blog really helped me to finally reserved one unit from Filinvest (PNVI-project) in Tanza Cavite. Although medyo malayo at expensive sulit naman ang investment ko. Mica Thank you so much for this blog! Commendable!!!.

      1. Hi ms. micah thanx for dis blog, just want to share my experience with pro friends too, I already avail Margaret unit at ss13, and profriends promise me that after 15 months, they will turn over the unit, after almost 15 months of paying my DP that cost of 350,000, my mom follow up the unit, but awa ng dyos 0% construction pa ung unit namin, den profriends tell my mom that due to lot alternation pili nalng daw kme ibang site sa SS6 nalang daw instead of SS13 but the problem is we need to add another 100k sa total contract price nung sa una kc mas mlaki
        daw ung lot dun s bago, my husband is japanese and he decided to cancel d
        unit… he dont want to avail new location and due to delay of construction nainis na xia.. is der a possibility na makuha namin ung DP namin? thank u..

        ur reply will be appriciated :)

      2. Hi you have valid grounds to demand for a refund. Please join the profriends problem page on Facebook. They can help you win your battle with profriends

  106. Hi Micah,

    Grabe kakukuha ko lang ng unit sa LE bandang Kensington phase 21 na ito..I paid the reservation fee already because we (my husband and I) really wanted to have a house already. And so our first dp will be on february 2014, medyo nagdalawang isip ako nung nabasa ko tong blog mo pero I would like to pursue pa rin this one, mabait nman yung agent na nakausap namin (not sure if sa umpisa lang pero she and her husband seems to be kind kahit minsan kame yung nadedelay sa meeting). I hope na lang na walang masyadong maraming aberya ang mangyari sa pagkuha nmin ng unit sa LE and I will take note na ipahold yung take out ng loan sa bank until maka move in kami..sabi ng agent sa amin is 15 mons. payable ang dp and 9 mons after mong bayaran yung dp saka pa lang sayo ituturn over yung unit, which will make it equal to 2 years from the date of my first dp.

    Please keep us updated Micah for any other problems that you may encounter specially na nakatira ka n ngayon jan.. and thank you so much for sharing this information.

  107. Happy New Year miss Micah! oh my…hello ms.Micah kumuha din ako ng unit Diana,Ks6 block15 lot 14..RFO(ready for occupancy) 6months to pay ang dp kinuha ko at naka 2nd downpayment nako total 54thou…sabi after pa daw ko mafully paid ang unit tsaka ko palang pwede makita unit,hindi ko pa nakikita kahit isang beses unit.pero dun sa papers nakita ko nkalagay 60% finished na ang construction..question ko,tama ba yun na after ko pa mafully paid ang dp dun ko plang pwede makita unit at please please advice me nmn kung magtutuloy pako ng pagbabayad at ituloy parin kunin yung unit…naguguluhan nako..OFW ako at ang Kuya ko..dugot pawis para lng kumita ng pera at makapag pundar..sana matulungan mo ako miss.Micah..God Bless always and maraming salamat!

    1. Hello! For me kung hindi ka naman nagmamadali lumipat at meron kang budget to improve your unit and do repairs or reinforcement, good option ang Lancaster. Location-wise kasi maganda talaga ito lalo na pag naging mas commuter friendly na yung area ng Kalayaan Avenue. Ok din ang community nito sa loob. Pero kung kailangan niyo na kaagad makalipat baka maging bangungot sa inyo ang pagbili ng bahay sa Lancaster dahil sobrang delayed ang turn over ng unit. Mali ang no visit policy eh pero iniimplement nila yan strictly. Anong phase pala kayo sa KS? Meron kasing area na binabaha. Please check for flood hazard mapping. If high risk yung phase niyo huwag mo ng ituloy unless makahanap ka ng pagtatransferan na may better location. And saka nga pala puwede kang magrequest to be a member of the Facebook page ng Lancaster. Mababasa mo doon ang mga real life situation na na encounter ng mga buyer at homeowner. I hope that helped. Happy New Year!

  108. Hi ms.Micah! Maraming salamat sa reply.Yung unit na kinuha ko ay KS6 B15 L14.Wala nmn ako problema sa home imorovements.At kung worst,worst lng pag uusapan,masasabi kong mas Okey parin akong manirahan dyn sa Lancaster New city..alam nmn ntin kung ano sitwasyon dito sa area namin pag umuulan at bumabaha,Malabon at Obando.Ang worry ko lang eh,(RFO) Ready For Occupancy na nga kinuha nmin eh baka turn out 0%,wala or sobra delay nung turn over.Nangungupahan/nag rerent lng kami ng apartment na bahay kaya hanggat maaari sana makalipat na ng mas maaga.Medyo positive parin nmn ako kahit pano,alam mo kung bakit…dahil sayo.Positibo para sakin yun na Concern,may paki alam at nagtitiyaga na kapitbahay na tumutulong sa mga problema or hinaing.Isa yun sa nakita ko kc kahit marami problema mga houses ntin sa aking personal na opinyon at the end yung community,tayo tayo bu buo ng samahan at ikabubuti ng lugar,samahan,tirahan,etch. natin….

    1. I see. Ginagawa na yata ang KS6. If meron kang pwedeng pabisitahin sa site papuntahin mo or kaya makibalita ka sa mga buyers na may unit doon at nakabisita na sa site. Marami sila sa facebook group. Para you’ll know that tinatayo na talaga ang unit mo. Ang rfo unit kasi nila hindi nasusunod na after 6 months ma tuturn over na. And worst is bayad ka na at di na pwede mag back out. Yan ang magiging biggest headache mo with profriends kaya make sure ngayon pa lang na tama ang sinasabi nilang information sayo re the construction progress and make sure clear ang records or credit history mo if you plan to go under bank financing. Best of luck :)

    2. both micah as our president for home owners association hehe, sarap mangarap khit until now ay wla pa rin move-in nangyayari sa amin.

  109. Oh dear ;) i am so happy i searched and found your blog :) We are based abroad and about to have the deposit for Alexandra unit on saturday pero sa mga nabasa ko parang gusto ko na lng lumipat sa Filinvest , your blog really help a lot of prospective buyers .

    1. Explore all your options first and do extensive research before settling with a developer. Buying a property is no piece of cake so better be safe than sorry. Best of luck on your house hunting :)

      1. Late n nmin nbasa ito,,completed na dp nmin pero till now wala pang development.antayin pa daw at least 90%completion ng bhay bgo i-process ang loan sa bangko. Haist…

  110. Tagal ko na di nakapag comment dito ah…
    Buyer din ako ng PFI, tulad nyo til now di pa nila nadeliver yong unit.

    Nag file na ako ng case sa HULRB last december, kasi nga no “refund policy daw sila”.
    Kumuha ako ng lawyer pero pay later sya. Mas magand pag may lawyer, maraming damages ang isasama nya sa case para makabawi sa PFI,


    Pagpasok ko sa HULRB Calamba, legal department. “Sir ano po yon? Mag file ako ng case” sabi ko. Dito po sir, ano pong developer? Profriends. “Ah suki”.
    Nkikipag settle daw para di na ituloy yong kaso, pero 50% lang daw ang iaalok. Lokoloko talga mga hinayupak. eh sa filing pa lang ng case 10K na, tapos abogado pa.
    Ngayon wag daw makikipagsettle sabi ng abogado hanggat di binibigay yong demand mo sa case. Hayaan daw na magkaroon ng hearing total di mo naman kailangan ng atty. sa hearing. sa drafting lang ng case yong atty.

    may nakausap kami ng misis ko, agent xa sa profriends pero xa din yong naglalakad ng mga nirerefund ng mga client nya. naka 5 refund na xa, pang 6 na yong current case nya. narerefund naman daw kasama yong mga damages.

    about sa ipapa tv.
    endorser na nga yata ng PFI si imbestigador
    sa tulfo brothers naman, mukhang di sila tumatanggap ng ganitong reklamo. isa pa parang isa sa mga sponsor tv5 at radyo singko eh ang Profriends.
    si Bistado naman(julius babao), mukhang maxadong malaking kaso to para sa programa nya.

    siguro si Karen Davila, kasi sya yong dating nag documentary report nung sa GlobeAsiatique.

    Then eto pa, nalaman ko na yong pinsan ko eh parang nagtraining sa PFI sa may lancaster. Material testing, civil kasi. Sinabi nya sa akin na, Kuya buti na lang di ka tumuloy dun. Kasi di ka pwedeng mga drill sa wall baka maguho ang bahay mo. Baka nga pag dinaanan ng mejo malakas na bagyo yon eh baka bumigay yong bahay.
    Yon lang…

    1. Buyer din ako ng Profriends pero nag-file ako ng cancellation kasi hindi ko gusto yung delaying tactics nila kasi fully paid ko na ang downpayment through bank financing scheme pero after 8 months sasabihin rejected daw ako sa bank…so i cancelled it and asking for refund pero sabi nila No refund policy daw sila, then i wrote a mail to HLURB stating my complaint to refund my money with damages, fortunately nagreply naman ang HLURB at sa February 13, 2014 pinatawag ang representative ng profriends to answer my complaint and also my laywer sent a demand letter regarding my case. Hoping positive ang result at mabigyan ng leksyon ang Profriends…

      1. sir joel, hoping maayos din yan problem mo kya lng mas malala un sa amin kc i pay cash na sa diana but 3 years na ngayon wla pa rin nangyayari. hoping sir magkatulong-tulong tyo pra maayos ng profriends ang pamamalakad nila for unit owners.

      2. Sir, Im planning to file a formal complaint with HLURB against Profriends pero ala pa akong lawyer to assist us. Do we need a lawyer right away when filing a complaint with HLURB? Thanks

    2. naku, paano na kami, sobra din aq nagtiwala sa mga kupal na yan kya ayun nawala na ata pagasa ko na makuha un unit.

    3. hello…ask ko lang, Im planning to file a case against Profriends sa HLURB next week. Do I need to have a lawyer during submission ng formal complaint? I was given instruction by Arch.Pena of HLURB about the process pero alang nabanggit na lawyer. Thank you.

  111. hi mam, ang dami na po naloko ng profriends, malala din po lalo sa amin ang nangyari kc sa kagustuhan ko agad magkabahay, nagbayad agad aq ng cash sa diana and now running to 3 years ay hindi pa kami nakakalipat, inayawan na nmin un diana and we request to take margaret instead of diana na puro palpak un pagkkagawa at di bale na aq magdagdag makalipat lng po kami but unfortunately until ay hindi pa po kami binibigyan ng approval to transfer. pwede ba ntin iparating to direct ke pnoy?

  112. Hi Micah,

    Thanks sa blog mo at nagkaroon ako ng detailed info, though magkaka-iba ang mga cases nating lahat, pero na enlighten kami at nagkaroon ng ideas. Honestly, wala kaming kaalam alam ng mister ko Profriends (sa lahat ng kapalpakan nila). We thought na maayos silang developer. Better kesa dun sa nauna naming kinuha, nagustuhan namin ang lugar at impressive naman ang mga model houses nila, kaya okey na then we started processing the papers. Since both of us eh OFW, so we decided to pay the DP in full, sabi ko para walang abala na. After completing all the docs, nag-antay kami at ang expected turn-over was last December 2013. We thought everything is okey, hanggang sa nalaman namin na wala pa plang nauumpisan sa bahay and the sad part, wala silang mabigay na concrete plan o timetable kung kelan naba talaga ang turn-over. Kaya nag worry na kaming mag-asawa and I started searching about profriends problems, dun ko nalaman na marami na plang complain sa kanila hanggang sa nakita ko itong blog mo.

    If you don’t mind, pwede kabang mag suggest if ano ang the best to do… Sorry to ask you pero kasi hindi rin biro ang maglabas ng pera only to find out na niloloko ka. So I decided to get an opinion of a person na tulad mo dahil nakita ko sa blog mo, yung mga pinagdaanan mo. Alam ko you can advise us… Is it worth it para mag-antay or i-cancel nlang namin ang application and request for a refund.

    Please advise. :(

    1. Hi Irene! May I ask when ka nagpa-reserve ng unit mo at anong phase or unit number mo? If you want you can e-mail me privately via my published gmail address.

      1. Hi,

        Pwede po malaman if on going na ung construction sa ss14 phase? kumuha po kc kmi ng Margaret house. Appreciate ur reply po..

  113. Na feature po ang Pro-friends sa TV Patrol Weekend “Tapat na po” segment last Jan. 21, 2014. Hanapin nyo yung FB page nila. Baka po matulungan tayo…

  114. Hi Micah,

    Oh no! From what I’m hearing this will going to be problematic from my end. I availed a unit from Somerset 11 and now pushing through the last 3 down payments before the actual handover of the unit. The problem is I don’t have any idea of what was happening till now, and we really need to relocate within this year kasi yung inuupahan ko mag rerenovate na. We only have this year 2014 para maglipat. Any idea about the SS11 kasi nagwoworry na ako kung papano manyayari in-case matahalan… e planned na sana na papagawa ko yung interior pagkahandover sakin by July. Kapatid ko kasi foreman and sa kanya ko papaasikaso yung mga kulang pa sa unit na nabili ko. According to him nung pinakita ko yung picture since bawal pumunta, kaya naman raw within 2 to 3 mos. But if di nga mahand over sakin yung house and lot in the exact date mukhang mas malaking gastos para sakin. Any suggestions Ms. Micah on how will I go over this? para naman di hassle samin? Please help. :(

    1. Hi Mike C.! Apologies but I’m not updated anymore with regard to the construction progress of of SS11. I suggest you join the Lancaster FB page so you get updates from other unit owners who get to visit the site. Mabibigyan ka rin nila ng tips kung papaano mo makikita ang unit mo or may makapag-picture man lang ng unit mo para alam mo what to expect. And bago ka mag-last downpayment you can already make follow-ups with PFI regarding the construction progress of your unit.

  115. Hi Micah,

    Thanks for the information! I’ll do that, actually I’ll be going to their office tomorrow. See if I can get information from them about my unit. i trully apprecate your help thanks again :)

  116. hi micah. thanks for the review. So far nafofollow pa nman ng PFI ang timeline nila para sa unit namin. kakatapos lang ng booking ng housing loan nmin with PNB (we are actually expecting BDO) then now waiting pa kmi sa sched ng first inspection. we have not received any details of it yet kaya kinukulit ko na din ang PFI. wag ko sana danasin ung mga dinanas mo during inspections dahil wla akong father dito na maalam sa mga engineering chorva na makakakita ng maliiit na faults dun sa unit. -___-

    Anyway, let’s remain hopeful mga soon to be home owners!

  117. I have a story to share and hoping this will not happen to anyone (i guess not few as dumb as me). So I nominated my cousin to be legal name on the contract, him and his wife been living in one of Profriends property that i purchase (I wont mention which one). Upon signing the contract Profriends will not accept my name to be put under the Deeds of Contract due to that fact that I am not Filipino citizen but WAS Filipino citizen. I was told by Profriends that I cannot owned house/lot in the philippines due to that. So instead and due to trust and eager to purchase property I nominated a very trusting cousin which i mentioned in the beginning. My cousin open an account for purposes of transaction and deposits for monthly amor. Recently i went to Phils and checked on the property, I discover there was an outstanding arrears on the house and my cousin stolen cash from me and they not been paying other outstanding bills like water electricity and monthly dues etc… So you never guess what happen, my cousin and his wife took off run away without fixing all the contract and paper work. So I was left with outstanding bills and unsettled Contract. Then I went to Profriends explained what happen and requesting to prioritised my needs to act right away and avoid given them right to do anything with the property. Profriends disregard my call my email my queries because i wasn’t legal owner on the contract. I told them what happen and why account hasn’t been settled, I did not get return call from Profriends. So then i found out they only been dealing with my cousin which no I have criminal charges against them. I went to main office wrote declaration stating what had happen and for being the financer and primary owner of the property to give priority on my request. Only i found out they been calling my cousin advising them what needed to be done, how would I get an update where profriends left me in dark. How would outstanding balance get clear off when Profriends hadn’t admitted to my request.

    Profriends given me false info the law is ” Filipino and Former Filipino citizen can own House/Lot in the Philippines ( so dumb of me right) The main lesson never never trust anyone i mean anyone….so up until now change of contract still in the process until my cousin sign off for mortgage transfer release….If i have to describe what happen to me in detail, I can only sum of these as PROFRIENDS is dodgy, unprofessional, incompetent management, not organise, bad system in every way. It is something i regret right now so people who deciding to purchase through PROFRIENDS watch out, they will find something to get money of you somehow.

    sorry to share my ugly experience…..anyone who like to comment you can add. thanks guys….fila xx

  118. Good Day,

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  119. hi gud am ask k lng po may ksma dw po b home inurance s LE kse nkapg reserve p lng nmn ako ask k if covered ng home insurnce they said merun dw totoo po b n merun since hlos owners n po kyo s LE?THANKS PO

    1. Hi lynn,

      When you avail a bank loan/home loan, you will be required to pay for Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI) and Fire Insurance as part of your loan arrangement with the bank. This is true kahit saang developer ka pa kumuha ng unit :)

      MRI helps settle outstanding home loan amounts in the event of death or total disablement of the borrowers while Fire Insurance helps settle outstanding home loan amounts in the event that the property (in part or whole) is destroyed by fire.

  120. hello micah, thank u s blog mo. actually sa april uuwe ako ng pinas, then im schedule to have A tripping. nung nabasa ko yung blog mo prang nag worried ako kc balak ko ng kumuha ng gabrielle,kung ikaw nga naasikaso mo halos pero my palpak pa din, eh pano pa kaya kmi na wla sa pinas. ano ba ang best way.. pero ang sabi nman ng agent ito” (“Noon kasi ma’am, nasa adjustment stage pa si developer, bigla po kasi nag boom ung project at madami po nag invest.. Before din po itransfer sa client unit ipapakita din po sa client kung okey po sa knla un idedeliver)
    parang nag dadalawang isip ako micah.. any advice for me? or best way to do?
    thank u
    hope you give me a reply.
    its me,

  121. Hi Everyone! I’m Evelyn. I found this blog so informative and helpful. Wala pa naman ako masyado alam sa mga ganito. Just yesterday, nagpunta ko sa Lancaster Estates for the tripping and may discount sila sa mga prospective buyers, ung original reservation fee na 10k, 5k na lang, just for yesterday, kasi ubusan na yata ng units. After the tripping and reading this blog now, seems like I’m having 2nd thoughts na nagpa-reserve ako. I’m really thinking of looking for a house, pero di pa sana ngayon due to finances. Kaya lang inisip ko kasi this might be the opportunity or I will regret it in the future. Maganda ung community and tahimik. Sana, I can follow through ng tama ung pagpaplano ko with the help of your blog, Micah. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Evelyn,

      They always have that 5k only reservation promo and it’s part of the agents’ spiel to say to their customers that the units are selling like hotcakes and you have to reserve ASAP or you’ll never get the location you want. That’s part of their marketing strategy I guess. I’m not saying don’t believe what they’re telling you but I suggest that you research more before you reserve or decide to buy a unit from Profriends or from any real property developer for that matter. And I’ve said this time and again, a unit in Lancaster Estates is a good investment in the future,location-wise and community-wise. In Lancaster Village 1 where I live I am glad that they implement strict security rules and there are no instances so far of robbery or theft. That alone makes my husband and I happy. Structure-wise I guess that’s where the problem will be, so it’s better if you can shell out money and set-aside a budget for house improvement and structural reinforcement.

    2. Hi Evelyn,
      Ganyan din ako dati. Akala ko mauubusan ako at pag ni-let go ko wala na akong makikitang magandang location. Tulad ng comments ng iba hindi lang basta tinapay o laruan ang bibilihin mo. Kailangan mo pag aralan mabuti ang status ng finances mo for the next two years ( pag pre selling gusto mo). Siguro uunahan na kita yung sinasabi nila ng 3 months move-in ka na..wag ka maniwala dun..Coz per experience, ito pa Ready for occupancy ang kinuha ko pero mag 9 months na wala pa sa aking yung unit ko….. maganda ang location and environment….oo…agree ako dun…..kaso kung budgeted ka wag mong aasahan na 3 months lilipat ka na…siguro maglagay ka ng allowance na 1 year.

  122. what happened na sa unit nyo? r u still living there? any other problems with construction that u encountered. i’m on the stage na tapos n ako s lahat ng DP, dapat lipat n kmi nung May 2012 p. pero hangang ngayon di pa tapos. now they’re bugging to submit papers for the bank loan processing. gusto ko n nga lang ipull-out. this is too much of a hassle. i dont trust them anymore. do u know how i could do that? please help.

    1. Yes we’re already living in our unit for a year now. All problems and issues that we have listed in the Buyers Contact Report have already been rectified and repaired. If they’re asking you to submit papers for bank loan processing then you really need to submit unless you’re willing to go for in-house financing. Another option is to individually apply for a loan in another bank and not through the accredited or partner banks of Profriends (I know some people who did this). Just be ready to shell out around 40-50K for the bank processing charges.

      1. Hi Micah. Thanks for all the info about Lancaster and ProFriends. Of all the things that I’ve read I’m getting a little wary to continue my transaction with ProFriends. I also reserved a unit last January 3 2014, a Catherine house unit. At first there were no problems whatsoever, the time that we went for a tripping was really nice. Me and my sister were so excited to look at the model units and our agent Jayson was really accommodating, all of our answers were properly answered and we were really impressed about the place and all of the plans that ProFriends has for the whole Lancaster Estate, like the man-made lagoon, the techno park, etc. So to make long story short me and my sister paid the reservation for two Catherine units, one is a corner lot and the other is an inner lot. Our agent was even gracious enough to treat us for lunch in the nearby Lancaster Square. After we got home and read some of the reviews about Lancaster we started to have doubts. I asked our agent and he replied immediately that those blogs or reviews about Lancaster isn’t true, so we believed him because he’s the one who knows what’s happening in Lancaster firsthand. Okay na sana we don’t have issues na, but during my first payment sa Leighton Hall for my equity I was surprised how rude the cashier was to their customers. I went straight to her and told her that I’m going to pay my first equity and she told me in a rude way na I should ask the employees at the front desk first, so that’s what I did. After getting my computation for the payment I went back to her and paid the equity, the whole time she was frowning and not saying a word even after she gave me the receipt she didn’t even say “thank you”. At that time I felt na wala palang value sa knila mga customers nila considering na after mo mgreserve ng unit you’re considered as a “homeowner”. Another thing that upsets me is our agent who was very accommodating before never replies to our messages now. I was asking him if I can change unit from inner lot to a corner lot. I inquired about that sa office ng ProFriends and they told me to contact my agent. But how can I reach my agent if he doesn’t reply or answer my calls. That’s why as of now I’m looking for other townhouses that is in the same vicinity, because dealing with ProFriends as early as now is getting hard, what more if I finish paying my 15 month equity? Thanks!

      2. Hi Mikedspike! Yes that’s how PFI staff treat their customers most times. That’s really one thing that they should improve on, customer service. I have had my fair share of frustrations dealing with PFI employees. Minsan I can just shrug it off and magpasensiya na lang. But sometimes I get pushed to my limits too especially if borderline rudeness na talaga. Haaayyy

  123. Still on planning stage to acquire in Lanchaster. I preferred Diana for my son. Our problem is their transporting going to Taguig City wherein my son and daughter in law working as call center agent in Global City and McKinley respectively. Can you give us other place which nearer unlike in Lancaster it’s very far from the highway. They might be late in their work. This is my concern to them. Thanks, I really appreciate your blog. You’re a big help.

  124. Hi guys sino ma experience sa inyo of getting “cancelled TCT” kaya di makapagfile ng individual loan with pag-ibig or in house financing. DP already completed. Requested the replacement last June 2013 pa up to now wala pa rin. We opt to stop the payment kasi automatic naka inhouse financing which is very unfair. Nag start ang in house nung Nov 2013. We are appealing not to charge us 20% interest till such time they can provide us the correct TCT. Thinking of going to HLURB…nakaka frustrate. Share naman if someone had the same case. By the way unit turn over was 11 months delay as per agreed na after 15th month of payment. Thanks.

  125. Hi micah..thanks sa info at ngkaroon ako ng idea about sa profriends..ask ko lng kung how many months ang kylangan pra mag start yung construction nung house.?kylangab ba ng full DP bgo mgstart mg construct? salamt

    1. Yes. After mo mabayaran ang full amount ng DP/equity, the construction process will start. Although ang sinsabi yata nila sa buyers ay malilipatan na ang unit after paying the DP

  126. Hi to every one specialy to you miss Micah
    Im also a unit buyer here in Lancaster Cavite, and from the comment here looks really bad ang kanilang service. I’m in so in too deep in terms of money and time to give up. Looks like ok naman kami as of now coz were still hearing from them and they do make an effort this past few months. . Were in a process daw for bank approval the good thing lang is that we’ve been a UCPB account holder for a very long time. I would just like to ask if anyone have obtained a copy of the blue print for the Margaret Unit. Im trying to search talagang wala makita..Even ask pro friends office..Layout lang binigay. If anyone could provide a copy it would be a great help..
    Thanks in advance…We hope to see you soon neighbors.

  127. hello sir. Lee madam Micah nabasa ko po ung blog about sa pcfi actually isa din po kami sa lot owner ng lancaster start kami ng equity last june 2012 alexandra model end corner nag councelling kami nung nov 14 2012 with ms jhoan sa profriends office sa imus stating na 16 m os turn over+ 3 months grace period so total ng 19mos since di nmn kami ganun nagmamadali ok lng na mag intay,and then nagpunta kami ni madam cristy on the go agent sya kasi ung ahente ko last jan 11,2013 sa office ulit kasi nagbalak ako na magpadowngrade ng unit due to financial problem kya lng di ko na tinuloy kasi sabi nila upon cheking april 2014 daw ang turn over so isip ko saglit na lng nmn malapit lapit na. Ngaung march 20,2014 pang 22nd mos which is (45,042.17/mos) ko ng maghuhulog ng equity next month april nha ni ha ni ho wala pa din silang feedback sa akin kya start na me magtaka unang una ung agent ko fb frend ko diko na sya nakikita nag popost about sa lancaster na hindi nmn nya talga ginagwa kasi evryday nuon lagi may add sya about sa pcfi now wala na so start na me magworry sabay pa laht ng nabasa ko sa blog ni mam micah ,actually may mga kilala me ahente na nagsasabing panget daw d2 so ako nmn since now lng nmin nakilala si pcfi isip nmin baka kasi nga ahente sya ng ibang developer kya nya sinisiraan si pro pala totoo nga na ganyan d2 ,ngaun start me kulitin si agent ko sa fb about sa turn over ng unit ko kasi sa inspeksyon ng unit bawal daw ayw ka papasukin ng guard kesyo kailangn may notice pa ngaling office ska sa dami ng nabasa ko talgang ako ay kinakabahan na sa unit ko kasi imagine 22 mos ng naghuhulog wala pa din atang tapos eh next month april nha sa kagaya kong umuupa expected nmin next mos lilipat na kami sila ok lng madelay sa client wala silang penalty pero tayong mga buyer pag nadelay may penalty agd anung klaseng policy,,anyway sir asahan mo isa ako sa makaksama mo sa pakikipaglaban sa pcfi intayin ko lng matapos ang pakikipag usap ko sa opisina nila sa sabado march 22,2014 kasi ang pangako nila april ang turn over pero kahit isang notice para mainspect ang unit ko wala me natatanggap,,,actually sinabi na din nmn ng ahente ko na talgang madaming kaso ngaun si pro sa dami ng complainant kasi sa dami ng buyer daw nakakuha pa ng sira ulong contractor kya gipit ngaun si pro ang daming pending na turn over kahit silang mga agent daw at broker nagkkaproblema sa pcfi ngaun sa dami ng nagrereklamo sila din ung naiipit kasi sila ung nag ahente gud thing sa agent ko di nya daw ako pababayaan dito talga ;lng daw it takes yrs bago daw maturn over ang unit ko waaaaaaaaaa…..

  128. Hi Micah! Thanks for the review.
    Nightmare din ang pinagdaanan ko sa PFI at talagang nakakatuoy ng buhay sila ah. Akala ko sa trabaho ko maximum na ang pasensya na baon ko iyun pala when you deal with PFI kailangan tonetoneladang pasensya at x500% ang babaunin mo para hindi masira and araw ko at pakisama na din buhay ko. Tsk…. Tanong ko lang, tinawagan ako ng profriends last feb 5 na available na daw ang LOG ko after 8 months of waiting..Haissttt. Binabayaran ko sila pero hindi pa ako nakalipat….Anyways, sabi nung nakausap ko one to two weeks daw baka tawagan na nila ako for signing pero anong dekada na wala pa din..iyun kasi yung nakakainis sa kanila. Okay naman ako to wait lalo na pag nag set ka ng timeline na maayos. Eh ang problema sa kanila, magaling sila sa mga dates na hindi naman nangyayari. Going back, ayun! hindi ko alam kung bakit isa;t kalahating buwan na wala pa din. Sa palagay mo may mga hold-ups ba at ang tagal ng signing?
    Salamat sa reply in advance

    1. Hi mike! Kung hindi ka pa naman nakakalipat sa unit mo ok lang ma delay ang LOG signing. Kasi once magsign ka nirerelease na rin nila ang loan mo to Profriends. And then start ka na magbayad ng monthly amort. Eh paano kung hindi katanggap tanggap ang quality ng unit mo? Habang buhay mo na yung babayaran dahil na release na ang loan before mo pa na inspect ang unit mo. Pero kung naka pag inspect ka na naman tawagan mo na lang ang bank directly and ask them the cause of the delay

      1. HI Micah!
        Habang inaasikaso ko ang LOG ko ….sumabay na din yung inspection ko…after 3 inspections..ayun okay naman yung unit ko and i already accepted the unit…..ngayun inaayos ko na yung Meralco docs ko…ang kaso hirap ako sa Move-in dahil wala pa yung ATMI ko…Tanong ko na lang siguro….puwede po ba mag follow up sa banko?

      2. Yes pwede although sasabihin sayo ng Profriends na bawal yun. Hanapin mo ang tel. number ng contact person for the bank.

  129. Hi Ms Micah,
    Salamat sa blogsite mo talaga mas maayos kse mga inpormasyon dito. Patanong lan sana kse sa mga blog at mga naka-post binabaha nga daw sa Lancaster, yun bahay ba ninyo pinasok din ng tubig? Sa SS5 un kinukuha namin bahay pag lagpas nun tulay ng St Edward school, alam nyo ba kun binaha rin un mga bahay at kalsada papunta dun? Isa pa po marami din nagsasabi na substandard at ni mag drill daw ng wall eh nakakatakot, totoo ba? Kayo ba may naranasan problema sa structure din ng bahay?
    Kwento ko lan din na isang taon na nun natapos namin nabayaran ang downpayment at hangan kanina, and sabi ng ProFriend hintayin lang daw and LOG. Sadya sira talaga sila sa petsa at talaga naman ndi tlaga lampas sukdulan ang kailagan pasensya, ipagpapa sa Diyos na lang natin mga nakakuha dito. Sana may makabasa din nito at mabalitaan din kme kun may nakalipat na sa area doon banda sa lugar namin.
    Salamat uli Ms Micah for keeping this site and being helpful.

    1. Good Day Ms. Micah,
      Thanks sa blogsite mo marami ako nakuhang info. at the same time medyo kinabahan na ako after reading some negative comments sa mga pinagdadaanan ng mga buyers ng PFI. isa rin kasi kami ng hubby ko na kumuha ng unit sa LE, bale ako po ang AIF ng hubby ko kasi OFW sya May 2013 kami nag start mag hulog ng EQ/DP at matatapos na this coming July 2014 and by the next month August 2014 mag start na kami sa MA (monthly amortization) at kagaya sa mga nabasa kong comments dito wala rin ako natatanggap na updates from PFI ’til now, pero last January tumawag ako sa Docu. Dept. ng PFI to follow up ’bout sa status ng bank loan application namin sa BDO at the same time tinanong ko na rin kung sino yong contact person in-charge for BDO PFI clients? at ang isinagot sa’kin ng nakausap ko di pa daw nila alam at maghintay lang daw ako ’til July pag natapos na namin makompleto yong Equity/DP. after that tumahimik nalang ako kasi di ko alam ang gagawin at wala ako alam sa ganitong mga transaksyon.
      Ngayon may gusto po sana ako itanong sa’yo para maklaruhan ako at malaman ko kung anu ang dapat ko gawin…hope matulungan mo po ako:)

      ?1.)kelan namin pwede makuha ung CTS (contract to sell)? kasi nung hinihingi ko yon after ko maipasa lahat ng requirements and signing’s sa main office sa Mandaluyong, ang sabi sa’kin ng nag orient sa’kin di ko pa daw yon makukuha hangga’t di pa namin nababayaran ng buo. (tama ba yon?) kasi ang pinaghahawakan ko lang ngayon ay ‘yong PROVISIONAL RECECEIPT para dun sa in-issue ko sa kanilang 24pcs. post dated checks (15pcs-EQ/DP and 9pcs-Amrt.), ‘yong OR ng reservation fee ko at ‘yong list of COMPLIED Docs.

      ?2.)*Alam nyo po ba kung sino ‘yong contact person in-charge for BDO PFI Clients at Contact No.?
      *Kung pwede ba ako mag direct follow-up sa PIC-BDO regarding sa status ng bank loan namin? kasi nag punta na ako sa malapit na branch ng BDO dito sa’min para sana mag inquire kaso ask nila sa’kin kung ano daw ‘yong name ng PIC-BDO PFI Clients? e di ko masagot kasi di alam ng nakausap ko sa PFI Admin. nung itinanong ko:(

      ?3.)*Pwede ko ba i-stop muna ang pagbabayad namin pagka natapos na namin ‘yong EQ sa July hangga’t wala kami natatanggap na notice or updates regarding sa status ng Unit namin, schedule ng 1st inspection at Application sa Bank Loan?
      *Sino ang pwede ko i-inform para ipa stop muna ‘yong payment or di muna kami mag start mag bayad ng Amortization sa August hangga’t wala kami natatanggap na notice or updates from PFI?
      *or is it possible na di muna namin punduhan ung checking acct. namin, para kahit nakapag issue na ako ng 9pcs post dated checks sa PFI for Amortization wla sila makukuha? di ba nila (PFI) kami mapapatawan ng penalty pagka ginawa ko ‘to?

      Thanks in advance Ms. Micah! more power to you:)

    2. Sa mga nagbabalak bumili ng bahay, may protection po kayo just read RA 6652 “Realty Installment Buyer Protection Act” at PD 957 “Subdivision and Condominium Buyer’s Protective”.

  130. hi miss micah,
    ellen here, unit namin is Diana..nag start kami august 2011, nung march 22 lng namin nkita ang unit..may mga minor repairs naman..pero wla pa kahit isa nkatira pa…2nd inspection namin is on april 22…gaano ba katagal lumabas ang LOG? kasi nag follow up ako sa bank, saglit lng naman daw sila mag bgay, pro friends lng di pa nag ssubmit ng docs namin..hnahabol ko sana na makalipat kami before ng pasukan ng bata…

  131. Same case here sa Kensington naman kami naka kuha ng unit. But until now hindi pa din nila na turnover coz they are still waiting for the approval or certification from brgy or municipality for the connection of meralco. We’re paying for more than 2 years.

  132. Hi Miss Micah,

    Isa rin ako sa bumili sa LE, medyo na nadismaya ako sa mga nabasa ko pero matapos kong basahin lahat napansin ko na ang pinaka problema ay delay of construction at approval ng loan sa banko. Nakakuha ako ng Alexandra as MS12 (corner lot about 5M) at umpisa pa lang ang EQ. Sakin ay medyo walang problema kasi parang retirement home at bakasyunan every year so hindi ako nagmamadali na tumira at in-house naman ang MA. Sana matibay na ang gawa nila para hindi na kailangan pang patibayin. Ang pinaka nagustuhan ko ay ang location at community, sana patuloy din ang security measures nila dahil sabi sakin ay hindi pwedeng pumasok kung hindi home owner at kung may bibisita ay itatawag pa sa guard on post. Thank you sa blog mo at post some good experiences din kung meron.

  133. Hi @aries29 pano po ba mag file ng case sa hlurb? Un kasing kinuha kong unit after the fully payment ng dp sabi waiting for approval ng bank financing its already been a year and a half and from time to time ng follow up kami sa kanila ng follow up kami ng dec 2013 sinasabi wala pa rin sagot ang bangko and then bumalik kami ng feb 2014 sinabi napproved na raw ng in house without botifying us na nareject kami sa bank finance at may kailangan pang bayaran for 3mobtha nung bumalik na kami para mgbayad last two days ago sinabing forfitied na ung bahay e hindi nmn sinabi ung last feb na pumunta kami na mafoforfiet dahil dapat daw feb nkapag bayad na kmi nung reamaining 3 months. Anyway ask ko lng din kung ano na update dun sa finale mo case and hiw much ba ang gagastusin pag ng fike ako ng case? Thank you

    1. wag muna sa hlurb. sama ka sa amin, magfile sa cidg
      masyadong magastos sa hlurb, minsan dipa sumisipot ang pf. pano kita makocontact para next week file tayo sa cidg.

      1. Landline no po 8726629 paki hanap na lng si elsa mother ko sya s knya kna lng mkipag communicate kasi sila po ang ng aasikaso ng lahat. Thank you

      2. Hi,

        Tanong ko lang po kung may problema din ba sa Alexandra model kasi po wala akong mahanap sa internet at nasa abroad po ako.

        Salamat po sa inyong tugon.

  134. hi micah thankyou for this blog kc ngplan kmi kmuha ng unit with lancaster so ng try ako mgsearch ng backgroud ng PFI then nkita ko tong blog mo sobrang laking tulong nito sa amin since kmi ngstart plang wla nmn prob sa akin un mtgal kmi mgmove in kc same story nkatira kmi sa mga in laws ko ang concern ko lang is regarding sa interest ng bank since nkalagay sa pricelist nila is 8% lng ang interest o it true na some banks dw required is 20% interest thats why karamihan ng ngapply is na didisapproved ask ko lng if naencounter nyo po ba un gnun issue un bang sinesttle nyo ngyn same pa din sa napagusapan nyo with profriend?thankyou mica and godbless

    1. Hi! Ang sinasabi mo na 20% Ay yung dapat mong bayaran bago ka pautangin ng Bangko. Example 1million ang unit mo so need mo muna magbayad ng 20% or 200k na down payment/equity then yung remaining 80% or 800k is bank financing na meaning yan ang Pera na ipapahiram sayo ng bangko. Ganyan din ang policy kahit sa car loan. Ang annual interest usually ranges between 8%~12% depende sa state ng economy ng bansa, inflation rate etc. Ang amount ng interest based yan sa principal amount na inutang mo sa bank. Masyadong mataas ang 20% interest per annum. Baka in house financing a ng sinasabi mo. Pag ganun Ibig sabihan Hindi ka pinautang ng bank so Kay pro friends ka may utang. Ang interest rate ng in house Ay nasa 21% na sobrang laki ng magiging monthly amortization mo kumpara sa bank. Ang pagpasa sa bank depende sa record mo at sa payment history mo. Hope this helped :)

      1. tnx micah at ngreply ka sa akin nkpgtanong nko sa mga bank and accredited nmn dw nila c lancaster so bka mg go na din kni sa pagkuha ng unit kc eto lng un nkita nmin na house na mejo affordable un hulog unlike sa iba cgro sapalaran nlng din kmi gagayahib nlng nmin un mga ginwa nyo pangungulit sobrang thankyou nga pla ah laking tulong tlga na my gnto atleast meron kming npgtatanungan mga bagong kukuha plng ng unit

      2. You are most welcome.sorry I was typing using my mobile phone Kaya there were a lot of typo errors.anyway best of luck on your venture with pro friends

      3. gud pm micah ask ko lmg sna kng dba binabha sa loob ng village or sa ibang phase?tnx po ulit

      4. In LV1 where I reside no. In other phases specifically in Lancaster Residences and in KS phases I heard there was flooding although I cannot verify as I have not seen these areas myself during the typhoon. But then again almost all areas in Cavite got flooded during the last typhoon and the province declared under the state of calamity

  135. hello mica.. gstong gsto ko tlgang kumuha ng gabrielle unit.. kya lang sa nababasa kung mga comments nag dadalawang isip na ako .. ano ma e aadvice mo sa akin.. thank u..


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    Repost. Just wanna save this blog para meron akong guide. Isa din ako sa nakabili ng unit sa PFI (Kensington Phase 22 at LE) Nawawalan na ako ng hopes nung nabasa ko mga comments and blogs of others na nagshare ng stories nila at nag iisip na sana kong magback out, good thing na i came out with this blog na kahit maraming problems na naencounter during constructions, kahit pano nagkaron ako ng hopes na sana yung unit namin ay magig maganda din ang kalabasan. :(

  137. Hi Ate Micah. Thank you for sharing us your story with PFI. Isa din ako sa nakakuha ng unit nila which is Diana Unit at Kensington Phase 22. Months palang ako naghuhulog at marami na kong nabasang negative blogs about PFI at sa Lancaster New City. Gusto ko na ngang mag give up nung nabasa ko ibang reviews dahil baka lalong masayang lang lahat ng pagod at hirap namin ng kapatid ko para lang magkaron ng sariling bahay with our parents pag pinatagal pa namin ang pagbabayad na mapupunta sa wala lang (sa PFI). Pero nung nabasa ko yung blog mo na sobrang laking tulong para saming nag uumpisa palang, atleast kahit pano nagkaron ako ng hopes na magiging maayos din yung unit namin. Itutuloy ko yung pagbabayad sa equity at sana tulad ng nangyari sayo, may mapuntahan yung binabayad namin sa Profriends. Can i reblog this? Para mas maraming matulungan na katulad natin na nakakuha ng unit sa PFI. Just wanna ask din po kung nakamove in na kayo sa house nyo? Ok naman po ba? Again, thank you for sharing this. Malaking tulong ito to guide us at marami akong nakuhang information like yung pag hold sa bank to release your approved loan para magkandaugaga si PFI na iturn over sayo yung unit. It’s really a big help!

    1. Malaking tulong talaga itong blog. discouraging talaga mga negative comments, almost 3 yrs bago kami nakalipat sa KS4, my mga repairs na gagawin, kukulitin ang village admin, wala ka makakausap sa village/kapitbahay o kahit kasabay sa shuttle ng walang reklamo, lahat meron…may mabigat, may magaan lang, pero naayos din naman, so far, ok na na unit namin,madami dami narin kami sa kS4 5 6 7, para sakin worth it naman.masaya mga bata at asawa ko.

      1. Hi ameon! Sana you could reply.. I have a unit sa KS6. Kakatanggap ko lang ng letter, saying i can get clearance for inspection na. Kelan ka nakalipat? Nung na turn over ba ung house mo ok nman? I’m worried abt cracks sa walls or ceilings, leaks, flood. Sana walang ganun. Alam mo ba if binaha this year ang KS6? Thanks :)

      2. @felicidadeskathrina
        clearance for inspection means na pwede nyo na puntahan unit nyo. it could take up to 3rd inspection for you to accept the house. Nung 1st inspection namin, medyo ok na yung bahay, after nun nagapply na kami ng meralco, umabot sa 3rd inspection my kuryente na kami kaya nacheck ko rin ung mga socket, switches..etc For 1st inspection, check out Micah list for things to look for. 2nd inspection schedule takes about a month after the 1st, kung ok na, accept nyo na bahay, if for 3rd inspection 2-4 weeks uli. Schedule depends on the CRG Move-in agent na makakausap nyo, I suggest na ifollow up nyo lagi. Sabihin nyo kelangan ng pressure test,leak test sa bubong at mga fittings..Kung plan nyo na mag moved in asap, after ng 1st inspection, apply na kayo ng meralco which takes about 3-4 weeks para maactivate yung line. After you accept the unit, apply na kayo ng water, takes 2 weeks para makabit ung metro. Marami na naklipat sa KS6.

  138. hi ms.micah! ask q lng kung ano po ginawa mo para makita mo ung unit n kinuha nyo? tpos na kami sa equity at approved at ntake out na din ung loan namin from bank, nag start na din kami magbayad ng amortization pero hindi pa namin nkikita unit nmin (diana kensington phase 1). nakasched kami ng 1st inspection on may 8 pero resched dw dahil my nkitang 4 repairs at wla sila bngay n date tatawagan nlng daw kmi. ang pinakasad part 2011 pa kmi kumuha ng unit s Lancaster until now hindi p kmi nkakalipat. ano po kaya maganda nmin gwin? gusto ndin kasi nmin mklipat kc nagrerent kami doble na binabayaran ng asawa ko. maraming salamat ms.micah. pkiemail po aq

  139. Mam 3yrs in the making ba yung house nyo?possible po ba matake out ni profriends ung loan with out informing the client? This may po kc matatapos na yung last payment ko for dp then am requesting sana to visit the unit kung talagang meron ba pero they informed me na bawal daw pwede lang daw un right after matake out ung loan so i wonder kung pano ko malalaman kung approved ung loan ko and mejo magulo sila kausap -thats why i wonder kung malalaman ko ba kung approve loan ko i mean me pipirmahan ba ko bago nila matake out ung loan–pls help thanks

  140. Hi Micah.. Hi guys..

    Sakit talaga ng ulo yang Profriends. I’m part of a marketing company na accredited to sell Profriends projects pero as much as possible, nilalayo ko mga clients ko sa projects nila. Actually, kahit sino samin ayaw mag risk to sell their projects. Nakakaawa kasi naman talaga. Based on experience talaga yung awa na nafefeel ko.

    Kumuha yung brother ng partner ko sa bellefort estate. They are done with the downpayment and they can already move in. Ang problema, hindi pa nga sila nakakalipat, may malaki ng bitak yung ceiling sa 1st floor nila. Grabe talaga nakakaawa. Hindi nalang kami nagcocomment dun sa brother niya na bakit may malaking crack kasi ayaw namin sumama loob nung kuya niya since ang laki na ng nabayaran nila. Sabi nga namin, bakit hinayaan niyo doon bumili ng bahay. Kahit sino pala sa family niya hindi alam na kumuha siya ng bahay dahil gusto isurprise sila na hindi puro gastos lang alam niya, seaman kasi yun. Ayon! Suprise nga talaga. To think, hindi pa siya nalilipatan, may mahaba na na crack and yung price nung house is more than 3M. Pano pa kaya kung may mga furnitures na sa taas, haaay nakakatakot. I just hope matibay yung bahay at maipamana pa niya sa mga anak niya.

  141. Hi ms micah,
    kumuha rin kami ng unit sa lancaster but my bf decided na wag na lng namin ituloy because of many negative feedbacks na nababasa namin and when his co worker said that they have been paying for 3yrs and hindi pa natuturn over ung unit. I emailed profriends already na icacancel na lng namen yung pag purchase ng house. we didn’t ask for a refund na rin since nakalagay nmn sa contract na wala kami marerefund, we’ve been paying for 6months already. pero i was told na hindi ko pwede maipull out yung check ko for this month kasi kelangan daw atleast 7days bago yun ma pull out. ganun ba talga? I mean kelangan ba tlga 7days bago maipull out yung check? unfair naman kung magbabayad pa kami e nag back out na nga kami dba? pa help naman po sa mga nakakaalam.. thanks!

  142. Hi Micah,

    Thank you for your blog. I was actually planning to buy a house at LE for investment, thinking that its value will increase through time since it looks like a big and promising project (given that I have no experience in this area) . I already had my first ocular visit and the agent showed me the model unit. The interior was good and bare house looks great as well. Although, after reading your blog, I was quite alarmed since you and the other people responding to this blog stated that there had been early problems with regard to the construction and house parse (ex. cracks on ceiling).

    I also noted the dates and timeline of your blog and I am assuming that you’ve been staying there for some time already.

    Given all this and your experiences as part of the village, would you recommend purchasing a house at LE? Is it worth it?


    1. Yes we’ve been living in our unit for over a year now. Personally I’d say it’s worth it. But if you have the means to buy a property from a better developer like Ayala land (I love Nuvali but cannot afford it) then you should opt for that

      1. Wow!napuyat ako kakabasa ng bl0g na to fr0m start to the m0st latest post,worth it naman i learned a l0t thank u sa lahat ng nagshare ng info
        -Me also and my bf nagstart na ng dp namin alm0st since sept.2013,b0th of us ofw ang hirap th0ugh bg0 palang din kami naka 2nd agent na kmi kc we’re n0t satified s unang agent namin she cause us t0o much delay kaht s pagpasa palang ng mga requirements.So un kaht nakareserv n kmi ng una nagpareserv kmi ulit at pinacancel ang una off c0urse gudbye t0 10k reservati0n kami,dahl nga s0brang ganda at peaceful ng LE naghanap kami ng bg0ng sales agent at byad naman ng an0ther reservati0n..mej0 ok naman ung agent namin d lang clear ang mga sinasbi i did l0ng distant call pa para malaman lang f my lacking requirements pa kami(kun d ka magtan0ng wala kang mapapala)taz un we f0und out paulit ulit my kulang kami ang hrap kc wala dn bf q s pinas para asikasuhin th0ugh ok lang daw na malate map gud lang talaga akala ok na lahat un pala hingi naman ulit.. Just diz week n we decided t0 quit th0ugh naka 130k plus n kami ng dp kakapanghinayang sana kas0 n0nrefundable. We preferred n bumili nlang muna ng lupa s pr0vince n mura at cgurado. .
        –madam mica-Ask lang po sana aq if magcancel ba ng purchase anu b gagawin namin?d0 we realy need to pass dat letter of request for cancellati0n?or we can just st0p sending m0ney sa checking ac0untt parmagcl0se na?pag di na po ba kami nghul0g s bank aut0matic canceled po un?.an0ng mangyayari pag d na namin kinuha ung post dated check,?(though maintaining balance nlang ang present fund dun)
        Wala po aq alam about it so wana ask here muna bg0 sa agent bka madala naman kami s mga sinasbi nya or bka takutin ng kun anu an0 para d na umatras(hehe).
        Anyways h0pe po mbsa nyu po c0ncern q at masag0t ang mga tan0ng q.Thank u very much f0r this bl0g! God directed me to this site kc d0uble minded padin if c0ntinue or n0t.dami talaga natutunan salamat!

      2. Hi you need to submit a formal letter of cancellation and pull out the remaining PDCs you submitted. Not doing so may result for you having a liability with Profriends

  143. Hi Micah,

    Your blog really give me some idea on what is happening right now with the unit I purchased.

    I purchased the unit last year Feb 2013, they told me that the unit will be ready in August 2014. I immediately paid 500K, even though the required payment is around 300K plus only… so that my monthly amortization will be reduce..

    I keep on following up with them regarding the bank approval, status of the house, etc.. and I even ask my mom to visit the site but one of the lady told her that the unit will be handed over next year… and they didn’t allow her to see the unit.

    I am so irritated now as I received an email from PF that the main developer plan has been changed therefore my unit number and plot location will also be change, does it mean that until now my unit has not yet been constructed???

    Hope you could give me some positive feedback about Lancaster Alexandra Unit, as I am really feeling bad now, yung feeling na I made wrong investment.

    Thanks a lot.

      1. May conciliation meet ulit kmi ni PFI nxt week sa HLURB. Mllmn nmin if na reconsider un refund request. If hindi nia battle na. Sobrang perwisyo n cla sa amin. Kaka stress!

      2. Just want to share…nakalipat kami last 03/2014, my mga repairs, nakailang balik kami sa village admin..naayos din naman. OO, sakit ng ulo sa simula..pero nung ok na lahat, na bigyan ako ng self fullfilment na kaya ko bumili ng bahay para sa family( halos 3 years OT kasi to) yung mga bata nagbibike, laro sa labas, sariwa hangin..lahat naman my pros and cons, think positive na lang sa mga nakakuha na, para sakin kasi nung kumuha ako, i imagined the place within 5-7 years of development, by that time yung hospital,commercial district, working na, lalaki value ng lupa..

      3. Hi miss Micah. My parents bought a house in SS3 at ng mabasa ko itong blog mo kinuwento ko kaagad sa mother ko na pareho rin ng pinoproblema nila ang sa iyo. Naiiyak na nga yun sa sobrang stress at nakakadepress na yung pera namin wala pang kinakahantungan. Pero nitong June lang medyo bawas problema na dahil for 1st inspection na kami sa july. May CIF Blueprint na rin at iba pang docs.dagdag alalahanin naman ngayon yung nabasa kong bahain raw sa lancaster dahil yung mga nakatira sa LV ay pinasok ng baha ang mga bahay. Sana naman ayusin yon ng LNC. Sa inyo po ba binaha rin? Sensiya na napahaba ang comment ko po. Very detailed ang blog mo kaya maraming nakarelate at naiguide sa dapat gawin. :)

      4. Hi Dianne R.! I’m happy at mag iinspect na kayo ng unit niyo this July. Please prepare yourself though na possible na Hindi niyo pa ma accept ang unit niyo on your 1st inspection. Patience is still needed. Regarding flooding may mga parts na binaha yes but yung village namin LV1 hindi binaha and I can speak for our village only. I realized napakalaki ng LNC and I am not in the position to speak for other villages. And also the time na binaha ang Ibang parts ng LNC is the time na lumubog ang halos buong cavite sa baha at naisama pa sa list of provinces na nasa state of calamity. What I’m trying to say is the flooding is not isolated to LNC villages at Hindi naman bumabaha basta basta pag umulan. It takes a storm or a really strong ITCZ before bumaha sa LNC

      5. Hi Micah, I paid the reservation fee for the Diana townhouse unit in Kensington 3 last August 18, 2014. My mode of payment is not under Pag-ibig, Bank-financing or in-house. It’s under the Provident Fund of our office. I have been clear with the sales associate, manager and the contact person representing the head office, from the very beginning. They assured me that this mode of payment is also ok and that they previously had the same with another buyer under a different company. I asked them BEFORE I made the reservation, if the doc requirements of my company are readily available. Ideally, my company requests that these docs be submitted the same day the reservation is made (for quick processing of the loan application). It has been 16 days now since the reservation, but the documents are not complete yet. The three contact persons from Profriends do not give updates unless you text or call them. I think I may have to say goodbye to the 10K altogether since they have been giving hints to just go in-house, even when they very well know that this is not within my budget and plan. The Provident Fund housing loan in my office is good as cash, once all the documents have been submitted and the application processed. It’s just sad that they were so accommodating in the beginning and now, they can’t be bothered to give updates on the status of our request. I also do not understand their no viewing of unit policy. Our officers from the Provident fund see no logic behind this. In fact, they said that if one is so eager to sell, then one should be more than willing to show the stuff they’re selling. Anyway, I hope I can talk to you thru my personal email about my predicament with Profriends. Thank you. My email add is

    1. I’m on the same side. 2011 pa when I purchased a unit from PFI. Dalaga pa ako non. Everything went well naman ng umpisa. But last 2013 I received a message from my Agent na di raw nakapasa yung application sa bank so need ko to transfer sa in-housing. My husband and I went home last 2013 since we’re both working abroad when I realized na di pa fully constructed yung house. When I asked them if we can see our unit they wanted me to sign first the in-housing contract for the continuity of payment. I said no until I see my unit. Every time na mag visit kami don sabi nila under construction pero iba iba statement. Bumababa pa yung percentage ng construction stage. Bumalik kami ng UAE na di nakita ang unit namen. I fully paid ang DP last 2014 which is amounting to 400k para lang makita ng unit namen but to no avail. I said I wanted to cancel my contract and I need the full refund of my money pero di ren sila pumayag. Nanahimik ako ng 1 year mahigit kasi sobra ang dulot na stress na binigay saken at sa mom ko kasi sya ang SPA ko. Nagkasakit na mama ko dahil sa kaka follow-up sa kanila.

      Is there anyway na makuha ko pa ang pera ko. Kasi I stopped payment since last year kasi wala naman akong makitang evidence na talaga naka construct yung unit namen.

      Salamat po sa advice.

      1. Hi! You may join the Profriends Problem page on Facebook. They are more equipped with the technicalities of getting a refund. They can help you. Just search for that group/page on Facebook

  144. Hi Micah,

    Salamat sa blog mo medyo na relieve ako sa tension from pro-friends. Well, my story naman is like this.. Diana townhouse ang nakuha, just finished 15 months DP last June 05, 2014. Actually, Last year ako nag reserved Feb 28, 2014 and after processing the requirements. Nag bigay na ko ng 15 pcs PDC and my equity started April 05, 2014 ( I chose 1st week kase OFW ako, end of the month lagi ang sahod namin). So during the assesstment pumayag ako nag mag spot check after 5 months para makakuha ng discount. Ginapang ko yun mabayaran para hindi ako ma delay sa bayad (super bait ko diba?). So June 05, 2014 and 15th month ko, ako pa nag email sakanila for follow up if okay na ba si bank loan at okay na ang bahay. Wala sagot si agent! And then by June 12, 2014 I received an email from my agent na may delayed daw ang construction (ADJUSTMENT OF HOUSE COMPLETION) and ang possible daw na matapos eh March 2015 pa. So this is only estimated, right? So ibig sabihin nganga ako… mag antay lang hanggat matapos nila. (The thing is hindi ko alam if naumpisahan talaga pr 0% construction ba?)

    How about my future plans, I am expecting na next year 2015 pag uwi ko eh maka move in na ako.. And advise ni agent eh mag request daw ako ng RFO unit without any price charges. Ganun lang ka simple? Now I am very confused and devastated. What if di nila magawa by next year and they will continually delay the construction. Mahirap kase OFW ako, wala ako dyan sa pinas just to check if there’s any development that is happening. My sister is my SPA but she is working in the hospital so she cannot commit to everything for me.
    As of now, inaantay ko pa yun reply nila. Nag demand ako na if they cannot comply to complete my unit by March 2015 bigyan nila ako ng RFO unit. As what they’ve said completion will be made next year but I don’t have guarantee.
    Do you think, I have the right to cancel my account from them or refund my Full DP. Nabasa ko naman ang rights natin sa HLURB na may habol tayo unless and fault is nasa developer.
    As long as mag response na sila sa demand letter ko na “f they cannot deliver the unit by March 2015 they should provide an RFO unit for me without any price changes” update ko po kayo?
    Nag iisip padin ako na icancel nalang and find another house, I’m still confused. Advise naman po.. :) Haba na pala… :)

    1. Sorry Ferbuary 28, 2013 ako nagbayad ng RF and started my DP by April 05 2013.. Sooo confused lang sorry typo… :(

    2. Hi,pareho pala tau ng nakuha diana.nakainhouse kami..matatapos yung downpayment sa april 2015 at maguumpisa ang monthly amortization sa may 2015.hopeful kami na mkakalipat ng bahay next year.goodluck saatin nextyear..(huwg sanang sumakit mga ulo natin lalo hehe)

  145. hi micah, do u have any idea on how i can terminate or end my house payment? Ive been paying the house since late last year, is there a moneyback arrangement for this? I havenot taken any actions though, just thinking about it. look at you, despite all the troubles uve gone through u are still there, i am having my doubts. Ive heard more nega feedback than good. Please shed me some light. thanks!

    1. Hi Poi! Yes we decided to push through with our investment in Lancaster. We’re still living here and over-all we’re happy with our decision to live in Lancaster. There are a number of negative feedback which you can find online and I believe those are legitimate feedback. However most problems (in terms of community/flooding/robbery etc.) are concentrated in the Lancaster Residences area. We are from a different village inside Lancaster and I am really happy with our neighborhood and the security in our village. In terms of delayed turnover, these are being experienced by people who availed units in the Gen Trias phases. If you are one of those who have experienced significant delay in unit turn over then you have the right to demand for a refund. E-mail me so that I can connect you to the right group/people

      1. Hi Micah, ive just checked my email hehe. i did send it to the right email add. :) i’ll be waiting. maraming salamat po tlaga. :)

      2. Hello Micah, I am happy reading this. In fact this is the first good feedback I’ve read. I was worried about those negative feedback I’ve read. I will inspect my unit this Oct 3 and planning to get there using my bike. My unit is located at Block 8, where is the nearest enstrance? I appreciate if you would have time to send me back an email at Thanks and Godbless!

  146. Hi Micah! I’m also one of the buyers in Lancaster, specifically in in Kensington. Reading all your comments and seeing all the pictures. I am now quite disappointed with their service. Realizing that even my “agent” hasn’t contacted me since I paid my 1st month of equity. I also heard that some parts of Lancaster experienced flooding in some parts specially Kensington? Is it true? Thank you for this blog post. But I still look forward for your response. Thank you!

    1. Hi may I know which phase in KS is your unit located? Baka I can ask around re the land development in your phase. Yes there were some portions of LNC including some phases of KS that were flooded but not all phases. Please visit to check if your phase is prone to flooding or not

      1. Hi po, Ms. Micah ask lang po if bnbaha po sa KS8? nkakuha po kami ng bahay nung June 2012 pa po .. en tapos na din po kami sa pagbayad ng equity last Nov 2013 .. until now wala pa po turn over na ngyayari kht ung sa bankloan namin, we still don’t know if approve ba.. ang laging rison nila is may delayed lang sa construction and so on and so for .. so many reasons na po at nagpapasahan na sila… as per dem 62% pa lang dw ung unit namin .. grabe 25 months and counting un palang … samantalang ang nasa contract is 15 months lang … tpos di dw po kami pede pumunta sa site … question po is pede pa po ba mag pull out ng bayad or anything na pede gawin para mas ackasuhin nila … Thank you Ms. Micah

  147. Hi, meron ba dito na nag loan sa ka-tie up nilang bank like Planters? can i have a feedback? Me and my partner bought a Diana unit..i forgot kung anung akala namen bandang imus yung titirhan Gen Trias pa pala! ang dame ko tuloy worries after reading this blog..well,